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Season 1

3 Oct. 1989
Insider Trading
Chief Trader Wendy Foley's ceiling collapses when the man upstairs runs a bath once too often, tempting her to move house and change career; Max is trying to use computers to weather-watch a prediction of next year's grain and crop harvests; Declan meets a stripper disguised as a policewoman after cutting the clamps off his Audi once too often; Chas and Jimmy take Louise furniture-shopping; Executive Leonard Ansen fends off Lee Wolfe's insider-dealing accusation, which wildcard bank part-owner Peter Longman flies in from Tahiti to defuse.
10 Oct. 1989
Michelle takes Declan swimming in an attempt to cure his aqua~diving phobia, while she considers a marriage offer from old flame Bruno; Alex puts the house up for sale under Hudson's nose; Sirrka gets blotto and clocks a rival after their deal went sour; Declan's roof leaks and he drives Michelle and Bruno around after her licence is revoked again for speeding; Max's converted-church apartment suffers a power failure for thanksgiving dinner, while Hudson improvises lighting and Max arranges a vast luxury Chinese takeaway, courtesy of Max's experience in Beijing. Bruno...
17 Oct. 1989
Max in Trouble
Posh student Colin wins few friends on 'work experience' by outplaying Declan and Chas at basketball and dating. Declan's deal is wrecked by Jimmy selling the bonds he needs to Stephanie: she then sells them back to the client very discounted, causing Declan to punch Jimmy; Louise goes shopping, cooking, is harrassed by Jimmy at a party, and leaves; coke-user Sophie's interest in Max wanes after he seems more interested in the vastly complex deal he is creating, only later does he reveal he once lost a friend to cocaine. Max leaps into the deal too early to maximise ...
24 Oct. 1989
Pension Fund
Max conceives a scheme at the dentist to lift Shane Longman's profile by using an installation artist "like Christo" to wrap Dover Cliff in parachute silk; Hudson deals with an errant pigeon at home; Information Systems manager Hannah has husband trouble; Jimmy is moving further off the deep end handling a major Dutch State Loans issue; and the computers crash.
31 Oct. 1989
Newspaper Story
Max is scammed by hatchet-job "off the record" quotes by a journalist he used to date; Hudson is managing a billion-dollar deal with a possibly-corrupt bank in Venice; while Jimmy goes Tweeds and Shotgun for a hunting weekend, demonstrating his prowess by shooting a hole in the Dealing-Room floor.
14 Nov. 1989
New positions clerk Alison is ridden rough by Jimmy and can't take it, Michelle gets a 1-year driving ban, sadly garaging her 911, until Declan impersonates a London wide boy and buys it for restoration; Hudson goes head over heels at dinner and snores at the opera with client Mercedes Fortunada de Magellan as they buy up rainforest for a profit-sharing ecofriendly pulp mill.
28 Nov. 1989
Max in Space
Max takes the dealers gliding while waxing lyrical about the promise of commercialised space. Sirrka has a run-in with a child in a supermarket. Declan has a run-in with a stylish Italian dealer while her major EEC-ESA fund launch collapses and the Italian press portray him as the woman's toy-boy. Jimmy begins to cook his dealing book. Chas is irked by his musician-brother's contempt for banking, leading him off the cuff to create a £30,000 fund they can use to buy a supporting act slot on tour.
5 Dec. 1989
Twelve Degrees Capricorn
Max is using astrology to predict deals and outcomes, to varying effect; while Sirrka's quest for affection and contact leads to high-class hooking, until she meets a pair of tricks she doesn't want to handle; Michelle wants out of her hotel suite and into a proper home; Max's astrology seems to work on major projections, and Hannah has a birthday.
12 Dec. 1989
Max in Poland
Max meets art-gallery assistant Maxine while arranging a deal in Warsaw with a Polish Shipyard: convincing the buyer to buy two to guarantee work for the Shipyard workers union; Michelle goes househunting; Alex applies for custody of Jamie; Sirrka is burgled and ODs on vodka in a hotel until rescued by Chas; giving Leonard the opportunity to run her position with flair for a day while she recuperates.
19 Dec. 1989
Hard Drugs and Snails
Hudson buys £45 worth of giant Amazon snail for his nephew. Max has paranoid chills over a menacing black American he thinks is an SEC investigator. Wendy quits as Head Trader, lured upstairs to create new markets for James and Peter; she is replaced by the brusque, hard-nosed Lee Wolfe-appointee Sylvia Roux Teng. Michelle finds the perfect flat and Declan takes her for an aerodrome spin in her restored beloved 911. Sirrka sees Hudson's escaped Acoccatina Maginata in an alcoholic haze, convincing her to go to AA, meets fellow traveller Yolande, who introduces her to H...

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