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Season 2

17 Jun. 1990
Alfred meets the black duck family Wana in a train, who are refugees from their home country, where the white geese conduct the Apartheid policy. Lispel discovers that Alfred hides illegal immigrants in his house.
24 Jun. 1990
Een geschenk van de koning
Lispel tips Wannes about the Wana family, who goes to the police. The only way Alfred could prevent the family Wana from sent back, is by asking his old friend the King for help.
1 Jul. 1990
De boerenganzen
Alfred joins Kwa and Blanche Wana back to their homeland, but Wannes follows them.
8 Jul. 1990
Op vakantie
Alfred goes on holiday to the island Aroba with Winnie and Tom. But the island is threatened by a tornado.
6 Oct. 1990
Het booreiland
Alfred and Henk go to a drilling rig of the concrete company, where every drill is broken for unknown reasons.
13 Oct. 1990
After the sinking of their submarine, Alfred, Henk and Pikkie enter Atlantis.
20 Oct. 1990
Cowboys en indianen
Alfred has a dream in which he is the sheriff in a cowboy movie. He arrests bandits and settles the score with old enemies. But Dolf is coming to take over the city.
27 Oct. 1990
De schat van Toet Kat Kammon
Professor Ramses, Winnies employer, is seriously ill, and the medicine he needs only seems to be found in the pyramid of Toet Kat Kammon, so Alfred and Paljas start an investigation in the pyramid.
10 Nov. 1990
De slang
Having escaped from all the traps, Alfred and Paljas continue their journey inside the pyramid and meet a fortune-teller.
17 Nov. 1990
Michael Duckson
Winnie is madly in love with the popular pop star Michael Duckson. Alfreds jealousy drives him to be an artist too.
24 Nov. 1990
De ontvoering
Alfred and a scholar go on a trip to Salam, who, for unclear reasons is at war with neighboring Yil.
1 Dec. 1990
De burenruzie
Alfred and his friends escape from prison, along with the Prince of Salam, who is in love with the princess of Yil. The love is mutual and the king of Salam sees little harm here, but the king of Yil is not as indulgent.
8 Dec. 1990
De heks
Alfred has to babysit Ollies children and he reads them the tale of Hansel and Gretel. When he falls asleep, he dreams that the witch from the book comes to life and forces him into marriage.
15 Dec. 1990
Het stuwmeer
The king of the Land of the Pyramids wants to build a dam. Professor Paljas offers to make plans to generate solar energy but Rokodil and Hannibal, which would make the dam plans are not happy and hire Dolf to steal Paljas' drawings.
18 Dec. 1990
De vulkaan
The volcano on the island Sinatra spits many flames, but no lava or smoke. Alfred, Paljas and Kapitein Stoppel go on a journey to the island to study the matter.
20 Dec. 1990
De draak
An alien dragon is trapped inside the volcano. The government of Sinatra helps to free the dragon, but Dolf wants to buy the dragon for his theme park.
22 Dec. 1990
Groot Waterland krijgt een president
The king still hates politics and only wants a ceremonial function. He organizes presidential elections. Ollie enrolls, but Dolf too.
23 Dec. 1990
De watersnood
To win votes Dolf destroys dykes, after which he offers money and support to the affected areas. However, Lispel has witnessed him.
24 Dec. 1990
Het land van twee
Het Land van Twee is divided into the rich North and the poor South. The south is plagued by a mysterious disease, the Mozons, which causes rapid aging. A soothsayer tells Alfred that he has dreamed of a clown on the moon that might be able to help.
27 Dec. 1990
The clown on the moon says that the Mozon virus comes from outer space, but that one can destroy them with his magic violin.
29 Dec. 1990
Eind goed, al goed
Alfred has destroyed the Mozon virus, but the king of Het Land van Twee locks him up.
30 Dec. 1990
Een partijtje golf
Professor Paljas has designed a submarine, but has a dispute with his business partner, an avid golfer, about the name. They decide the dispute with a game of golf, but Paljas has an injury, so Alfred aids him.
31 Dec. 1990
De regenboog
Professor Paljas received an invitation from Dokter Livingstone to join him in on an expedition through the jungle, fascinated by the legend of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Alfred, Henk and Pikkie go along with him.
3 Jan. 1991
Het casino
Because Konigin Nora realizes that Alfred and his friends have no mischief they are released, and are allowed see the pot of gold. Pikkie can not control himself and steals it.
5 Jan. 1991
Het regenwoud
Professor Paljas worries about acid rain and wants to develop an environmentally friendly fuel. K. Rokodil and Hannibal see their interests in the oil company in danger and hire Dolf to steal the drawings.
6 Jan. 1991
Nog lang en gelukkig
Alfred and Winnie quarrel. Dolf escapes from prison and takes Winnie as a hostage. Alfred and the professor do everything they can to find the villain and the girl.

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