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When the film received its British terrestrial television debut, the BBC edited the famous "You afraid I want to try and make f*** with you" exchange between Costas and Shirley, substituting the profanity for the word "love" and effectively ruining one of the funniest moments in the film (Dougie's reaction to the juicy dialogue). Several people complained, and the next time the BBC showed the film, the bad language was left intact.
In the theatrical release version, when she is talking about her husbands views on sex she says "But it doesn't go as well as the Ford Cortina", however in the version that was premiered on the BBC this line was dubbed to "but it doesn't go as well as the Ford Escort". Presumably this had something to do with product placement in that at the time the film was shown the Ford Escort was still being made whereas the Cortina ceased production in about 1983.
The U.S. version of this movie has several alterations made to the soundtrack, where some British expressions are replaced with more "American" ones. "Nut rissole hound" becomes "veggie burger hound", "suspenders" becomes "garter belts", "Ford Cortina" becomes "Ford Escort", and "MFI" becomes "K-Mart." This version was mistakenly released on DVD in the UK in November 2004. The previous PAL VHS version contains the correct, unlooped soundtrack.

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