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15 Sep. 1990
A Hero for Earth
The Spirit of Earth, Gaia, is woken from a century-long sleep at Hope Island to discover that Earth is dying because of humans' carelessness in deforestation, pollution, over-hunting, and especially now by oil-driller Hoggish Greedly and his henchman Rigger, who threaten all life on a sea coast with their work. She sends a quintet of rings out to five youths around the world - Kwame, an African who tries to preserve plants, is given the Power of Earth to create mountains and earthquakes. Gi, a Malaysian with an affinity for sea life, is given the Power of Water to ...
22 Sep. 1990
Rain of Terror
Verminous Skumm, a mutant part-man/part-rat, takes over an abandoned coal factory to create acid rain to terrorize the people of a nearby town. Ma-Ti, after being unable to go through an obstacle course, believes that his small size will only disadvantage his friends so doesn't follow them into the factory. But he must find it in himself to take action somehow when they wind up trapped in a warehouse with chemicals, where they can't summon Captain Planet and might not even be able to get out alive...
29 Sep. 1990
Beast of the Temple
A mysterious dragon-like creature rampages through the jungles of Thailand, destroying croplands and terrifying the people. Gi's friend Newalk tells the Planeteers that some believe it is Phi Pok, a mythological dragon-beast. Wheeler learns that it is just a machine Hoggish Greedly has invented to scare the villagers into leaving so he can steal their temple's jewels, but he is captured and must contact the others to stop the theft.
6 Oct. 1990
Skumm Lord
Verminous Skumm creates a substance that, when placed in water, will mutate its drinker into a rat-resembling character who willingly serves him. The Planeteers go to stop him, but Wheeler falls into a vat of it, and Linka and Gi are splashed, so the others must hurry to recover an endangered plant Ma-Ti's friend the Shaman believes may cure them. Meanwhile, Skumm plans to place the liquid in Ma-Ti's village water supply, then the Amazon to infect the country and perhaps even the world.
13 Oct. 1990
Deadly Ransom
Mad scientist Dr. Blight and radioactivity-dependent mutant Duke Nukem deliver a fake bomb threat to the Planeteers through Blight's smart computer MAL, who arrive and are forced to call Captain Planet. He disables the machine that's supposed to make everything work, but in freeing the Planeteers from a forcefield is captured. The villains say they'll only release him if the Planeteers deliver a lifetime's supply of radioactive waste - in which case not even Captain Planet could do much for the world...
20 Oct. 1990
The Conqueror
Zarm, an alien being, lands on Earth and gives Planeteers iron fists which greatly amplify their powers. The fists corrupt our heroes, and they nearly destroy the Earth in the process. It's up to Ma-ti and Gaia to stop Zarm's evil ploy.
27 Oct. 1990
Last of Her Kind
Kwame is shocked to see greedy businessman Looten Plunder and his right-hand man Argos Bleak are poaching Africa's elephants. Wheeler considers the trip an opportunity to buy Linka an ivory necklace as a birthday gift. The Planeteers go to free the creatures and also try to find an elephant cub's mother. But one of the problems facing them is that some Africans feel desperate enough to need to accept Plunder's jobs even if it means sacrificing all of their animal neighbors - and hurting themselves in the long term - as he would have them do...
3 Nov. 1990
The Dead Seas
Gi is outraged to see Hoggish Greedly using a giant drift-net to illegally fish whatever he wants from the ocean. Kwame is the only one she finds right away to get the news to, and he reluctantly follows her as she goes to fight without waiting for anyone else. They free some animals but the Ecosub is caught in a net and two are captured. They contact Ma-Ti and the others, who rescue them, but Greedly learns their secrets of how they summon Captain Planet and that their powers are absent when he does arrive. While Cap is active but away, ridding the world of the nets,...
10 Nov. 1990
Tree of Life
Dr. Blight cuts down a magical tree that contains all the powers of Nature. With this power now at her disposal, even Captain Planet may not be strong enough to stop her from destroying the forest.
17 Nov. 1990
Volcano's Wrath
Greedy garbageman Sly Sludge has found a get-rich-quick scheme where he rids the world of their trash by placing it on Laipuno Island - and claims he's reducing it with a machine whose blinding light causes it to be seen one minute and apparently in miniature proportion the next. The Planeteers go to investigate it and also meet Lenii, a local girl who works for him. When examining the machine when Sludge isn't around, Lenii is caught in it and they realize that the garbage isn't being shrunk but moved - to the island's volcano, which will soon erupt and bury the ...
24 Nov. 1990
Littlest Planeteer
A boy named Jason tries to help the Planeteers fight Dr. Blight's latest creation - a Smog Blob monster. But the challenge may be too much for him to handle.

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