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one of rosa's best
marymorrissey27 June 2004
this is one of rvp's masterpiece documentaries. it's too bad not too many people will get to see it unless it enjoys some kind of revival but I don't know how I remember thinking it would be great for the playboy channel, as would "transsexual menace", another of his very best movies. . . anyway it's about three women who come to new york from Germany. actually I may confuse this with other films I saw a whole bunch at once. anyway one of them hooks up with a mentally ill viet nam vet, another goes dyke and ends up as a personal assistant to some ancient German academic or poet or something, and I think one of them ends up the wife of Hirschfeld, the guy who does all the cartoons of celebs for the ny times, etc.

but. . . . that might be a different movie I'm splicing in. .. but anyway... dies ist ein sehr schuøner film! it is, being a rosa film, a little spicy too, I forget but there was some reason I thought it would be good for playboy channel... if you getz a chance see it for sure!
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