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53 out of 71 people found the following review useful:

God Called He Wants Out Of Your Movie: It Sucks!!

Author: garthbarnes-83945 from United States
28 June 2015

Spoilers Ahead:

What do the scenes on earth mean? Why are they there? Well, Kirk is wearing a girdle and a really bad hairpiece so we have to suffer through the requisite Adlerian male compensation scene; you know I may be as old as God but I can climb mountains with my bare hands. This is supposed to let us know he still packs the gear. Boring. Then we are treated to the sing a long from hell; this is here to dispel all the plethora of rumors that the crew hated his guts and will not be seen with him. Now you know why he wanted to direct so badly don't you. Then we are treated to THE PRINCE OF TIDES; THE SPACE YEARS guest starring Sybok as the most annoying, bad acting therapist from hell. The interminable journey to meet the deity who has probably nodded off at this point. It is his ship, he doesn't know how anything works. The dialog puts the B in badly written. Unfunny humor on the level of the three stooges; action scenes that are boring and badly photographed. Hey, it gets worse.

The dance of the seven veils by the geriatric, corpulent Uhura who last had a hot body when Richard Nixon was in the white house. No, that would not have distracted them; they would have vomited. We only see her legs, thanks for that much, I have seen too much already. Why is it dark as night in Lionwoman's lair? Why can't we see anything going on? Is this guy the worst director in the history of talking pictures? The byplay between Spock and Sybok is not funny; it is stupid and unrealistic. See, when you fight people and mutual deaths occur, they do not stop and have a chat with you. Can you tell these people know as much about real battle as they do about fornicating, to quote Patton? The film shows to all aspiring filmmakers the craft of directing and why it is such a powerful role: Shatner does nothing right, bad acting, photography, editing, and pacing. Make no mistake, if this had a competent director it would not be half this bad with a capable person overseeing the horrible script.

The meeting God scene is beyond bad; 2001 called they want their imagery back. A powerful alien that cannot even kill one of the crew? I know, I was disappointed also. Yes, oh he looked scary, I was shaking. The token Klingon who has to be publicly castrated on the alter of Kirk's manliness. His whole existence is predicated on defeating the great and powerful Jim Kirk. You get the picture, somebody has a bit of an ego problem; the whole universe is rotating about James Tiberius Kirk. Get some therapy. WORSE THAN SLOW STRANGULATION.

"Fools who imagine the rascalities of imbeciles on earth effect the motion of the planets." Nietzsche

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81 out of 144 people found the following review useful:

This film is not as bad as they say.

Author: Eric Smith from Atlanta, GA
26 October 2004

I've never figured out why ST V gets so much criticism. It's really not that bad, if you're a true trekkie. First off, sure the effects are a little low-fi...but so were the TOS episodes. I don't know about you, but I care more about story than effects. The main reason that I like this film because it's very episodic in nature. If you are a fan of the original Star Trek series, sit down and watch this movie as if you were watching one of the original episodes and it will be much more enjoyable. For one, it starts out like an episode with a prologue before the opening credits start. Secondly, the theme music for the movie is similar to that of the original series. Third, there are some lines from the film that sound like they would be right out of one of the older episodes. Lastly, this movie is loosely based on the storyline of an original episode. Ironically, the episode that it's based on is one of the TOS worst episodes: The Way the Eden. If you've seen The Way to Eden, the actual plot of the episode is not bad, it's just the hippie stuff that makes it so awful. This film kildly leaves out the awful hippie music of the original episode and focuses solely on the plot instead. I often wonder if Shatner wrote this film to make up for how bad The Way to Eden was. So, to sum up, watch this movie as you would watch an old episode and you'll enjoy it much more.

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58 out of 101 people found the following review useful:

Poor Story Redeemed by Character Moments

Author: Brian Wolters from Cabot, Arkansas
4 January 2005

Star Trek V ranks at or near the bottom of the Trek films for most fans and casual viewers. And upon viewing this on its special edition DVD, my opinion has not changed. This is a film that tries hard but ultimately fails due to poor plotting, sub-par special effects and poor character development. The movie opens with probably the best scene in the film, where you meet Sybok and learn a little about his quest. The visuals alone in the opening shots are very impressive. Then, slowly, scene by scene, the movie falls apart. Yes, there are a few peaks in there, which I will discuss later, but overall, the idea of a "God Like Being" in the center of our galaxy, it just so illogical.

The movie has a lot of embarrassing and just plan bad moments. The first of which is the meeting of three characters who represent the "Planet of Galactic Peace." However, their intro is rushed and these characters are not given any depth at all. Why introduce us to these "important" characters if they care not going to be used in any meaningful (maybe one of them at the end) plot point at all? The direction by William Shatner also seems very uneven. Take the scene with Scotty and Uhura on the bridge. There is a very awkward moment of silence after their main dialogue is over. And the mugging Shatner does when McCoy makes very awkward comments to Spock's story about Sybok is just out of place. And add to that a semi-naked Uhura and Scotty hitting his head for a "Three Stooges" laugh and you begin to sink in your chair. The Klingon plot seems tacked on just to add depth to the story. And by the time we see where the movie is going, we just feel very disappointed and underwhelmed.

That said, I can't help but enjoy the wealth of good character moments in the film. I for one liked the campfire scene and the attempts of deep philosophy about old age and death. I also liked exploring the "pain" of McCoy and Spock and Kirk's insistence that he "needs his pain." While most of the humor was forced and bad, the best had to be the "I could use a shower" scene, which is one of the biggest laughs in all of the Trek films. There were many moments of good direction by Shatner, especially in McCoy's "pain scene." I do sympathize with Shatner a little, when listening to the commentary track, about how this was cut and that was cut but I still think on a whole, this movie was doomed to fail.

The DVD's picture is sharp and the sound is excellent. The extras are quite good but I would have liked more insight as to what went wrong with the film besides tight schedule and budget. Shatner's commentary with his daughter is good but has too many quiet moments. Check out the hidden and brief "comic reel."

At this point in time, I do rank Star Trek V above Nemesis, mainly due to that movie's bad continuity issues but just barely. Still, it is Star Trek and if you like the characters, just sit back, don't expect much and enjoy the show.

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37 out of 60 people found the following review useful:

This movie is aging well - worth a look for a 2nd look

Author: amalfitano1 from United States
17 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS -- There is no shortage of people complaining about this film, but ST5 is a charmer for one simple reason - it is best-ever rendering of the Kirk, Spock and McCoy partnership the series ever produced.

Trekkie's generally see the movie as the stepchild of the series, and even the Trek establishment writes it off as non-canonical. Many complain that the movie distorts the characters, or exploits them for humor. To them I'd say the movie offers some of the deepest moments in the relationships between Kirk, Spock and McCoy that the series ever had. THIS SHOULD BE STRESSED, in this chapter the three likely have more scenes together than they ever had anywhere else. Not every moment works, but together they grapple with betrayal, joy, doubt, loss. They do it with friendship, camaraderie, heroism and joy that justly makes them one of the most memorable pop-culture phenomena ever. (I do pity the rest of the original cast, most of whom have at least one unenviable scene.)

It's great to return to this film and see these guys doing what they do best - long after they retired from the roles. Shatner and Paramount may have bungled a few things here, but I forgive them, because the three leads hit all the right notes. Give it a fair shot and see for yourself.

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58 out of 105 people found the following review useful:

Everything you've heard is true - unfortunately

Author: Lupercali from Tasmania
30 August 2002

I like underdogs. So, 12 years after having first seen Star Trek V, and thinking it was bizarrely bad, I gave it a second watch, hoping I would find some redeeming quality which I missed the first time around.

I didn't.

The writing is half-baked, and although at first the quality of the acting is stable enough to keep the movie on its feet (albeit shakily), the further we get into the plot the sillier it gets. The last quarter of the film is just plain ridiculous. What was even worse, from the original cast's POV, is that this was the first ST movie to be released AFTER the franchise returned to television with Next Generation, and the average episode of Next Generation would put this to shame* - including the special effects! What an embarrassment.

The Final Frontier isn't thoroughly wretched - I gave it 4 out of 10 - but it's so far below the standard of its predecessors (yes, including the first one) that the only reason I can think of to watch it is because you'll appreciate the other movies more.

* unless it's an episode with Troi's mother in it.

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33 out of 57 people found the following review useful:

Seems a lot better now than when it was released

Author: Martin Doege ( from Boulder, CO
10 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*** Minor spoilers ahead ***

When I saw this movie for the first time, I thought that the plot was hokey, the special effects were ugly, and that the movie had a somewhat abrupt ending. And turning Kirk into a free climbing enthusiast fit neither Kirk's character as depicted in the original series nor Shatner's rotund physique. A lot of people called this the worst Star Trek movie of them all and I was ready to believe them at the time.

Having watched this again a few hours ago, I have to say this is a lot more enjoyable than I remembered, even if my original criticisms about the movie are still valid. But the film does contain a few scenes that are visually imaginative (such as the assault on Paradise City, Spock's jet boots, or the sequence around McCoy's inner pain), does feature some great acting (whatever happened to Larry Luckinbill after this?), and that it does capture that spirit of genuine excitement about going to new places and facing the unknown that used to be such an important motive in Star Trek and that is so painfully lacking from some of the later movies.

As for the slapstick humor, which was not so well received originally (to say the least), I can only observe that between 1989 and now some of the Next Generation installments like "Star Trek: Nemesis" have shown what really embarrassing humor in Star Trek movies looks like, so the moments of comic relief in "The Final Frontier" seem positively uproarious in comparison. Most of the jokes are character-based here, and even if some of the characters come off as a little stupid (Chekov and Sulu getting lost, Scotty bumping his head on a beam, etc.) the humor is never as unfunny as the Data jokes from the NG movies. This movie must have lost its claim to "worst Star Trek movie ever" a long time ago, but apparently no one took notice.

But most importantly, this movie is not really so much about Sybok's quest for Sha-Ka-Ree, as it is about the Kirk-Spock-McCoy relationship and the way it is challenged by the presence of an outsider (Sybok). And that is what really makes this movie compelling, if not exactly great. Never in the original series nor in the other movies has their relationship been studied as closely and with as much heart.

So it is probably a good idea not to pay too much attention to the contrived action elements of the movie like the Klingon ship and instead watch this more like a romance. All things considered, this movie, while it may not be a classic, is one of the worthier additions to the Star Trek universe.

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26 out of 44 people found the following review useful:

Shatner Versus God. Shatner Wins...

Author: prichards12345 from United Kingdom
2 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Welcome to the Plan 9 From Outer Space of Star Trek movies. Come on, trekkers, admit it. This movie is so bad, so staggeringly inept in every department, it's become something of a classic.

The Shat gives the worst performance ever committed to celluloid. "BOONES! Hi, Bones" Brilliant! This isn't just Ham - it's several large pig farms in Kentucky!

The "Special" Effects. Should be done under the trade descriptions act for using such a term. The Enterprise is a moving piece of cardboard in this film. Really! Even the Star Trek TV show had better.

Bones, Spock and The Shat sing! Yeah, Spock sings Row Row Row Your Boat. After struggling over the meaning of the words!!!! "Capt. Life is Not A Dream" Poor Leonard Nimoy, he must really want to strangle Shatner for this. Could The Shat not have given us his rendition of Mr. Tambourine Man, or harmonised with Nimoy on Ballad of Bilbo Baggins? Sorely disappointed.

A Sean Connery look-a-like plays Spock's half-brother. Only cos they couldn't get Sean Connery! Uhura does a fan dance! That would have been sexy in 1966. In 1989 it's like watching your drunk granny embarrass herself at a Christmas Party. Much amusement from watching Spock neck-pinch a horse...

Cat Woman/Tina Turner Jumps on Shatner's back! Shat twirls her around a few times like a WWF Wrestler, and chucks her off. Yayy The Shat! He shows his respect for alien life forms by leaving her face down in a pool of water. Nice one! Seems Connery 2.0 was a bit of a Vulcan rebel. Which explains why Spock hasn't previously mentioned him in 79 t.v episodes and 4 movies. McCoy apparently mercy-killed his Dad, BUT AFTERWARDS THEY FOUND A CURE. Tell me this isn't hysterically funny.

The 11 deck Enterprise suddenly grows another 400 decks for an escape sequence in an elevator shaft. The Enterprise breaches the galactic barrier, which has mysteriously moved from the edge to the centre of the galaxy (see Where No Man Has Gone Before). Still, that's only about 50,000 light years... Shatner meets God! Or what purports to be God, but I assume is really some kind of alien being. God looks a bit like Charlton Heston in The 10 Commandments. Sean Connery MK II calls on God to share his pain, and promptly dies. Or something. God punishes the Shat for questioning his identity. So Spock kills God with a photon torpedo. I'd love to know what Jehovah's Witnesses made of this scene.

The Shat, having killed God, promptly goes back to his sing-song with Spock and Bones. Altogether now, Row Row Row Your Boat.....

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7 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Extremely Underrated

Author: dipanagi-683-2128
2 June 2014

I cannot understand how is it possible for people who call themselves Star Trek fans, not to like this film. Even more I can't understand how is it possible for the previous movie to have better ratings.

The voyage home could have been any other light movie for people who don't like to think what they've just seen... Not for Star Trek fans. The final frontier movie was about all the stuff that made TOS so special. I know it's not Free Willy but if it was I would rate it with a 7 not a 9. As I did with Star Trek IV which was just an enjoyable movie.

Star Trek was always about the story. A story that would give you a glimpse to a possible future and make you think about philosophical matters such as life, friendship, god, racism and others.

If this is why you watch Star Trek I believe you will enjoy this film.

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

great metaphors

Author: mwjjsksors from Austria
7 December 2014

... I like how the actors enjoy their show .... Some great jokes inside... Needs a philosophic open mind to go with the story .... Is for star trek fans. Metaphores of the rise and fall of a Guru - but this one takes responsibility (in a way) ... ...on the other hand it is again the kirk- way shoot and the problem is gone ... But it never was kirk all alone... Here we see the family-enterprise ... And UHURA....hurra Do not expect too much action - but there is enough in it! My intentio? ;-) Pumping up the vote over 6? I... hate votings ... I will enjoy the film - again - and it is nice to watch with friends and fans - that is my vote.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

One of the greats

Author: Paul Burnett from Ottawa, Canada
1 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a big fan of the Star Trek franchise and I consider the Final Frontier to be the best of the films. I really like the idea of characters and superpowers never previously used in Star Trek to be vital to the plot. Giving Spock a long lost brother with superpowers was an awesome idea and doesn't ruin the movie at all. This film is amazing considering William Shatner, the greatest actor of all time, was responsible for acting and directing this movie. It was also Shatner's idea to the crew of the hijacked Enterprise to search for God; a topic that places this film above the rest. This is the best movie you will ever watch, and you will appreciate it ever more if you are already a Trekkie.

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