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The creepy house Louise Miller walks into at the start of the movie, is the same house used by Michael Jackson in his 1982 music video "Thriller".
The film was originally intended to be a female version of Teen Wolf (1985) and it went as far as to borrow the design for the lettering, the tag line, and the shell of the plot line.
Dick Sargent who played the father had another witch daughter: Tabitha on Bewitched (1964).
Teen Witch Live!, a comedy musical based on the film is currently at LA's famous Groundlings Theater.
Shooting locations included Hobart, IN, St. Louis, MO, and Chicago, IL. The house that served as Louise Miller's house in the film can still be found today on Nitin Street in Hobart.
Madam Serena says "I like your cutesy little Punky Brewster face." Robyn Lively played Lisa in two episodes of Punky Brewster.
The interior set for Madame Serena's house did not have steps leading up to it like the shots of the exterior showed, so after shutting the front door to leave Robyn Lively would crouch down as she walked away.
At a personal appearance for a screening, Robyn Lively spoke during the Q&A session about how the scene where she and Zelda Rubinstein sit in one another's laps was filmed after lunch and Zelda had terrible breath at the time which made it difficult for Robyn to keep a straight face (unbeknownst to Robyn, Zelda was in the audience at the same screening).
Louise's past life name is "Modesty Miller".
Robyn makes her date David disappear and he never comes back throughout the whole movie.
At a personal appearance during a screening of the film, Mandy Ingber (who played Polly) admitted to the audience she had an 'attitude problem' on the set because (as she put it) she felt 'the director had no idea what he was doing'. She also explained that her infamous 'Top That' number was not in the original script and was filmed during a re-shoot. Mandy has since become a yoga instructor, has written a NY Times best-seller on yoga and counts Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence and Brooke Shields among her clients.
According to Robyn Lively during an interview at the screening of Teen Witch at San Francisco's Sketch Fest (2016), the interior of Madam Serena's house was filmed on a sound stage. So, whenever she exits the front of the house, she had to imitate the motion of walking down the steps.
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Ellen DeGeneres was considered to play a high-school teacher.
As of late 2009, Ashley Tisdale has been attached to a remake of "Teen Witch" playing the title role. Ashley Tisdale commented in 2010 saying they were expecting to start filming late that year but still, as of 2012 no word on the project or its future.
One of the first films to change teenagers' choice in music from rock to rap.
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Caron Kaye is married to a Chinese man.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Near the end of the movie, the character Kiki accidentally breaks her leg. 10 minutes later she shows up at the dance, just fine.
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