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A memory that won't go away. . .
Lazlo Hollyfeld9 August 2005
I saw this movie a very long time ago on HBO. It was a night that I could not sleep, perhaps it was around 2:00AM. I remember being taken by the characters and the pace of the film. I was interested the whole way through. My aunt died of cancer and I could understand the pain she was going through after watching this film. It is well done, and a gem. I remember the scene when Jami Gertz is brushing her hair and she realizes what is happening to her in the hospital. It is a powerful scene that simply will not leave my memory. When an image leaves an imprint in one's memory, then you know you have come across a great film.
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A excellent movie that captures the essence of cancer
brickicker15 February 2000
This movie, although dry and depressing, captures the fear and anger that young cancer patients face every day. For those people out there who feel that this movie is too much, then I hope you never are stricken with a deadly disease. I have not been that fortunate. I am currently in remission from stage 3b Hodgkin's disease that I fought for 2 years. I am now 23 years old and can identify with both Eva and Claudia in their daily struggles. Although the setting makes this movie seem very cold, the director was trying to show the isolation that cancer patients feel. This is the type of movie that should open our hearts to those who are sick and realize that some people really are going through this kind of pain.
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A sensitive story about life, death and a wonderful friendship - esp. for XX
supermaggie16 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Some call this movie boring, some call it clichéd, some say the book is far better in describing the feelings of the characters. Well, in my opinion, if you have the interest to get involved with the story and the characters (and otherwise one would probably not choosing to watch this kind of movie), it is moving and engaging and not in the least boring (it might help if you possess two X chromosomes). A story about two terminally ill women in a hospital ward for cancer patients - well there is probably not a good way of avoiding clichés, though I must admit they overdid it with the sex talk. If you want and can read the book - fine, for the ones who prefer the movie, and this review is about the movie, I think it is a great, sensitive movie about hope, despair, friendship, loss and of course about strong women! I liked that many aspects of terminal illnesses were addressed. I really loved Marta Plimpton's (always a great actress) character. I liked Bruce Payne's character, although I must agree with the critics calling him unrealistic, but nevertheless a good character film-wise, and if one has to check in into a hospital, one can only hope for doctors like that - I would always prefer to have (and watch) a doctor like this as compared to the disgusting, selfish, sex-obsessed, irresponsible doctors from Grey's Anatomy. So, if you are looking for some intelligent entertainment that makes you think, has some great classical music and beautiful ballet scenes, a wonderful friendship and also may make you cry a bit - this is a movie you should give a shot. Especially for women worth a try, surely a better chick flick and of higher quality than those always repeating romance flicks or the mentioned Grey's Anatomy BS.
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