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Free Flick of the Day: See No Evil, Hear No Evil

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Without a doubt, one of the greatest comedic pairings of all time was Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. Stir Crazy, Silver Streak, Another You ... each had its charm, ranging from the story of a runaway train to a comedy directed by one Sidney Poitier. But my favorite has always been See No Evil, Hear No Evil -- a ridiculously plotted ball of laughs that allowed Wilder and Pryor to be their perfect -- and ultimate -- dysfunctional duo selves.

The film revolves around an unlikely friendship between a blind man named Wally (Pryor) and a deaf man named Dave (Wilder). They meet, become friends, and then find themselves embroiled in a messy murder. The cops don't believe them, and the crooks want them dead. Innocent yet desperate bystanders, they set out to stay alive and bring the bad guys to justice -- one of whom just so happens to be Kevin Spacey.
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Costume Designer Coffey Found Dead

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Hollywood costume designer Arlene Coffey and her son have been found dead in her New York apartment in an apparent murder-suicide, according to police.

Coffey, 73 - who had worked on hit TV show The Sopranos - was discovered in her bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head on Sunday.

The body of her 53-year-old son David Coffey was reportedly discovered in another bedroom. He had a bullet wound to his head and a gun in his hand.

The pair had shared the Union Square apartment for the past 50 years.

It is believed the bodies were found by the son of the building's superintendent, Carlos Flores, after he was unable to reach the occupants by phone.

According to the building's owner, Noah Osnas, no one reported hearing gunshots.

A low-calibre gun with two shell casings was found at the scene.

Arlene Coffey's credits as a Hollywood costume designer include The Sopranos and 1980s films The Cotton Club and Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder drama See No Evil, Hear No Evil.

Coffey, the widow of well-known cinematographer Joseph Coffey, was known to be battling cancer.

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