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Alternate Versions

Several scenes of extreme graphic violence had to be trimmed/cut in order to get an R-rating in America.
The following scenes were trimmed for an "R" Rating:
  • A scene were the phantom skins Joseph the stagehand.

  • The scene were the Phantom kills the three thieves was quite a bit longer. When the Phantom attacks the second theft, he cuts of his head with a knife, the original scene showed the knife being stabbed into the theft's neck and cutting it completly off. But it was trimmed to show Mott's expresion and then shows the phantom holding the head and trowing it at Mott.

  • Harrison's death in the sauna room was quite a bit more violent. Originally The Phantom puts a towel around his face and squeezes it tightly and shows a close up shot of the bones in Harrison's face breaking and blood sporing through the towel and then showing the Phantom throwing his body aganist a burning water heater without the towel around his face and showing has broken face burning on the heater. It was trimmed for being a bit to violent and The water heater seemed for a death scene. This was replaced by showing Harrison being thrown aganist the wall and then sliding down with the towel still wrapped around his face.

  • Carlotta's death scene was cut.

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