Tango & Cash (1989) Poster


Plot Keywords

prison escape
framed fbi
lawyer detective
torture police shootout
drug baron drug cartel
cartel cult film
police helicopter cistern
helicopter chase helicopter
name in title battle
disarming someone opening action scene
karate kick karate chop
wearing a sound wire los angeles california
security camera surveillance
cockney accent triad
gangster machine gun
shotgun prison warden
prison guard psychopath
prisoner corpse
judge newspaper headline
bare chested male slinky
racial slur ethnic slur
machismo hit with a baseball bat
baseball bat mouse
tape recorder carjacking
body landing on a car jumping through a window
parking garage interrogation
police detective police captain
police station fat man
chase flatulence
drug dealer drug lord
cocaine pump action shotgun
chinaman asian man
set up punched in the ribs
punched in the stomach punched in the face
eyeglasses unsubtitled foreign language
dual role pistol
shot in the back shot in the arm
shot in the chest shot in the head
police brutality hitman
tank handcuffs
prison cell massage
tanker prison break
m 16 car chase
armored car uzi
gunfight gadget
tough cop courtroom
karate martial arts
fistfight brawl
prison fight prison brawl
reference to rambo semiautomatic pistol
revolver gunslinger
two man army buddy comedy
dark comedy tough guy
blood spatter blood
violence shootout
action hero hero
critically bashed undressing
shower bare breasts
exploding building female nudity
male nudity locker room
electrocution bare butt
strip club explosion
car bomb cop in prison
timebomb straight razor
shot in the forehead hand grenade
gatling gun crime boss
brother sister relationship aquarium
lasersight organized crime
police gender disguise
buddy cop cross dresser
title spoken by character character name in title

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