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Season 2

18 Oct. 1990
Toxic Waste Syndrome
Hudson and Alex have divorced. With Leonard and Wendy's support, Michelle is given her first major share fund issue, despite Sylvia's opposition. Peter Longman breezes in seeking funding for his Kelp project, meeting Sirrka who is on an anti-pollution jag. Max is developing ideas about funding Sylvia and Wendy's Hispanic-language newspapers. Declan and Michelle decorate her flat, while Peter supports Sirrka's environmental ethics stand, bringing trading to a standstill. Michelle's Environmental Fund issue goes critical, with Wendy resigning to join Peter working with ...
25 Oct. 1990
Swami's in Town
Hillary Rollinger joins Shane Longman's secondary desk as a clerk and assistant to Michelle, who is negotiating with a prominent young Indian Swami over the ethical deployment and uses of his wealth. With Leonard away, Sylvia and Max have a fight over policy, his unorthodox methods, and room to manouevre, leading him to storm out and the dealers operating under a trading ceiling which prevents taking risks and limits creative responses to problems. Yolande is living at Sirrka's, still not off the H nor getting her life together, while still involved somewhat ...
1 Nov. 1990
The Gnome from Zurich
Hillary suffers concussion after a softball hit, while back at work a lift shaft fire empties the building and the trading shutdown causes Declan's bond issue to suffer a $100 million overexposure. Leonard takes Hannah out, now she is divorced, while Bruno returns to assist Michelle in rescuing Declan's position.
8 Nov. 1990
Shoes on the Wrong Feet
Lee Wolfe is in Czechoslovakia with client Jaysetting up a deal for Vitesse Shoes, only to be set up and arrested for bribery and money laundering, forcing Hudson to fly out to rescue them and the deal. Jay and Lee are infuriated when Hudosn reveals that bribes and laundering are not crimes, and they have been scammed twice over. Max becomes involved with married cellist Roberta who lives apart from her husband; and Declan and Michelle begin to move apart emotionally.
15 Nov. 1990
Ethical Investments
Lee and Sylvia are cutting staff. Michelle flies to Germany as her mother is rushed to hospital. Hillary is left to deal with complications of the Schoernfield deal and is fired, later confronting Schoernfield in a restaurant. Max meanwhile is scheming to help a friend handle an import of a truck's worth of cherries, but regrets neglecting the effect of import duty. Sirrka has an abortion, with Chas' help, after she turns down his offer to help her raise the baby. Declan and Michelle are miserable apart, while Hillary is reinstated after Schoernfield's intervention.
22 Nov. 1990
Max is into movie funding, despite Lee's disinterest in the script and awareness of presales and star power [is there more than a hint of what Maclear went through in getting Dealers made?]. Petra, a former colleague of Sylvia's, goes headhunting Declan, Michelle, Sirrka, and Chas, till it becomes obvious they are scheming to remove those hired by Sylvia's predecessor, Sylvia's her least favourite employees and the Dealing Room's principal performers. Sylvia gets carpeted for this abuse of position and neglect of corporate loyalty. Declan and Michelle attempt a trial ...
29 Nov. 1990
Strange Attractors
Hudson is stuck choosing a new nanny for Jamie while his mother visits, with even less success when Declan and Max's choices are even less suitable. Leonard and Hannah team up to take their stylish teenage daughters out, while Yolanda's condition makes Sirrka take stock and pour her last vodka down the drain. Hudson's next-generation genetically-engineered horticulture swap buyout deal fails despite all his efforts, proving that not all stories have happy endings and than not even this financial wizard can save every deal.
6 Dec. 1990
Strange Fruits
Chas cracks under the pressure of handling an issue for Declan in addition to his own book, going on a road trip to deepest Leicestershire until Declan rescues him. Meanwhile Shane Longman is poised for a merger with a bigger Japanese partner, supported by Peter Longman but mistrusted by wise head Leonard Ansen. Protocol faxes and business dinners ruffle feathers, until they discover through Wendy's old flame Michael that really such Ikeda mergers are asset-stripping takeovers; Declan and Chas' emotional re-entry causes the outraged Ikeda Chairman to tear up the whole...
The Wedding
Sirrka is smugly hangover-free the morning after as only a reformed alcoholic can be. Wedding guests arrive as preparations go on - Max suggesting Venice for atmosphere - grey and moody... Hillary will be in charge of a major space fund share launch while Michelle is on honeymoon, while Max considers the possibilities of selling space by the square metre in Space. Sylvia is deliberately overloading Hillary's book to overexpose the fund and undermine her. Michelle's mother tells Declan she spent an autumn holiday in Venice - grey and moody, eh? No, just ...

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