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Season 8

10 Sep. 1997
Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 1
Living together begins to take its toll on Kelly and Brandon's relationship. Donna asks David to move back in with her at the beach front apartment, but with a stipulation that they sleep in separate rooms and that he doesn't tell her parents. Meanwhile, Steve has a couple of run-ins with Carly Reynolds, a young, overprotective, sarcastic, single mother with a six-year-old boy, named Zack, whom Steve becomes interested in knowing more about.
10 Sep. 1997
Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2
Donna lands a job as a modeling assistant and flies to Hawaii for the photo shoot and the rest of the gang, whom include David, Brandon, Valerie, and Steve follow her there for an end-of-the summer vacation, where Valerie meets and becomes smitten with a mysterious sailor, named Noah Hunter whom tries to help Donna when the shoot goes bad. Also, Brandon's former girlfriend from his senior college year, Tracy Gaylian, shows up to hang out with the group and to introduce her new boyfriend, Eric Anderson. Later, David lands in danger during a nature hike in the woods ...
17 Sep. 1997
Forgive and Forget
While Kelly is in the hospital recovering from a drive-by shooting at an LAX parking lot, Brandon seeks out the shooter and his partner responsible whom Kelly witnessed stealing a car. Meanwhile, Donna lands another job at a prestigious fashion company and after much hesitation, finally tells her mother of her living arrangements with David. Steve has yet another run in with Carly and tries to help her financially by landing her a job at the Peach Pit. After spending a torrid night with Valerie, Noah makes a quick exit and refuses to associate with her again.
24 Sep. 1997
The Way We Weren't
Kelly is struck with amnesia after suffering mild brain damage from an emergency operation for her wounds, and Noah takes it upon himself to take Kelly on her first excursion outside the hospital. Meanwhile, Brandon quarrels with himself over what to do when he receives an offer for a newspaper job in Seattle. Steve attempts to make his first 'faux pas' as a sports agent to impress Carly at what he does for a living. Donna has an on-the-job crisis when she loses her new boss, Jane's dog while taking it to the vet. Noah also offers to help David look for a band to ...
1 Oct. 1997
Coming Home
Kelly, still stricken with amnesia, is finally released from the hospital and returns to the only home she can recall, which is her old beach front apartment. Meanwhile, Steve and Brandon secure a production manager, named Terri Spar, for their new newspaper agency, called the Beverly Beat, in order to meet a deadline. Donna's newest designs impress a manufacturer, whose workers she discovers toil in depressing conditions. David attempts to secure a new band for the After Dark and lets the lead singer, Devin, and his band crash at the beach front apartment. Carly ...
15 Oct. 1997
The Right Thing
While investigating Donna's story about working conditions at a sweatshop, Brandon discovers that Steve's father, Rush, is involved which brings up tension between Brandon and Steve over publishing the story. The events also throw off Steve's plans to take Carly and her son, Zack, to an amusement park. Meanwhile, David's financial problems with the After Dark worsen over studio costs and Devin's racist remarks. Kelly still has partial amnesia when she is called to pick out her shooter in a police lineup. Valerie turns on her deviousness again when she begins stealing ...
22 Oct. 1997
Pride and Prejudice
Brandon's overprotection of Kelly after the drive-by shooter and his friend go free on a legal technicality alienates both of them to a point of anger. Meanwhile, Donna finally learns of Valerie's back-stabbing of stealing all of her clients. So, Donna successfully gets revenge against Valerie when she sets up Cooper and Valerie on a dinner date to a fancy new restaurant where Noah also shows up after Donna anonymously sends him a message to meet Valerie there. A record executive makes a huge offer for David's band, but problems come up after Devin and his group ...
29 Oct. 1997
Toil and Trouble
On Halloween, Brandon and Kelly put more excitement in rebuilding their relationship by having 'nooners' in the most bizarre of places. Meanwhile, Donna is hired by an eccentric widow who wants to organize a séance to contact her long-dead husband. David's continuing financial troubles with the After Dark begin to take a toll on him and an unknowing Donna when the club is foreclosed for late-rent payments, and David continues to hide his problems from Donna. Also, Steve continues to pursue Carly and asks her to a formal Autumn banquet, where Valerie's two suitors, ...
5 Nov. 1997
Friends, Lovers and Children
Brandon and Kelly are surprised when they find Erica Steele, Dylan's younger half-sister, working the streets at a hooker and they turn to a social worker, named Pam, to help them find Erica. Meanwhile, Steve is struck with uncertainty after he is mistaken to be Zack's father, which takes an unexpected turn when a pregnant girlfriend from his past claims that her unborn child is his. In a desperate attempt to hold onto the After Dark, David meets with Everett Sands, a loan shark, and Donna finally learns about David's financial problems after she discovers that David ...
12 Nov. 1997
Child of the Night
After throwing David out of her beach front apartment, Donna meets with Noah who takes her on a sailing cruise, and who rescues a bankrupt David from his loan shark who wants a huge payback, with interest, for the loan. Meanwhile, Erica runs away from Brandon and Kelly to go back to her pimp, Riggs. But after a heated confrontation, Erica comes to her senses and helps Brandon write her life story for his newspaper. But Brandon soon finds himself in trouble when he refuses to reveal his source about his story to an assistant district attorney who wants to prosecute ...
19 Nov. 1997
After Brandon is arrested, sparks fly between him and Kelly over his continuing refusal to reveal the names in his article, until Erica proposes a way to help him by entrapping Riggs with a sting operation. Meanwhile, Valerie seeks to learn who anonymously helped David pay off his loan shark and learns the truth about Noah and his wealthy background. At the same time, David's jealousy and pride gets the worst out of him after he rejects help from Donna after a fire breaks out at the After Dark. Steve queries with father, Rush, as well as Jody, about paternity and if ...
3 Dec. 1997
Friends in Deed
After leaving the After Dark, David takes a job in retail at a department store and continues to reject friendly overtures from Noah who takes over ownership of the After Dark. Meanwhile, Brandon hires Emma Bennett, an attractive young writer for important articles at the Beverly Beat, while Kelly questions the professionalism of Dr. Monahan after he makes a pass at her. Valerie lobbies Noah to let her manage the Peach Pit After Dark, much to Donna's suspicions and jealousy. Elsewhere, Steve and Carly search for time alone together, while Donna's mother, Felice, ...
10 Dec. 1997
Comic Relief
At Donna's urging, Kelly returns to modeling for a few days shoot and later calls Dr. Monahan on his "alleged" conduct. Meanwhile, David gets a new job at a car wash and tries to help a troubled, gay, teenage co-worker, named Ben, who's tormented by the other co-workers and shunned by his conservative parents. Steve takes the stage on comedy night at the Peach Pit After Dark to impress Carly. Also, Brandon finds Emma almost irresistible who's determined to bag him, while an unsuspecting Kelly stands by. Also, Valerie schemes with David to make Noah and Donna jealous ...
17 Dec. 1997
Santa Knows
In the week before Christmas, an administrator asks Kelly to give a speech praising Dr. Monahan, which leaves her in a dilemma knowing of his true nature. Meanwhile, Donna reacts to Noah's lack of Christmas spirit due to his past history. Carly's son, Zack, questions the existence of Santa Claus, and Steve sets out to prove that he's real, with a little of Nat's help. At David's urging, a depressed Ben delivers gifts to his parents, and later he and Valerie help Ben out who's contemplating suicide. Also, Emma refuses to back off from flirting with Brandon, and gives ...
7 Jan. 1998
Ready or Not
Carly and Zack temporarily move in with Donna at the beach front apartment after they are evicted from their house for repairs where she gives Donna love life advice who's deciding whether or not to move onto the next stage with Noah. Meanwhile, Dr. Monahan angrily confronts Kelly about her sexual harassment charge against him. David finally admits to Donna about his relationship with Valerie being a farce, but that soon changes when Valerie admits getting feelings for him again. After Emma quits her job at Brandon's newspaper agency, she puts pressure on him who is ...
14 Jan. 1998
Illegal Tender
David tries to makes amends meet to musical artist Jamie Blake after his first music review gets her fired from her job and he tries to get her to perform at the After Dark. Meanwhile, the greedy Valerie ignores Noah's decree to halt the betting at the After Dark, with serious consequences when they both get arrested after the police raid the place. Steve suffers after he and Brandon try to assess Kelly's potential reaction if Brandon tells the truth about his fling with Emma after she threatens to reveal it with an audio tape, and Kelly mistakenly thinks Steve is the...
21 Jan. 1998
The Elephant's Father
Two new people start working at the Wyatt Free Clinic with Kelly who are Jeff, a new medical intern, and Valerie who is serving community service for her bookmaking, where Kelly also tries to help a spouse-abuse victim. Meanwhile, news of the sudden illness of Carly's estranged father has her wanting to move to Montana with Zack to care for him, and away from Steve who's struck with grief fearing that he sill never see his girlfriend again. David hangs out with a band, called Jasper's Legend, to do a story on it, who indulges in his worst fears of drugs and booze. ...
28 Jan. 1998
David gets caught in the middle of a conflict when the band keyboardist, Mark, blames Noah for his drunk-driving accident and decides to sue him. Meanwhile, Donna starts a new photo shoot and deals with a spoiled child model and her demanding mother who spells trouble for her. Steve inadvertently prompts a former frat brother's fiancée, Christy, to call off the wedding, who then stays at the Walsh house where she gives Brandon advice on life and love, while her perplexed fiancé, Harry, gives some love life advice to Steve over the departed Carly. Also, Kelly counsels ...
4 Feb. 1998
Crimes and Misdemeanors
Donna's grandmother is hospitalized where she tells Donna that her soul mate is David, who moves out of the Valerie's room at the Walsh house and into Carly's vacant house until he can afford a more inexpensive place. Meanwhile, Kelly alerts Brandon to a potential story about a recently paroled ex-con who explains to Brandon about the mistakes he made that changed his life, which Brandon sees that parallels his own. Also, Steve coaxes Brandon into a double date with two women that run into him at the Peach Pit, unaware that the women are not what they appear to be. ...
11 Feb. 1998
Cupid's Arrow
Kelly agrees to Jeff's Valentine's Day plans for a romantic dinner and night together. Meanwhile, Steve badgers Brandon into going on another blind double date. But Brandon gets hung up on the phone leaving all kinds of messages on Kelly's answering machine, while Steve is stuck trying to entertain his and Brandon's date at the Peach Pit, as well as another girl. The arrival of Noah's snobbish, older half-brother, Josh, brings big trouble between both of them over their different viewpoints. Things take an unexpected turn when Josh spikes Valerie's drink with a "date ...
25 Feb. 1998
The Girl Who Cried Wolf
After Noah is questioned by the police about Valerie's rape charges, he admits to Donna that he did have sex with Valerie that night at the After Dark club, but he did not know that she was drugged. The only ones that believe Valerie's date rape story are David and Brandon which divides them from their friends. Josh stirs up more trouble for the gang when he gives Donna amphetamines to counteract the effects of pain pills she is now taking for her back injury. Josh also takes advantage of Valerie and Noah's conflict to play them against each other and persuades ...
4 Mar. 1998
Law and Disorder
Valerie's civil lawsuit against Noah begins with her taking the witness stand testifying about that night. But Noah's attorney viciously cross-examines her by making use of Valerie's sordid past to discredit her. Then Brandon, Kelly, David, and Steve individually take the witness stand and testify against Valerie, despite her attorney who tries to put a reasonable doubt on them. But the final nail is when Noah's defense receives a mortal blow when the real culprit, Josh, unexpectedly takes the witness stand and testifies against Noah with details about "his" version ...
11 Mar. 1998
Making Amends
Donna is rushed to the hospital after falling in a coma from an overdose of painkillers where she comes clean with her father about her addiction to pain pills. When Donna admits to her boss, Robert, that she plagiarized someone else's sketches, she is immediately fired. Meanwhile, Kelly cares for a newborn baby left at the clinic by a teenage mother, named Leanne, which makes Kelly wonder if she can take in the baby to care for it herself. Steve falls for Jill, a woman that he has never met, when he starts reading her love letters which are actually addressed to ...
18 Mar. 1998
The Nature of Nurture
Kelly objects to the decision of a Special Services person when the abandoned baby is placed with a gay couple. Meanwhile, Brandon and Steve and Janet quarrel over running cigarette ads for their failing newspaper in which Brandon threatens to quit, while Steve continues to pretend that he's Ted in order to please his pen pal friend Jill. Noah asks to finance Donna's marketing of her own designs for another fashion company. Also, Valerie deals with her long-estranged mother, Abby, who arrives back in town for a visit and hits it off with Kelly's father, Bill, who has ...
25 Mar. 1998
Aunt Bea's Pickles
Valerie and Kelly reluctantly join forces in an attempt to keep apart Valerie's mother Abby, and Kelly's father Bill, after they announce their engagement at Valerie's birthday party. Meanwhile, Brandon interviews for a job at a major daily newspaper company and is hired on the spot, but he discovers there's a little catch: Brandon must fill in as a scab for other reporters of the agency that have recently gone on strike. At the same time at the Beverly Beat, Janet begins to complain to Steve about being overworked and underpaid. Steve sets off in search for Jill's ...
1 Apr. 1998
All That Glitters
Brandon lets his thoughts run wild after Peter Ray, a prize-winning journalist, wants to collaborate with him for a potential sports story. Meanwhile, Valerie creates problems between Noah and Donna when she claims that the expensive diamond necklace that Noah gave Donna is a fake. Valerie also hooks David up with a film maker, named Kyle Scott, who is wanting to do a commercial with him as she handles his taxes. Kelly assists Chris Myers, a mentally challenged man who's working at the clinic and also tries to come to terms with his overprotective mother. Also, Steve ...
15 Apr. 1998
Andrea Zuckerman arrives in town for a visit as the gang prepares to go to their five-year high school reunion at West Beverly High, where she tells Brandon about her troubled life and failed marriage. Meanwhile, Donna becomes jealous about a Rolling Stones magazine article detailing about Noah's single status, which prompts her to sneak away from the dance and to the Peach Pit After Dark to see if Noah will be true to her. Valerie creates a new persona for herself and David in order to fit in at the reunion. Also, Steve lets his macho image he built of himself take ...
29 Apr. 1998
Skin Deep
Kelly strongly protests Brandon's research on a sex shop selling pornography and other adult material, as well as his participation with Steve in a bachelor party for Steve's former college fraternity brother Muntz, while Kelly also has strong concerns of her mother Jackie, and her half-sister Erin over Jackie's decision for most plastic surgery for herself. David also buys some things from the sex shop to revamp his sluggish sex life with Valerie. Meanwhile, Donna learns that Monica, a new assistant of her designs, has a psychological problem of self-mutilation and ...
6 May 1998
Valerie is asked by a doctor to be a bone-marrow donor for an ailing leukemia patient. Valerie is delighted with the idea, but she soon goes back on her deal with she finds out that the patient has sexually abused his teenage daughter. Meanwhile, Donna becomes stricken with jealousy and suspicion when an old girlfriend of Noah's, named Gwyneth, shows up for a visit. David lets his paranoia go too far when he gets mugged, tries to buy a gun, and eventually steals Noah's gun in which he accidentally wounds Gwyneth. Kelly continues to be suspicious of Brandon, until he ...
13 May 1998
The Fundamental Things Apply
Brandon and Kelly try to help a Bosnian refugee, named Alexander, find his missing wife whom he believes is long dead, while they deal with their own feelings about marriage and commitment. Meanwhile, Gwyneth turns to Valerie for a little help to break up Donna and Noah by sabotaging her fashion show at the After Dark. Steve goes out with Sarah on a golf course where she tells him that she happens to be married, but has marital troubles with her husband. After David is stiffed by a client, he takes out his anger and frustration by breaking up with Valerie, who ...
20 May 1998
The Wedding: Part 1
In the week before Kelly and Brandon's wedding, they get all kinds of conflicting emotions about heading toward the alter. Meanwhile, David pressures Valerie to get an AIDS test after she confesses to him about her one-night stand with Johnny. But Valerie is reluctant to do so and provokes conflicts with everyone, except David whom she still has feelings for. Steve becomes nervous about losing Sarah when she goes to marriage counseling with her estranged husband. Also, different views of marriage divide Noah and Donna in which he tells her that he does not believe in ...
20 May 1998
The Wedding: Part 2
With a few hours before Brandon and Kelly's wedding, they continue to feel uncertain about the path they are on. Jim and Cindy Walsh arrive in town from Hong Kong to help plan Brandon and Kelly's wedding. Meanwhile, Valerie finally decides to get an AIDS test after Johnny confesses to her that he happens to be HIV-positive, and she asks David to come along with her for emotional support. Steve becomes dateless for the wedding when Sarah decides to go back to her husband after witnessing her friend's messy break up. After the caterer, Jacob, saves Donna's life, Donna ...

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