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Ah-long is engrossing
Ishallwearpurple14 April 2001
"All About Ah-long" shows a poor man and his little boy living day by day, a lower working class life. The relationship between father and son is warm but who is looking out for who? A big chance for the boy comes and changes everything. Ah-long tries to do what is right for his little boy and finds out it is not easy to find the right solution to life's dilemmas.

This is a fine film and Chow Yun-Fat is perfect as the ne'r do well who becomes a man for his son. Highly recommended.
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One of Chow Yun-Fat's best performances.
zoo-81 August 1999
Chow Yun-Fat gives a heart-rending performance as Ah Long, a single dad struggling to bring up his son amidst crushing working-class poverty in 1980's Hong Kong. The strong bond between father and son is tested when a chance encounter with someone from Ah Long's past changes the course of their lives.

Gritty in its realism, this film pulls no punches in examining the life of an admitted wastrel who wants more than the life of an uneducated laborer for his son but sees no more hope for himself. No matter how heinous his behavior in the past, when his son's happiness is challenged Ah Long shines forth as a man of honor, compassion and love.

Chow Yun-Fat's performance is daring and showcases his brilliant talents. He also has a writer's credit in this film. For those who are dismissive of action films (the genre for which he is best known), this film should make believers of all those who savor finely crafted, razor-sharp characterizations.

5 out of 5 stars. Don't forget to bring along a full box of tissues - this film will leave all but the most jaded in tears.
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Extremely good drama
blindg25 February 2005
All About Ah-Long is a well crafted drama, it alternates funny moments to very sad ones. The acting is gorgeous, both Chow Yun Fat and Sylvia Chang are outstanding, one of the best couple of lovers I've ever seen. The little Porky were also good, a pity that he doesn't found a bright future in cinematography. Johnny To is (once again) very skillful in not exceeding in both side of the charming story between the lovers, no cheesy moments nor too unbelievable plot twists. The ending is simply outstanding and one of the most dramatic I've ever seen. That's a great example of what are Hong Kong dramas and a very good effort from one of the most prolific HK directors ever. See it!
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One of the best HK movies!
China17 April 2004
This is the first time that I write comments on IMDB, although I visit the website so frequently. Since I highly recommend this movie to you. This is one of the best HK movies, and also my favorite.

The script and performance is so great, impressive and touching. CYF was not only an action star. The little kid also did a great job. The entire movie is a masterpiece. I have to use my tissues every time watching, especially in the ending (No other movies touch me like this ever).

Please don't forget the song "Ah Long's story", it's also my favorite, performed by Sam Hui.

9/10. Since the wonderful song, I give it 10/10.
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A must-see for CYF fans!
ivyc881 April 2000
To see why CYF is a great actor instead of simply an action star. Good script, scores and acting performance of all major characters!

It is one of Johnny To's earlier blockbuster movies. Also recommended to Johnny To's fans.
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