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4 Feb. 1995
In Zarm's Way
Gi has to work for Zarm to save the children. But when things got out of handle, the Planeteers call Captain Planet, who orders them to spread the news to mom and dad. Obeying his orders, Gi informs Zarm of his defeat.
11 Feb. 1995
No Small Problem
The Planeteers are shrunk by Sly Sludge and send to a dump. They manage to build a plane to escape but the effects of the shrinking ray is wearing off. So the Planeteers call Captain Planet for help.
18 Feb. 1995
Numbers Game
An eco emergency changes the Planeteers' plans for Wheeler's birthday to go to Coney Island. So the celebrate at an Eco Park. While Wheeler and Linka are in the tunnel of love, he falls asleep. Wheeler dreams he became a father of 8 children. Hope Island is destroyed by over consumption and the other Planeteers and Captain Planet don't care anymore.
25 Feb. 1995
Nothing's Sacred
Vermanous Skumm steals an artifact from a museum.
13 May 1995
Who's Running the Show?
Doctor Blight, Duke Nukem, Vermanous Skumm, and Hoggish Greedly take over a national television network and fill it with their own pro-pollution propaganda. Duke Nukem wants to drop a nuclear missile for the cameras.
9 Sep. 1995
An Eye for an Eye
The Planeteers are after Hoggish Greedly who schemes to wipe out all the river dolphins in existence.
23 Sep. 1995
Whoo Gives a Hoot?
The Planeteers have three days to prove that Looten Plunder is cutting down old growth forests. The Planeteers call Captain Planet for Wheeler, who has fallen into a river. Later the Planeteers lose the battle with Looten Plunder.
7 Oct. 1995
Frog Day Afternoon
Dr. Blight steals frogs from their natural environment.
4 Nov. 1995
Five Ring Panda-Monium
The Planeteers join the circus to rescue some abused animals after they were abducted by the Slaughters.
11 Nov. 1995
A Good Bomb Is Hard to Find
The Planeteers try to stop past and future versions of Doctor Blight who sells a nuclear bomb to a German dictator.
18 Nov. 1995
Dirty Politics
Dr. Blight's daughter, Betsi comes from the future to the past. She helps the Planeteers stop her mother to become a President.
25 Nov. 1995
Old Ma River
The Planeteers visit India. All of them get sick except for Wheeler. He investigates the sickness in the city with the help of an Indian woman named Lita.

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