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19 Jan. 1991
The Millerton Papers
Jason, an old associate of Nicole's, has stolen jewels off of a rich toy manufacturer. He and Nicole are kidnapped by criminals who want the blueprints Jason has unknowingly stolen along with the jewels. Peter and Luke have to save them.
2 Feb. 1991
The Dilemma
Counterstrike team's mission is to foil an IRA plot, but Peter aborts the mission after being told by British Intelligence to back off. At Addington's orders, Luke and Nicole try to finish the mission, while Peter does some soul-searching.
21 Sep. 1991
Tie a Yellow Ribbon
Nicole quits the team to get married. A recuperating Luke breaks out of the hospital and goes on the run with a troubled Vietnam veteran. Unknown to him, the IRA is hot on his trail. Peter is not far behind.
28 Sep. 1991
Hidden Assets
Peter refuses an interview with journalist Gabrielle Germont, but she prints a story about Peter protecting a threatened writer. Ensuing events lead to Gabrielle joining the Counterstrike team decimated by the loss of Nicole and Luke.
5 Oct. 1991
Fall from Grace
The Counterstrike team protects a priest who is slated to testify about human rights abuses in his native South American country. The priest manages to flee to Boston, but hit-men track him down.
12 Oct. 1991
It's All in the Game
The search for a kidnapped expert on cold fusion leads the team into a deadly game of death in a maze devised by the kidnapper, a computer genius who was once snubbed by Alexander Addington.
19 Oct. 1991
Hide and Seek
Counterstrike Team's Mission: To bring back to the U.S., a murderer takes refuge in Brazil a country that does not extradite criminals. But Gabrielle develops a sympathy for the alleged murderer while Stone doubts her professionalism.
26 Oct. 1991
Native Warriors
U.S. and Canadian armies surround a Native American reservation after natives take a senator hostage. The Counterstrike team must defuse the tense situation and prevent a bloodbath, but time is running out.
2 Nov. 1991
Breaking Point
One of 2 ex-CIA officers working for a CIA front company gets killed, while the other teams up with his killer, an arms dealer.. The Counterstrike team must stop them from supplying nuclear weapons components to Pakistan.
9 Nov. 1991
Going Home
The team's mission is to revive Addington's city revitalization project after it was sabotaged by corrupt union officials in Stone's hometown. But Stone feels conflicted about the mission when he meets his old friends.
16 Nov. 1991
Survival Instinct
The Counterstrike team goes through the rigors of military training at a boot camp owned by a dismissed colonel who may be training terrorists. Stone impresses the colonel enough to get hired by him.
23 Nov. 1991
Night of the Black Moon
A Chinese-Canadian defense contractor backs out of a weapons deal with Addington after his daughter is kidnapped by an old associate who wants to be part of the deal. The Counterstrike team has to rescue the daughter.
30 Nov. 1991
Fire in the Streets
Addington and a deputy mayor are invited to look at a condemned building full of homeless people. They get taken hostage by a homeless activist. Counterstrike team has to rescue them.
7 Dec. 1991
In the Blood
Gabrielle chaperones a teenage female tennis prodigy at an elite tennis academy run by a creepy coach who Gabrielle suspects of being a vampire. Meanwhile, Peter and Stone slowly uncover the truth about the coach.
14 Dec. 1991
Village of the Damned
An organic farming project in a remote Ontario village goes horribly wrong. The team goes there and finds terrified farm workers. Addington finds out how the project has been subverted into something very sinister.

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