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Alternate Versions

The 18-rated German Video-Release is cut by two scenes. The first cut was made at the torture scene not showing a needle stab in the neck of the victim. The second cut was made, where Dolph Lundgren shoots off the arm of the cuban soldier
The U.K. VHS, French VHS & Laserdisc, and the Japanese VHS, Laserdisc and DVD contain the "Uncut" version with the'Flamethrower' scene included.
The Australian, Korean, German, UK and US DVD all lack the scene, where the Russian soldiers are burning down part of a village with flamethrowers. This scene comes right after the choppers drop the poisonous liquid on the rebels.
The theatrical release (in France likely other territories) was shortened by 12 minutes in the last reels. After the needle torture scene and Nikolai escapes, his struggling into the desert is missing, then a lot of scenes with the bushmen tribe are missing notably the healing scene, the flame thrower scene, and then Nikolai and Gao getting to know each other so it cuts directly to the gift of sandals (which makes little sense). All those scenes were restored on the VHS and laserdisc releases.
The Dutch, German, UK, and US Blu-ray editions feature the 105 minutes uncut version in widescreen.

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