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Tale of two bitches
teadm5 February 2001
This is the kind of movie that gives independent filmmaking a bad name. An amateurish, pretentious mess mixing angsty drama a la Bergman and surrealistic imagery a la Fellini (my apologies to the masters for mentioning them here). We are asked to sit through 90 minutes of two uninteresting, very nasty sisters talking their heads off about their unhappy childhood caused by their very creepy, comic book parents. Every recrimination cliche is thrown in, and the surreal asides do absolutely nothing but bring needless and meaningless visual chaos to the film. The film just sort of expires at the end, having run completely out of gas. A true endurance test.
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Not a dream, a nightmare.
billgarlic31 August 2000
This movie is completely unscripted except for the "poetry" of Charlie Sheen. This movie will also make you thankful for screenwriters as well as kill an hour and a half of your life that you can never get back. Avoid.
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Phnx93024 January 2001
Claudia Christian is always awesome, but this movie is more than a little disturbing.

But I expected that...From the images I see on the box and from what I've heard about Adam Rifkin (not to mention Charlie Sheen, upon whose poetry the film was based), I was actually afraid to watch the film!

But I'm glad I did. True...parts of the film are disturbing, frightening, and very, VERY nasty...

However, if you can get past all that, it was very well done.

What's AWESOME is that it was all improvised. They actresses were given a basic idea and maybe a little bit of character profile and they made up the rest! Knowing that, as you watch the film, you'll see it is highly impressive.

And of course, you will see for yourself that Claudia Christian IS AWESOME!!!
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