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Typical Manmohan Desai movie

Author: pop-16 from London, England
19 September 2004

This is a very hard movie to get your hands on in Britain so I had to order it overseas. Overall, I think it is a very good movie where Amitabh Bachchan plays Toofan who is a robin hood to those who suffer the atrocities of the robbers and Shyam who is a magician. They were separated by the father, played by Pran who only appeared in the first 30 minutes. It's very strange why this movie is not shown on TV. At the second half of this movie, Toofan and Shyam start playing opposite characters. It's a typical Manmohan Desai movie, brothers separated and found. Farooq Sheikh was good in a small role playing Amitabh's (Shyam) best friend. Meenakshi Sheshadri looked great but had a very short role while Amrita Singh had no character name but had not much to offer. Goga Kapoor didn't really do too much to convince he was the main villain as it was his only movie playing the main villain. The best songs of the movie are Jaadugar Ka Jaadu and Don't Worry Be Happy, sung by Amitabh Bachchan himself. I think it's a good movie and recommend it to Amitabh fans.

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A good film.....for the kids.

Author: Liakot Ali from London
11 June 2006

I grew up watching Toofan. It was my favourite Child hood movie. I absolutely loved it too bits and have watched it 100s of time. Now that I'm older and maturer I have seen Toofan recently and realised, what did i Love. The movie does have its light moments, but it has no Art. I'm sure any Kid will enjoy this movie, If you see it first time as an adult then, maybe it wont appeal. Amitabh Bachcan in a double role gives us a Jolly Fun performance. Amrita Singh is fairly good. Meenakshi is looking very sexy in this movie. The Villain is very cartoonic and will entertain the younger audience. It does have a few good songs, my favourite is Don't worry be happy. Overall Toofan does have a few good scenes, not the Best Amitabh Movie. With a Great Director, this is for the Children

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Amitabh's Bad Days

Author: superindrajit from Hong Kong
16 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After coming back from politics, Big B signed his comeback hit film Shahenshah which was between good and average, but he stsrting falling down in his career path after making some disastrous mistakes. After 1988, Bachchan had 3 disasters in the year 1989. Jaadugaar, GJS,and Toofan. For some weird reason, Bachchan started signing supernatural films which were some of his worst films ever. Even Manmohan Desai's son who directed this Toofan and Allah Rakha didn't get much credit. This and Allah Rakha were disasters. Coming to Toofan, this movie is another typical MKD film like AAA, Naseeb, Mard but those ones were all successful. This movie is far from success. It is story about long lost brothers(Amitabh in a dual role), one becomes a magician and the other a messiah named after the elephant god Ganesh. Well just like Shahenshah except that wasn't Bachchcan's double role, we see Big B play the annoying magician and there we saw him play the annoying cop. Amitabh's Toofan role is the only saving grace. Even the romantic track is so stupid, the snake scenes are crap. Amitabh hams it up as the magician but as Toofan, he is good but his angry young man role is nothing compared to his earlier blockbusters. Looks the the director didn't even do his editing properly which explain the character of Amrita Singh having no name. The character of Meenxai is despicable, she looks ugly in this film. Overall, this is one of the few major craps Desai's son Ketan made. He is a big disgrace for the family, sad really sad.

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Something is Wrong !

Author: ahmed elshikh ( from Egypt
26 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

9 years ago I watched it for the first time. And yesterday I watched it for the second time to discover that I forgot more than its half. So, knowing that I'm not a forgetful person when it comes to movies, especially (Amitabh Bachchan)'s ones, then no doubt; something is wrong !

(Manmohan Desai) is the master director of the commercial Indian cinema from the 1970s to the 1980s, one of the Masala founders, and the long time collaborator with (Bachchan). In (Toofan), (Desai) only took the chair of the producer. He financed it as the second movie directed by his son (Ketan). Although (Salim Khan) wrote it, but the story belongs to the typical Desai world, where there are always: incredibly evil men with advanced devices, lost and found brothers, some religious boastfulness with always-victorious faithful leads and eventually-defeated unfaithful enemies, mixed with the Masala equation; comedy, romance, action, melodrama, and musical numbers. This round (Khan) added the heroic figure with a halo of being kind of super (the way the metaphysical powers suggest the bow for him, the unity of nature with his appearance), didn't emphasize on the romantic side much, and exploded a melodrama Bomb !

The situation of (Gopal/ Farooq Shaikh), the friend, was so over the top. It's melodrama at its worst. Hence the lead's guilt was heavier than the light movie. Let alone that the friend's storyline dragged out to a long and painful sequence, ending with his death as well. It didn't need all of that. What it needed was the desire of (Shyam/ Bachchan) to get a revenge for his friend's "death", which uncovers how unnecessary all of that exaggeration was. Likely it was just a try to utilize (Shaikh)'s talent and name, since he got famous with more serious and realistic movies before, yet that was done badly in a way poisoned the movie !

Then the matter of (Don't Worry. Be Happy). I read that the musician asked (Bachchan) to sing it by his voice. I think it was a first. And I believe the outcome, despite the cuteness of the song, must have been shocking for some. Putting in mind how hard (Bachchan)'s voice is; fitting more a speech (or roar!), and the bad comparison with (Kishore Kumar)'s voice, which is in the same movie already ! In fact (Kumar) died on 13 October 1987. So maybe performing (Don't Worry..) was some solution to overcome this problem, along with presenting the real voice of Bachchan in singing finally. A bit of problem itself if you asked me !

(Bachchan) delivered nice performance. I just hated wasting all of that power on inordinate melodrama, plus the provocative resorting to red drops while crying! (Goga Kapoor) as (Shaitan Singh) looked like poor man's (Amrish Puri). He did his job well, but I thought (Puri) was the first choice, then when he couldn't (doing 15 movies at the same year) they replaced him with a copy. I even believed, at many moments, that (Puri) did the vocal performance for the character ! At any rate, (Toofan) lacked the abundance of stars that distinguished Desai/Bachchan's other movies.

(Ketan Desai)'s studying in this dad's school shows. I liked the way he intensified the last 15 minutes. The action was good. By the way, I find people despise shots like for instance the one in which the arrow hits a bullet, saying in disgust "How Cheesy !". Well, what makes me sick indeed is that the same people meet the same shot yet when it's done in a Hollywood movie, like for recent instance (Red – 2010), with applause ! Why nobody glorifies it, considering it an opposite of say the moment with gun vs. sword in (Raiders of the Lost Ark – 1981)?! particularly while cherishing, rather celebrating, the B-movies' crap, entertaining carp, became in fashion lately. Which leads me to ask eagerly why (Quentin Tarantino) didn't nod this cinema ever in any of his endless "homage" paroxysms, as in (Kill Bill) or else? Did he never find it attractive as the other cinemas he refers to with passion? Or did he never watch any Indian movie originally ?

Anyway, 1989 was the beginning of the end not for the big B only as India's number 1 star, but for a stage in the Indian cinema too. Along with the departure of (Kumar), (Manmohan Desai), the magician himself, retired from movies. After many historical hits in a long row such as (Naseeb – 1981), (Desh Premee – 1982), (Coolie – 1983), and (Mard – 1985), he got hit by the 2 inclement flops in a row (Gangaa Jamunaa Saraswathi – 1988), as director, and (Toofan – 1989) as a producer. Then, after short time, he vaguely committed suicide on 1 March 1994. Meantime, after picking out a wrong choice after another, (Bachchan) preferred to retire, temporarily, to rest, rearrange the matters rightly, and find out why the star lost his glamour.

So why this movie flopped? I think there are answers from it and, why not, out of it. Maybe it was released at the wrong time, or the viewers found other stars to be attracted to, or they just got board with this kind of Masala, or maybe Desai/Bachchan raised the bar so much therefore the viewers expected no less than the previous hits, and (Toofan) is less. Whatever the reasons were, and to be fair, it is the mediocre Masala. Not bad, just mediocre.

The music was the only great thing here. Songs like (1, 2, 9, 11) and (Aaya Toofan) are marvelous classics. Their music can't be forgettable, Hmmm, unlike the rest of the movie I must say !

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Movie is good

Author: mohankrishna143 from India
6 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't compare to old Zan-jeer Ram Charan done a good job for this movie in his own style and also his first movie in bollywood, he show his own talent newly. One thing you must do if you're going to derive maximum enjoyment from Toofan is to decide not to compare it with the 1973 original, Zanjeer, which remains a classic till date. Amitabh Bachchan as the angry, young cop is a hard act to follow, but to Ram Charan Teja's credit it must be said he's turned in a powerful performance in an action-packed role They are two very different movies. Charan has given a power packed erformance and the film has its moments. A crisp runtime also helps matters. A better script and a higher dose of entertainment would have really helped matters. Still, the movie ends up as a decent cop drama.

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