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Howard Lipstone, TV Producer, Partner of Alan Landsburg, Dies at 87

Longtime TV executive Howard H. Lipstone, whose career spanned five decades in the industry, died in Los Angeles on August 24 from the effects of a recent stroke. He was 87.

Lipstone, along with his business partner Alan Landsburg, founded Alan Landsburg Productions in 1970, and the company played an important role in the development of early “reality” programming and the socially conscious made-for-tv movies and miniseries genre in the 1970s and ’80s.

As president and executive in charge of production at Alan Landsburg Productions, Lipstone guided such projects as “Adam,” the true story of missing child Adam Walsh, whose kidnapping and murder spurred the establishment of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; “The Ryan White Story,” which spotlighted AIDS and the reality of its impact on society; and “Bill,” the story of an intellectually disabled man that garnered star Mickey Rooney a Golden Globe. Other well-received telepics included “A Stoning in Fulham County
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News: World AIDS Day 2010

Judith Light: I had to get involved

"The moment it all gelled for me was when I was filming The Ryan White Story and I heard Ryan being interviewed on the set. The woman interviewing him asked him what it was like for him when people found out he had AIDS and he said, 'Well, it was pretty hard. People were really mean to me. They would spit at me sometimes and call me a faggot.' I stood there listening to him and I had an epiphany. I said to myself, 'That is everything right there in that statement. That is Ryan. And that is my friends. And that is my family. And that is this country.'

"And I knew in that moment that I had to get involved and start talking about it all and this was the way I could use my fame for something other than just myself.
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