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5 Feb. 1994
Gorillas Will Be Missed
Goki, a boy from the future help the Planeteers to stop Looten Plunder, who tries to get rid of some gorillas.
19 Feb. 1994
Bug Off
Vermenous Skumm plans to terrorize Earth with his wicked ways.
26 Feb. 1994
You Bet Your Planet
The Planeteers compete against the Eco Villains with the winning team decides Captain Planet's fate.
5 Mar. 1994
Going Bats, Man
The Planeteers investigate the movie producer Robin Plunder who is the nephew of Looten Plunder. Meanwhile bats are being framed for terrorizing people.
26 Mar. 1994
Jail House Flock
The Planeteers are baffled when Hoggish Greedley gets a permit from an Army Corp of Engineers official to build houses by wetlands. Greedley has them and Captain Planet arrested and thrown in jail.
2 Apr. 1994
High Steaks
Looten Plunder devices a plan to ruin an environmental sustainable ranching operation. Captain Planet defeats Plunder, who is hauled off to jail-again.
23 Apr. 1994
Planeteers Under Glass
The Planeteers participate in Dr. Derek's latest experiment on the long term effects of pollution on the ecological system. In the midst of the experiment, Dr. Blight shows up ad traps them inside the simulated computer world. Now it's a race against nature and time to save their own lives.
30 Apr. 1994
A poaching mother/son team called The Slaughters abduct and sell baby orangutans, who need their mother to survive.
7 May 1994
No Horsing Around
Hoggish Greedly tries to get rid of the horses as well as Ma-Ti and his native American friend.
14 May 1994
'Teers in the Hood
A teacher, who is an old friend of Gi is caught up in a gang war and nearly killed. The Planeteers infiltrate the two feuding gangs and try to stop all of the violence.
10 Sep. 1994
Twilight Ozone
The Planeteers discover Duke Nukem is behind the animal blindness. Captain Planet gets zapped by a radiation ray. He gets weak and retrieves. Later, the Planeteers call him again and he defeats Nukem.
17 Sep. 1994
The Planeteers meet Dr. Blight's sister, Bambi who will star in an environmentally friendly movie. But Dr. Blight manages to take her place. Bambi escapes and stops her sister from destroying Captain Planet.
24 Sep. 1994
The Ghost of Porkaloin Past
Hoggish Greedly inherits his grandfather's estate, which is a hotel. He uses it for illegal operations. The Planeteers reveal that the groundskeeper Boaris is Greedly's grandfather in disguise.
1 Oct. 1994
Disoriented Express
The wealthy philanthropist Ella Salvador is kidnapped by Dr. Blight, who wants to prevent the implementation of a new smog reducing railway system in overcrowded Latin American cities.
5 Nov. 1994
Horns a'Plenty
The Planeteers split up to stop 2 plots involving rhinoceros horns. Looten Plunder and Argos Bleak join forces with the Slaughter Family to get rid of the Planeteers.
12 Nov. 1994
A River Ran Through It
The Planeteers call Captain Planet, who captures Hoggish Greedly and meanwhile prevents the war Greedly fueled between the workers in town.
19 Nov. 1994
No Place Like Home
Dr. Blight succeeds into turning Gaia mortal and leaves Captain Planet and the Planeteers powerless.
26 Nov. 1994
Little Crop of Horrors
Dr. Blight uses a stolen growth enhancement ray from Dr. Georgina Carbor to control the rate of erosion. The vine mutates into a plant monster.

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