When Harry Met Sally... (1989) Poster

Plot Keywords

sex new york
love friendship
university of chicago male female friendship
regretting sex opposites attract
year 1987 year 1982
year 1977 character says i hate you
reference to dick clark reference to the new york knicks
leaving message on answering machine woman slaps a man
yankees baseball cap m&m's
speed walking hearing characters thoughts
reference to bryant gumbel reference to jane fonda
implied sex reference to charlie chaplin
sobbing female kleenex
reference to the new york mets reference to jfk assassination
reference to john f. kennedy reference to edward kennedy
reference to mick jagger pictionary
wagon wheel coffee table
reference to roy rogers bumping into ex girlfriend
microphone improvised dialogue
karaoke duet karaoke machine
pith helmet yellow cab
hailing a taxi new year's eve party
divorced man evian bottled water
watching tv in bed watching a movie on tv
split screen telephone call mailbox
new york giants football mexican wave
31 year old airplane trip
female journalist 26 year old
diner blonde
reference to ingrid bergman reference to humphrey bogart
character says i love you honking a car horn
kiss call me
eating grapes bunch of grapes
four word title 1980s
1970s twin towers
punctuation in title ellipsis in title
sexual tension love confession
northwestern university christmas
christmas tree double date
wheel wedding reception
shower moaning
lasting friendship writer
wedding wedding dress
telephone call split screen
restaurant pessimist
karaoke face slap
ex husband ex wife relationship bookstore
batting cage airplane
new york city new year's eve
fake orgasm orgasm
character name in title

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