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13 Jan. 1999
How to Be the Jerk Women Love
Steve decides to market his pick-up techniques with a seminar class to show some guys how to pick up girls at the After Dark club. Meanwhile, Kelly balks at the request of sleeping with Matt, and later regrets it. Gina begins to stir up trouble between Donna and her mother, Felice, by using their tension to play them against each other. While Gina discovers Dylan's drug use, he discovers that his dead wife Toni's grave has been moved away apparently by Marchette and decides to buy a gun to settle the past once and for all. Also, David meets an attractive, naive woman,...
20 Jan. 1999
Trials and Tribulations
Dissatisfied customers of Steve's pick-up technique video take him to a small claims court over getting bad results from the video. Meanwhile, Gina reluctantly continues to care for Dylan who later gets arrested after breaking into the late Marchette's old house to look for him as well as drug possession. Donna and Noah struggle to find a place to be alone at her parents house after they go away for a vacation to have sex. Also, David has to back up his lie to Gertrude over his past and his current life. Kelly second-guesses herself with Matt after thinking that her ...
27 Jan. 1999
After Dylan accidentally injures Donna by knocking her into her swimming pool while high on drugs, he tries to confront his personal demons. But he rejects his friends support by insisting that he doesn't have a drug problem. He then makes a run for it and ends up in the hospital, land in a coma, and goes through an agonizing withdrawal. Kelly's concern over Dylan raises red flags for both Gina and Matt who are wary of her motives, and Matt feels guilty while handling Dylan's legal troubles by lying in open court about Dylan's well being. Meanwhile, Steve loses ...
3 Feb. 1999
I'm Married
Matt is put into a dilemma when his long-estranged wife, Lauren, suddenly arrives in town from New York after spending years in an insane asylum and wants to make up for lost time while Kelly becomes suspicions of Matt's sudden behavior. Meanwhile, Gina becomes jealous when a former drug addict, named Linda, agrees to sponsor Dylan's recovery. At the same time, Dylan finds trouble on his new community service job at a freeway construction site with the abusive foreman and a struggling co-worker. Also, Steve and Noah declare a war of practical jokes after Noah cheats ...
10 Feb. 1999
Beheading St. Valentine
As Valentine's Day approaches, Kelly continues to be uncomfortable around Matt after he tells her about his wife's past, who then moves into the Walsh house. Meanwhile, Steve's newest idea for his newspaper of bikini models leads to an alert about a potential health problem thinking he might have a malignant skin cancer. Gina begins to cause more friction between Donna and Noah when she tells Donna a concocted story about a drunken Noah making the moves on her from one particular night. Afterwards, a dejected Donna agrees to pose a David's girlfriend at a business ...
17 Feb. 1999
Survival Skills
Steve and Janet take two low class teenagers, named Stewart and Marianne, out on a camping trip which turns into a complicated venture for both couples when they end up trapped in their car with a large bear outside and both Steve and Janet, and Stewart and Marianne, end up having sex. Meanwhile, Noah makes a proposal to Donna to move in with him. But then, Gina sabotages their reconciliation by playing games with Noah over what really happened that night between him and her. Donna's anger over both Noah and Gina sends her to the arms of David. A complication arises ...
3 Mar. 1999
Slipping Away
Gina's visiting, self-serving mother, Bobbi, is little help when Gina learns that her trust fund isn't as large as she thought due to her mother stealing from it. Meanwhile, Kelly enlists Dylan's help for a trip to Mexico to help out Matt and Lauren to smuggle medicine for her into the country where Dylan and Kelly's romantic feelings for each other surface once again. But then Lauren thinks that her medication is not worth it and decides to re-commit herself back to the asylum in New York. Back in Los Angeles, Janet tells Steve that her father objects to her ...
10 Mar. 1999
Bobbi Dearest
Dylan looks for a strange man after he saves Dylan's life after a jet-ski accident. After finding out that Donna's mother is the one responsible for mismanaging her trust fund, Gina decides to sue Felice for $1.1 million. Meanwhile, Steve acquires a brothel madam's book of her clients to publish for the newspaper in which Matt finds valuable in order to blackmail the prosecutor for a case he is dealing. Kelly becomes torn over being with Dylan or Matt. Also, David advertises for a girlfriend on his radio show and one particular one, a young Hispanic girl named Claudia...
17 Mar. 1999
The Leprechaun
Over Donna's objection, Kelly hires a publicist, named Pia, to boost business for the boutique store. But the devious Gina makes the situation worse when she fans the flames between Donna and Kelly, and Pia just for her own amusement. Over Janet's objection, Steve hires a dwarf, named Lou, to pose as a leprechaun to promote the newspaper during St. Patrick's Day. Meanwhile, Noah gets an offer by a businesswoman, named Jennine, for the Peach Pit's space and must make a tough choice of whether or not to sell out Nat to the offer. When Dylan learns about Noah's situation...
7 Apr. 1999
Fortune Cookie
Dylan's friendly gift to Kelly of fixing a raffle for a dinner date with a rock star upsets Gina who decides make Dylan jealous by hanging out with the person. Meanwhile, Steve is unnerved by a psychic's bitter prediction of him being impotent, until the prediction may ring true. David and Claudia lay the groundwork for their faux marriage in order for her to stay in the country. Ashley, a former high school nemesis of Donna's, asks for her help in her fight against West Beverly High's drama teacher whom Ashley claims molested her years ago. Also, Matt is wary as he ...
14 Apr. 1999
I Wanna Reach Right Out and Grab Ya
Donna becomes a nervous wreck after her parents announce their decision to separate, and Noah tries to help Donna find out why her parents would want to end their marriage. Matt and Dylan team up as pool sharks and end up in a bar fight with some disgruntled losers. Meanwhile, David befriends Sonny Sharp, a former top radio DJ, whom he tries to help make a comeback. Janet and Steve baby-sit Peter, an 11-year-old child prodigy with big college plans. Gina lies about her relationship with a movie celebrity while house-sitting for the person. Also, Kelly finds a truth ...
21 Apr. 1999
Local Hero
A bizarre incident catches Dylan and Kelly together when they save a pregnant woman from a mugger in a parking lot, but they let Steve take the credit. Meanwhile, Steve goes undercover at a support group to get a story about sex addicts where David meets and falls for Katie, a member who becomes Steve's sponsor. Matt represents Gina in a salary negotiation when he unwisely suggests pushing for a higher demand for a possible job offer. Also, Donna meets more of Noah's family when he discovers a long-lost relative, a half-sister named Rene, from his late father's double...
28 Apr. 1999
The End of the World as We Know It
Steve goes crazy on a Year 2000 "Y2K" millennium planning, ignoring or avoiding planning a holiday trip with Janet. Noah becomes openly hostile to Matt after he is hired to sue Noah's late father's oil company for environmental pollution in a class action suit. Meanwhile, Katie returns to David and wants to move forward with him, without sex. While babysitting her stepsister, Erin, in her mother's apartment, a hidden camera catches Kelly and Matt having sex in which, as a result of circumstances, ends up in Gina and Dylan's hands. Wayne, a fashion model, makes a play ...
5 May 1999
Dog's Best Friend
Kelly's Car did not actually break down...she received a call from Dylan to meet her at a Diner as he was depressed and wanted to start taking drugs again. So, Kelly went to meet him and park on a side street and the attacker started to follow her. He than pushed her into an alley and assaulted her.
12 May 1999
Kelly confides in Dylan about her incident and later Donna, while Kelly begins to withdraw into a reclusive state resulting from the traumatic experience. Meanwhile, Matt defends a drug dealer on a burglary charge (who coincidentally happens to be Kelly's rapist), while at the same time, Matt thinks Kelly's odd behavior points to her seeing Dylan again. Donna declines both to move in with Noah or travel with Wayne for his Volleyball tournament. An art critic lauds Steve's photography for the Beverly Beat, prompting him to take more photographs of events. Also, Gina ...
19 May 1999
That's the Guy
A paranoid Kelly begins carrying a gun given to her by Dylan. Meanwhile, Steve throws a wild party at the Peach Pit After Dark when the Beverly Beat goes "in the black" resulting from resounding positive national reviews, while Janet doubts her career with the paper. Gina confides in David that she has a history with bulimia after collapsing before an ice skating audition. Dylan's presence gets in the way. A confused Donna continues to balance her time between Noah and Wayne until Noah breaks up with her and then she sleeps with Wayne. Noah walks in on them the ...
8 Sep. 1999
The Phantom Menace
In the aftermath of Kelly killing her rapist, she is arrested by the police who believe her self-defense story; they do want to prosecute her for the gun she used after a check on it reveals it to have been stolen. Kelly refuses to tell who gave it to her. Meanwhile, David forces Dylan move out of his house after finding Gina and Dylan in bed. Donna throws Gina out of the beach house after hearing Gina bad-mouth Kelly to some TV reporters. Dylan and Gina move into a hotel suite at the Beverly Royale Hotel where Dylan has lived in the past. Noah refuses to associate ...
15 Sep. 1999
Let's Eat Cake
Steve mistakes Janet's secret that she wants to break up with him, but when she tells him that she's four months pregnant, Steve does not take it happily. Meanwhile, Donna tries to reconcile with Noah, but does not find him open for talk especially when she sees him with another woman from the After Dark. Dylan tries to help out Lucy Wilson, a former high school girlfriend living at the Bel Aire Hotel, after she gets arrested for drug possession. Matt continues to try to help Kelly recover from the shooting by taking her to a support group. Also, the evil Gina beings ...
22 Sep. 1999
You Better Work
Dylan is denied a return to college due to a lame essay and the deadline for college enrollment. Meanwhile, Kelly and Donna prepare the reopening of the boutique since the shooting for Donna's men's line fashions. But Gina sneaks backstage and sets fire to their dresses. With that, all of Donna's friends assemble to salvage the fashions and the guys even step in as models for the fashion show. When Matt realizes that Gina set the fire deliberately to ruin Kelly and Donna, he uses this damaging information to put pressure on Gina to help with the publicity of the ...
29 Sep. 1999
A Fine Mess
Steve practices marriage proposals to Janet, who still wants no part in it but in planning to raise their unborn child. Meanwhile, Dylan asks Gina to move out of his hotel suite and into a separate one because of her constant and lavish spending of his money, and him wanting space. Matt's announcement of his cautious view of marriage angers Kelly who believes in lifelong commitment while his belief in his failed marriage increased while he represents a woman who wants out of her 15-year marriage at all costs. Also, David makes a date, Robyn, part of his radio show by ...
20 Oct. 1999
The Loo-Ouch
Steve and Janet finally break the news of her pregnancy which brings out hostility from her conservative mother and father, and mixed reactions from his unorthodox father, Rush. Meanwhile, David tries to curb his radio persona in an attempt to make up with Robyn, but is sidetracked by fans wanting more of his love life. Both Matt and Noah offer to move out of the house to make room for Steve and Janet's nursery. Also, Dylan tries to help out a hotel maid who has to bring her two wild sons to work with her, and Gina proposes to Noah a plan to turn the After Dark into a...
27 Oct. 1999
80's Night
David's new brash radio persona gets flack from Donna among others, but high ratings. Meanwhile, Matt and Kelly clash when he goes to court to try to overturn the death sentence for a convicted rapist-murderer, while Kelly also gets a visit from the parents of her rapist. Noah and Gina continue running their secret gentle mens club in the After Dark, but the place attracts the wrong attention when the police raid it after several nuisance complaints and arrest both Noah and Donna. But Gina slips away with David's father, Mel, who's also in attendance. Also, Steve and ...
3 Nov. 1999
Laying Pipe
Kelly and Dylan are asked to be the godparents of Steve and Janet's baby and so they travel to Ojai to plan their approaching wedding. There, Kelly and Dylan question their link to each other. Meanwhile, Steve hesitates to trade in his beloved Corvette for a mini-van. But then David takes matters in his own hands when a shady performance artist, named Marta, offers $28,000 for Steve's car. A homeless man's death affects Donna which sets her and Noah out to learn the history of the anonymous man. Matt's determination to overturn the death sentence for his imprisoned ...
10 Nov. 1999
Baby, You Can Drive My Car
Dylan gets hurt in a gay-bashing incident when he and a gay community center worker, named Andrew, are assaulted by a group of men after which Andrew wants to keep the incident a secret. Meanwhile, Kelly blames Noah for Jackie and Mel's separation over the gentlemen's club after word (from Gina) spreads about it. Janet and Steve corral the gang into a scavenger hunt to lead them to the place for their wedding. Also, Gina feels slighted by Dylan which prompts her to turn to David for comfort.
17 Nov. 1999
Family Tree
Kelly finally learns from Mel that Gina had blackmailed him over his infidelity. But when Kelly tells David, he refuses to believe her or anyone thanks to his renewed involvement with Gina and her skill of manipulation. At the same time, Kelly's mother, Jackie, asks Matt to represent her in suing David's father, while their daughter, Erin, shows obvious signs of depression over the breakup. Meanwhile, Dylan goes to bat for Andrew when he loses his job at the community center. But Dylan's victory over the center is bittersweet when word of Andrew's homosexuality ...
17 Nov. 1999
What's in a Name
Janet goes into premature labor near the end of the honeymoon and gives birth to a baby girl, while Steve maintains a vigil through the week as he worries about the safety of Janet and their newborn. Meanwhile, Dylan asks Kelly and Nat to volunteer in a feed the homeless Thanksgiving dinner at the community center. Kelly, seeking a way to get Jackie's mood in a boost, asks her to help out with the dinner, while little Erin continues to mope around about her parents separation. Donna learns of a past indiscretion by her father with Gina's mother, which brings out ...
15 Dec. 1999
Sibling Revelry
Dylan gives an expensive painting to Kelly as a gift which disturbs Matt thinking that Dylan is trying to buy Kelly's affections again. Meanwhile, Donna finally tells Gina their whole story about that they are half sisters, which throws Gina into anger and frustration. But Donna learns that Noah hasn't told her all of his life story when he tells her that he never went to Harvard. After returning from the hospital, Steve becomes overprotective of baby Madeline. Also, David's jealousy surfaces again when Gina confides in Dylan instead of him with her personal troubles.
22 Dec. 1999
Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly
As Christmas approaches, Gina's meeting with Dr. Martin as her biological father is awkward and unsatisfying, similar to Janet and her parents when they accidentally run into each other at a Christmas tree lot. Steve eventually confronts Janet's parents and tells them to stop acting cold towards her and him. Donna's mother, Felice, offers to help Gina financially, but she refuses. Meanwhile, Donna can't let go of Noah's accident years ago resulting in the death of his girlfriend which leads to her and him considering breaking up. Also, Dylan loses control in front of ...

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