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Season 3

26 Sep. 1992
I Remember It Well
Police suspect former Counterstrike team member Nicole to be a jewel thief. Spurning Peter's help, she tries to find out who stole the jewels. The Counterstrike team follows her, but so do the real jewel thieves.
2 Oct. 1992
The Sting
Addington's friend, a restaurateur is in the clutches of a protection racket run by the Purple Gang, a subsidiary of the Mafia. So the Counterstrike team takes on the mob to set things right.
10 Oct. 1992
Til Death Do Us Part
Along with a ransom demand, Addington receives a video showing his wife who was kidnapped years ago and considered dead. Counterstrike team tries to catch the kidnapper, an old nemesis of Peter's.
17 Oct. 1992
Bastille Day Terror
An ex-KGB agent and his female partner steal a Soviet nuclear missile and smuggle it into France to deliver it to the buyer. The Counterstrike team scrambles to find these arms merchants and retrieve the missile.
24 Oct. 1992
No Honour Among Thieves
An old flame of Addington's persuades him to protect her half-brother Lemke, a Mafiosi whose associates are trying to kill him. Stone plays bodyguard to Lemke, while Peter does the legwork.
31 Oct. 1992
Skin Deep
Voodoo-related murders are claiming the lives of fashion models. The suspects are a creepy fashion designer and a photographer. The Counterstrike team try to solve this whodunit.
7 Nov. 1992
The Curse of the Amber Chamber
Strange accidents happen to an archaeological team searching for hidden Nazi loot in Germany's Black Forest. Then, Peter and Gabrielle get trapped in a Nazi war-room, while Stone tries to find help.
14 Nov. 1992
Death Seal
Airplane full of Stone's Navy Seal buddies gets shot down. Stone's lone investigation reveals a cover-up by a rogue colonel. In the ensuing shootout, Stone gets wounded, but he escapes. His pals try to find him.
21 Nov. 1992
A genetically modified East German operative kills a scientist and goes after an official who is about to testify to Congress. Counterstrike team enlists the operative's twin sister to track her down.
5 Dec. 1992
Poisoned by a terrorist's lover, Sinclair confronts his dark side as he fights for his life while his associates attempt to retrieve the antidote.
11 Dec. 1992
Cat in the Cradle
A dead DEA agent's son turns to Stone for help after he is targeted by a stripclub-owning informant who worked with his father. Peter and Gabrielle help Stone and DEA bring down a drug-smuggling operation.
20 Dec. 1992
Bosnian Connection
The head of an Addington-supported charity in war-torn Bosnia disappears during the civil war. To find her, Stone becomes a dock-worker, Peter takes her place in Bosnia and Gabrielle looks at the charity's New York office.
9 Jan. 1993
Publishing magnate Julia Devane is the target of an assassination attempt. Addington puts Peter in charge of her security, and the two fall for each other, but can Peter be sure of her intentions?
7 Feb. 1993
An Addington-brokered truce in a logging town falls apart after some provocative acts pits loggers against environmentalists. Counterstrike team flies in to investigate and set things right.
14 Feb. 1993
Free to Kill
A released serial killer starts killing off the parole board members who had denied him parole. A female psychiatrist and Addington are on his hit list. Counterstrike team must find him before he strikes.
28 Feb. 1993
The Hit
Peter gets kidnapped while in bed with an old acquaintance. He is reported dead, but Stone and Gabrielle persist in looking for him though there are no clues. Can they find him in time?
21 Mar. 1993
French Twist
An artist gets killed after a party that Gabrielle attends. Police start suspecting her after she tells them that she has no memory of what happened at the party. Peter and Stone try to jog her memory.
28 Mar. 1993
The Contender
J.J's younger brother is an up-and-coming boxer being trained by an honest coach. A shady boxing promoter is trying to take over his career. J.J and the Counterstrike team must defeat his plans.
11 Apr. 1993
The Raw Truth
Chased by journalists, a senator friend of Addington dies in a car accident. Peter's confrontation of journalist Monroe Park makes Park start work on a slanderous story about Addington. The team must turn the tables on him.
18 Apr. 1993
British government asks for and gets Counterstrike's team help in arranging secret talks in Toronto between Protestants and the IRA. The team must protect the Protestant leader and his family from extremists opposed to peace.
2 May 1993
Muerte, a murder-for-hire organization uses brainwashed assassins like Sandra to kill people. Counterstrike team thwarts a killing and soon catches Sandra. De-programming her is not easy.
9 May 1993
Bad Guys
Journalist investigating wrong-doing by British government officials gets killed. Counterstrike team helps a colorful New York female detective in the murder investigation, but things go horribly wrong.

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