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8 Jan. 1997
Valerie is surprised when Tom Miller, another old high school friend from Buffalo, comes for a visit and asks for a job at the After Dark club. Meanwhile, Brandon and Mark learn that they've applied for the same prestigious scholarship which turns into a competition for both of them. On a job interview, Steve is hit on by the employer Diane and hesitates on what to do. Donna proves to be a lifesaver when she fills in as the receptionist at her father's office for the day. At the end, Mark shows off his true angry and arrogant colors to Kelly after losing the ...
15 Jan. 1997
Phantom of CU
Steve meets a mysterious prankster student, known as the "Phantom of C.U." during his penance for cheating by working as a night watchman and feels compassion for him when Steve learns that the student, Larry, is homeless and wants to graduate from college. Meanwhile, Clare, and later Donna, try to arrange a blind date for Kelly, which turns less than satisfying when the guy, an Englishman named Neil Phillips, annoys her. Donna's begins a new career for herself as the weather girl on the campus TV, which unfortunately nets her an unwanted fan. Tracy helps Clare work ...
22 Jan. 1997
Unnecessary Roughness
Donna thinks that her stalker is Garrotte Slan, the man who tried to rape her two years ago. Kelly and Clare decide to cheer Donna up by taking her out on the town to a male strip club, where the unseen stalker turns up the heat by attempting to run Donna over with his car. Meanwhile, Tracy and Brandon's weekend alone at her parents ranch is interrupted when Sam, Tracy's former boyfriend, arrives. Steve leads Dick Harrison and fellow frat brothers in a sewing circle to salvage an investment of a Super Bowl T-Shirt sellout. Also, David and Tom team up to produce a ...
29 Jan. 1997
Despite Valerie's warning to stay away from him, Kelly decides to pursue Tom, which adds an extra dimension when he and Brandon, who still holds feelings for Kelly, face off in a hockey game. Donna is denied a permanent restraining order against Slan, while David becomes overprotective of her. Meanwhile, Tracy lets slip the three words "I Love You" to Brandon. Also, Clare and Steve's weekend of house-sitting at a bungalow prompts talk of them living together.
5 Feb. 1997
We Interrupt This Program
Donna's stalker, who is finally revealed to be a disturbed TV station worker, named Evan, takes her, Brandon, Tracy and a group of other people hostage in the campus TV station, where Brandon tries to calm down everyone's heightened tensions as Donna sits in front of the running cameras with a gun to her head. Meanwhile, Steve and Clare travel with their parents to a getaway in San Diego where they try to cool down the burgeoning romance between them. Also, Tom and Kelly's attraction between each other increases and David finds himself drawn to Chloe Davis, a aspiring...
12 Feb. 1997
My Funny Valentine
On Valentine's Day, Donna's former beau, Cliff Yeager, shows up and causes concern for her and David. Meanwhile, Valerie's mother, Abby, whom she can't stand, arrives in town from Buffalo for a visit and asks her for financial support. Steve commits yet another error with Clare when he decides to take up smoking pot with Dick Harrison. Chloe makes her singing debut and David get to be the MC for Luther Vandross at the Peach Pit After Dark's Valentine's Day party. Kelly continues dating Tom, and an unhappy Valerie tries to halt the union. Also, Tracy gets a big ...
19 Feb. 1997
With This Ring
Kelly learns that her old engagement ring that Brandon bought for her years ago is the cause of the continuing friction between him and Tracy. Meanwhile, Donna can't decide whether to be with Cliff or David, while Chloe makes a move on David after she tells him that Donna is not the woman for him. Clare tells Steve to give one of his step-brothers, Ryan, an advance talk about the birds and the bees. Valerie finally confronts her mother and tells her the true, long-kept facts behinds her father's suicide which are: her father killing himself on the day Valerie and Tom ...
26 Feb. 1997
Straight Shooter
Brandon, Steve and Dick are partnered for a three-man basketball team of CU. But that night, Steve and Dick's marijuana habit takes a turn for the worse when Dick suggests heroin and eventually dies from an OD at the After Dark. Meanwhile, Donna wavers between David and Cliff who tries to get on the good side of her parents. Gigi Crane, a magazine writer, starts hanging out with Valerie to get a story about L.A's cool people. Also, Kelly and Clare pose as Russians to do some flirting with two other guys during a weekend trip to Palm Springs.
5 Mar. 1997
A Ripe Young Age
David and Donna visit her paternal grandmother, Celia Martin, who tells them the story of her husband who was the only one true love of her life during the 1940s. Meanwhile, Valerie meets and befriends Rob Andrews, a young and new rising actor in Hollywood. Kelly befriends an 11-year-old boy, called Joey, she finds camped outside her apartment, whom she suspects is a runaway. Also, Steve asks Brandon, Tracy and Clare to help him with filming an infomercial as a class project and literally gets into a sticky situation regarding the product's true nature.
19 Mar. 1997
Storm Warning
Joey runs away from the homeless shelter and returns to Kelly, who eventually gets the whole story about his troubles with his mother and stepfather. Meanwhile, Rob asks Valerie's advice on a movie script while a mutual attraction between them develops. Tracy and Brandon quarrel over their spring break plans when Brandon is mailed two airline tickets to visit his parents and Tracy wants to go east to visit hers. David is present with Donna at the hospital after her father suffers a stroke. Steve is taken aback by Clare's contract with her "male side" while the gang ...
2 Apr. 1997
Spring Breakdown
Brandon and Tracy arrive in Hong Kong for Spring Break to visit Jim Walsh residing at his apartment, minus Cindy Walsh (who is supposedly visiting Brenda in England). Jim and Tracy get along fine, while he senses something off and queries with Brandon about his hidden feelings for Kelly as well as where Brandon really stands on his relationship with Tracy. Back in Beverly Hills, Donna and her uptight mother, Felice, argue about what's best for Dr. Martin pending his release from the hospital and David tries to cool down the conflict. Meanwhile, Valerie becomes jealous...
9 Apr. 1997
Heaven Scent
Mariah Murphy, the young black girl whom Brandon met in Texas (from the 'Remember the Alamo' episode), who's now an aspiring writer, arrives in Los Angeles for a visit and her quick kinship with Kelly bothers Tracy. Meanwhile, Rob's new movie is released which earns great recognition for his performance, but bad reviews for whole movie which makes Rob wonder if the movie business is really for him, and Valerie worries that she'll lose Rob when he tells her that he wants to quit the entertainment business and move back to his hometown. Clare has a crisis when her ...
16 Apr. 1997
The Long Goodbye
After Brandon breaks up with Tracy, Valerie's meddling jeopardizes his future with Kelly when Val sends Kelly a phony letter from the departed Dylan to test her true feelings for Brandon. Meanwhile, Donna persuades Felice to accompany her to the KEG/ALPHA spring campus talent show, where she gets increasingly worried when a former boyfriend of Felice's (from the 'Color Me Badd' episode) shows up to accompany her. Also, Clare takes the stage to sing her favorite song on a suggestion from Steve, who thinks the idea's all wet when he hears her awful singing voice during ...
23 Apr. 1997
I Only Have Eyes for You
Both Valerie and Kelly sneak a look at each other's journal, but only Valerie reads the whole thing and spreads rumors about Kelly to Clare and Donna in yet another attempt to make Kelly's life miserable. Meanwhile, Steve and Brandon visit a car-museum where a scheming employee sets both of them up for a problematic ride in an electric car which was revealed to have been stolen, which also delays Brandon's attempt to fulfill a childhood dream for Kelly by meeting with a retired kiddie show host, named Magic Morton, to get his magic wand to give to her.
30 Apr. 1997
All That Jazz
David takes Donna on a one-night trip to New Orleans in an attempt to sleep with her, which also delays Donna's presentation of her business project the very next day to her stern teacher, Professor Langley. In Beverly Hills, the relationship between Steve's mother and Clare's father becomes strained during a TV historical awards dinner, when Steve's self-obsessed mother once again lets success go to her head, which also strains the relationship between him and Clare. Meanwhile, Brandon attempts to nurse a flu-stricken Kelly and Valerie back to health, who re-live to ...
7 May 1997
Mother's Day
On the weekend of Mother's day, Clare still grieves over her long-dead mother and Steve cannot figure out what to do to increase her spirits. Kelly must share a shocking secret with Brandon when she thinks that she may be pregnant. Meanwhile, Valerie makes a pass at David as part of her latest scheme to get him to buy her share of the Peach Pit After Dark as part of a nefarious plan of hers to invest the cash in Kelly's father's business. Donna becomes stressed out in balancing time with David and studying for her final exams, and has another run-in with her ...
14 May 1997
Senior Week
Steve becomes depressed and frustrated after his father, Rush, doesn't approve of the quick and easy future Steve has planned on after graduating from C.U. and Clare tells him that her father wants her to move to Paris with him after graduation and wants Steve to come with her. Meanwhile, Kelly's father, Bill, arrives in town for another visit and meets with Valerie who tells her that Derrick Driscoll is actually an embezzler who just ripped off all her money that she got to invest in. Kelly receives disturbing medical news that she may not be able to bear children. ...
21 May 1997
Graduation Day: Part 1
On the day before commencement, Kelly becomes determined to oust Valerie from the Walsh house (and out of town) and pressures Brandon to do so. Meanwhile, Donna decides it's time to move up to a new level of romance with David after getting advice from her grandmother. Steve plans to pull the "best senior prank" ever with some help from his frat brother, Muntz, as well as David.
21 May 1997
Graduation Day: Part 2
On the day of graduation, a broke and lonely Valerie disrupts Kelly's plans when she takes off on a mindless spree causing Brandon to delay the ceremony to look for her. Kelly's father, Bill, throws a post-graduation 1920's nostalgic party for the class and has the music group, The Cardigans, perform where he also tries to make up with Kelly, who continues to push him away. Steve's stepbrothers, Ryan and Austin, show up for festivities where Ryan is drawn to Kelly's half-sister, Joy. Also, Steve's plans for Clare get flawed due to her decision to move to Paris with ...
10 Sep. 1997
Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 1
Living together begins to take its toll on Kelly and Brandon's relationship. Donna asks David to move back in with her at the beach front apartment, but with a stipulation that they sleep in separate rooms and that he doesn't tell her parents. Meanwhile, Steve has a couple of run-ins with Carly Reynolds, a young, overprotective, sarcastic, single mother with a six-year-old boy, named Zack, whom Steve becomes interested in knowing more about.
10 Sep. 1997
Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2
Donna lands a job as a modeling assistant and flies to Hawaii for the photo shoot and the rest of the gang, whom include David, Brandon, Valerie, and Steve follow her there for an end-of-the summer vacation, where Valerie meets and becomes smitten with a mysterious sailor, named Noah Hunter whom tries to help Donna when the shoot goes bad. Also, Brandon's former girlfriend from his senior college year, Tracy Gaylian, shows up to hang out with the group and to introduce her new boyfriend, Eric Anderson. Later, David lands in danger during a nature hike in the woods ...
17 Sep. 1997
Forgive and Forget
While Kelly is in the hospital recovering from a drive-by shooting at an LAX parking lot, Brandon seeks out the shooter and his partner responsible whom Kelly witnessed stealing a car. Meanwhile, Donna lands another job at a prestigious fashion company and after much hesitation, finally tells her mother of her living arrangements with David. Steve has yet another run in with Carly and tries to help her financially by landing her a job at the Peach Pit. After spending a torrid night with Valerie, Noah makes a quick exit and refuses to associate with her again.
24 Sep. 1997
The Way We Weren't
Kelly is struck with amnesia after suffering mild brain damage from an emergency operation for her wounds, and Noah takes it upon himself to take Kelly on her first excursion outside the hospital. Meanwhile, Brandon quarrels with himself over what to do when he receives an offer for a newspaper job in Seattle. Steve attempts to make his first 'faux pas' as a sports agent to impress Carly at what he does for a living. Donna has an on-the-job crisis when she loses her new boss, Jane's dog while taking it to the vet. Noah also offers to help David look for a band to ...
1 Oct. 1997
Coming Home
Kelly, still stricken with amnesia, is finally released from the hospital and returns to the only home she can recall, which is her old beach front apartment. Meanwhile, Steve and Brandon secure a production manager, named Terri Spar, for their new newspaper agency, called the Beverly Beat, in order to meet a deadline. Donna's newest designs impress a manufacturer, whose workers she discovers toil in depressing conditions. David attempts to secure a new band for the After Dark and lets the lead singer, Devin, and his band crash at the beach front apartment. Carly ...
15 Oct. 1997
The Right Thing
While investigating Donna's story about working conditions at a sweatshop, Brandon discovers that Steve's father, Rush, is involved which brings up tension between Brandon and Steve over publishing the story. The events also throw off Steve's plans to take Carly and her son, Zack, to an amusement park. Meanwhile, David's financial problems with the After Dark worsen over studio costs and Devin's racist remarks. Kelly still has partial amnesia when she is called to pick out her shooter in a police lineup. Valerie turns on her deviousness again when she begins stealing ...
22 Oct. 1997
Pride and Prejudice
Brandon's overprotection of Kelly after the drive-by shooter and his friend go free on a legal technicality alienates both of them to a point of anger. Meanwhile, Donna finally learns of Valerie's back-stabbing of stealing all of her clients. So, Donna successfully gets revenge against Valerie when she sets up Cooper and Valerie on a dinner date to a fancy new restaurant where Noah also shows up after Donna anonymously sends him a message to meet Valerie there. A record executive makes a huge offer for David's band, but problems come up after Devin and his group ...
29 Oct. 1997
Toil and Trouble
On Halloween, Brandon and Kelly put more excitement in rebuilding their relationship by having 'nooners' in the most bizarre of places. Meanwhile, Donna is hired by an eccentric widow who wants to organize a séance to contact her long-dead husband. David's continuing financial troubles with the After Dark begin to take a toll on him and an unknowing Donna when the club is foreclosed for late-rent payments, and David continues to hide his problems from Donna. Also, Steve continues to pursue Carly and asks her to a formal Autumn banquet, where Valerie's two suitors, ...
5 Nov. 1997
Friends, Lovers and Children
Brandon and Kelly are surprised when they find Erica Steele, Dylan's younger half-sister, working the streets at a hooker and they turn to a social worker, named Pam, to help them find Erica. Meanwhile, Steve is struck with uncertainty after he is mistaken to be Zack's father, which takes an unexpected turn when a pregnant girlfriend from his past claims that her unborn child is his. In a desperate attempt to hold onto the After Dark, David meets with Everett Sands, a loan shark, and Donna finally learns about David's financial problems after she discovers that David ...
12 Nov. 1997
Child of the Night
After throwing David out of her beach front apartment, Donna meets with Noah who takes her on a sailing cruise, and who rescues a bankrupt David from his loan shark who wants a huge payback, with interest, for the loan. Meanwhile, Erica runs away from Brandon and Kelly to go back to her pimp, Riggs. But after a heated confrontation, Erica comes to her senses and helps Brandon write her life story for his newspaper. But Brandon soon finds himself in trouble when he refuses to reveal his source about his story to an assistant district attorney who wants to prosecute ...
19 Nov. 1997
After Brandon is arrested, sparks fly between him and Kelly over his continuing refusal to reveal the names in his article, until Erica proposes a way to help him by entrapping Riggs with a sting operation. Meanwhile, Valerie seeks to learn who anonymously helped David pay off his loan shark and learns the truth about Noah and his wealthy background. At the same time, David's jealousy and pride gets the worst out of him after he rejects help from Donna after a fire breaks out at the After Dark. Steve queries with father, Rush, as well as Jody, about paternity and if ...
3 Dec. 1997
Friends in Deed
After leaving the After Dark, David takes a job in retail at a department store and continues to reject friendly overtures from Noah who takes over ownership of the After Dark. Meanwhile, Brandon hires Emma Bennett, an attractive young writer for important articles at the Beverly Beat, while Kelly questions the professionalism of Dr. Monahan after he makes a pass at her. Valerie lobbies Noah to let her manage the Peach Pit After Dark, much to Donna's suspicions and jealousy. Elsewhere, Steve and Carly search for time alone together, while Donna's mother, Felice, ...
10 Dec. 1997
Comic Relief
At Donna's urging, Kelly returns to modeling for a few days shoot and later calls Dr. Monahan on his "alleged" conduct. Meanwhile, David gets a new job at a car wash and tries to help a troubled, gay, teenage co-worker, named Ben, who's tormented by the other co-workers and shunned by his conservative parents. Steve takes the stage on comedy night at the Peach Pit After Dark to impress Carly. Also, Brandon finds Emma almost irresistible who's determined to bag him, while an unsuspecting Kelly stands by. Also, Valerie schemes with David to make Noah and Donna jealous ...
17 Dec. 1997
Santa Knows
In the week before Christmas, an administrator asks Kelly to give a speech praising Dr. Monahan, which leaves her in a dilemma knowing of his true nature. Meanwhile, Donna reacts to Noah's lack of Christmas spirit due to his past history. Carly's son, Zack, questions the existence of Santa Claus, and Steve sets out to prove that he's real, with a little of Nat's help. At David's urging, a depressed Ben delivers gifts to his parents, and later he and Valerie help Ben out who's contemplating suicide. Also, Emma refuses to back off from flirting with Brandon, and gives ...

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