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Index 16 reviews in total 

10 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Ignore the title, go watch it.

Author: twisted_sista
25 July 2002

Dont be put off this film by the star rating or the tacky movie title. I collect 80s B- movie classics and i quite enjoyed this movie. Its about a girl who starts a new job in a mall and is still traumatised over the death of her boyfriend(Eric)and evidence keeps on showing up that makes her believe he may still be alive. He protects her when she is in danger, and goes on a murderous rampage. The Fx arent fantastic but the story is quite interesting and the acting is reasonable, (ive seen worse). So if you can find a copy catch it if you can!

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8 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

You don't like it, you only paid 1.50 for rental anyway. Stop wasting your lives moaning.

Author: Zombified_660 from United Kingdom
25 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I realise many people dislike this movie. Why I ask, do people who obviously have a deep distaste for gory, daft as a brush slacker-horror movies keep renting them out? You all must be a tad masochistic. Eric's Revenge won't have anyone reconsidering where they put Seven Samurai on their 'greatest movies' list, but it's a good bit of dumb fun all the same. I must also point out it's a ton more enjoyable than any of the more 'authentic' (for that read pretentious and pompous) adaptations of the Phantom of the Opera.

If you're a horror aficionado then when you're watching a 'midnite-movie' like this you want a bunch of things. You want a few shocks here and there, some entertainingly OTT gore shots, and a lot of really dumb people about to walk into a sharp pointy death. Eric's Revenge delivers on all these fronts, and damn if it doesn't try and work in a half-decent plot in there. Eric's Revenge manages to at least shake things up a little with it's 'Hideous protector of justice gone mad' plot line, even if it is half Toxic Avenger half Maniac Cop. Bottom line is, it's silly, and it's supposed to be that way, so get of your high horse.

Eric's Revenge is a cheesy, violent late night B Movie, nothing more, nothing less. It's not meaningful, it isn't politically correct, and at one point someone's eyes explode out of their head. It's much better for it too. I had a damn good laugh, and wasn't bored at any point. So there.

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6 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

A perfect melding of Phantom of the Opera and The Wraith

Author: scurvydog84 from Chicago, IL
17 July 2000

One of the cornerstones of low-budget cinema is taking a well-known, classic storyline and making a complete bastardization out of it. Phantom of the Mall is no exception to this rule. The screenwriter takes the enduring Phantom of the Opera storyline and moves it into a late '80s shopping mall. However, the "Phantom's" goal now is simply to get revenge upon those responsible for disfiguring his face and murdering his family. The special effects do provide a good chuckle, especially when body parts begin appearing in dishes from the yogurt stand. Pauly Shore has a small role which does not allow him to be as fully obnoxious as one would expect, mostly due to the fact that his fifteen minutes of MTV fame had not yet arrived. If you're looking for a few good laughs at the expense of the actors and special effects crew, check this flick out. Otherwise, keep on looking for something else.

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8 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Some Great Shots of Sherman Oaks Galleria

Author: ScorpioEddie84 from United States
11 April 2006

This movie isn't the best flick out there obviously, but it has some good points in my opinion. It's filmed inside the original Sherman Oaks Galleria, which was a really pretty mall...but not brand new as the movie plot suggested. The music is good in this movie too...that mystery love song played a couple of times in the film was so pretty. Plus some good-looking actors and a romantic (well most of it anyway) love scene makes for some good points in this otherwise forgettable movie. I rated it a "7" because this movie truly is one of my favorites for reasons I listed above. Great plot!

One of my favorite quotes from the movie is: "you don't have a prayer a*****e, I'm calling security." -The scene with Melody's best friend being harassed by Justin Posner while she worked inside real-store "Windsor Fashions".

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

You'll be surprised how good this is.

Author: The Yeti from mt Everest
19 October 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

'Phantom of the mall'. Okay, i'll see what it's like. Hey, that was pretty good. These were my words when I saw this good movie. The acting isn't up to much but the brilliant killings and loads of action make up for it! There are car chases and explosions! The story is really just an inspiration from the 'Phantom of the Opera'. Eric Matthews is the Phantom who is in the mall. Quite obvious hey? He tries to tell his girlfriend that he is still alive by leaving messages all over the mall. Suzie and her friends soon start to believe it but Suzie turns the Phantom down and chaos ensues. It has some good intensity and laughs but really it is good overall. 7 out of 10.'Spoiler'= Watch out for the scene where the Phantom throws Morgan Fairchild through the mall window about 3 floors up!

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7 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

"Is there a Phantom of Mall?" Folks are bound to ask! "Is He the Phantom of them all, or just some Retard in a broken Hockey Mask!"

Author: ross harrison ( from Ottawa, Canada
22 November 1999

Though I suppose it would be well possible to make a better movie about a shopping mall version of the Phantom of the opera, to the best of my knowledge no one ever has. Unless you count "Gremlins 2: The New Batch", on account of the fact that it featured a Phantom themed Gremlin. I don't count this though, so let's move on. Not only is "P.O.M" (as I shall now call it) the best movie ever to place the Phantom in a mall, but it is also the greatest (IE: only tolerable) Polly Shore movie ever made. This movie being made in 1988 before Polly Shore was famous enough to be allowed to act like Polly Shore in a film. Another nice touch is the fact that the front doors of the Mall are labelled "Mall Entrance." Really I though they were the entrance to something other than the building they're attached to like the magical world Narnia or something. Anyway the real draw of this film is it awesome musical theme. It's reminiscent of a better day when almost all movies had a rock'n song about their plot at the end, under Hollywood's "well it worked for Ghostbusters" policy. The song boldly dares to use such controversial terms as "Boobs" and "Retard". Point being if your not doing something productive to uplift the human spirt (which if you're reading my review on "The Phantom of the Mall" you and I both know you aren't) rent and watch this hidden jewel of cinema and make Mr. Polly "The Free World's Punching Bag" Shore a couple pennies richer. Go ahead, I dare ya!

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

A Slasher guy with mighty Kung-Fu.

Author: Greenzombidog from United Kingdom
21 March 2011

OK, first of all this is pure unadulterated 80's cheese. The shoulder pads are massive, the hair is massiver ( is that a word? ) and the fashions are gross. The plot is ludicrous, Eric's house was burnt down and they built a mall in it's place. So like some homeless ghoul with a vocoder ( you'll know what I mean when you hear his voice ) he haunts the mall. The movie has some great kills a car chase and explosions. There's a bad guy that looks like George Michael from the Faith video. Morgan Fairchild is in it how 80's is that. A few highlights are Eric takes one guy out with a series of roundhouse kicks and he lasso's a guy. The girl in peril has so many dream sequences she may be narcoleptic, each one is accompanied buy the same power ballad. Unfortunately Pauly Shore is in this movie, but he isn't doing that annoying voice that he started doing later in his career. Joy of joys, after the thrilling climax there is a song on the credit sequence about the film. Great fun. I loved it.

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80s Horror for Teen girls

Author: Cocoa_Butter77 from United States
5 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With a name and premise that parodies the classic Phantom of the Opera, a classic novel, originally written as a serialization by Gaston Leroux in 1909, and made into a classic movie staring Lon Chaney in 1925 and into a classic musical by Andrew Llyod Webber in 1986, Phantom of the Mall is not a classic in 80s cheesiness. It is a romantic horror aimed at teen girls and very dated.

The premise is that a young man named Eric, who was partly burned in his house during a fire while helping his girl friend out the window by an evil mall developer's (to build a mall in the space) henchman, is some how living under the mall watching his girlfriend and her friends through security televisions. When somebody wrongs his girlfriend or her friend, he kills them and plots his revenge on those who burned down his house and disfigured him, and supposedly killed his parents in their sleep, although it's only mentioned at the flashback scene when the house is burning down, it's never mentioned again.

Somehow nobody knows that he's down there. At the beginning, when one guard sees him, and for some odd reason gets right up in his face when he's standing still, he gets murdered. So, people who do see him get killed I suppose? He kills one guy on an escalator, the mall owner's punk son, even though the mall seems to still be open, or people are just leaving. Yet nobody sees it? Anyway, his girlfriend Melody, who is still grieving over his death, is now working at the mall, which is over the same land that Eric's house stood. He puts the same kind of flowers that he gave her when she knew he was alive in her locker and gives her old gifts that they shared and plays their music on the jukebox. This lets Melody know that he's still alive.

There's a reporter, Peter Baldwin, investigating Melody's story who she develops the hots for. She tells him that she saw the guy who burned down Eric's house and that he had a dangling earring with a medal at the end. The guy was such a scumbag that he came up to her as she was lying in the grass in Eric's yard, after Eric helped her out the second floor window of his room, and stands over top her with out a mask or anything. He was now working at that very mall as a security guard, after Eric offed two other guards and dropped on of their bodies in the mall owners office. The henchman/guard,has greased back hair, that cements his scum bagginess if you didn't know if he was one or not.

Peter ends up identifying the culprit from his dangling earring, that he's still wearing. He attempts to conspicuously take his picture in a Sam Goody store within the mall, through a wall mirror. The no good scumbag guy hears the click of his camera and chases Peter in a sort of silly chase scene. As he chases him, we see that the guy is such a scumbag that he pushes over a baby carriage with a baby inside.

Melody and Peter find out for certain that Eric is still alive after they exhume his empty grave, which I guess nobody who prepared for his burial noticed. After they find this out, Melody goes back home, has a dream she's having sex with Eric, then Peter, but then is wake up when he becomes scumbag in her dream and I guess says what I take is his catchphrase. When she's up, she goes back to her job as a waitress at one of the mall's restaurants, there she sees scumbag sitting at one of the booths. She runs to call Peter, the guy chases her down to the basement, where Eric opens up a can of whoop-ass on him, and beheads him under a freight lift door. He takes Melody back to his lair where he's been working out and has dresses for her. Melody's happy to see him at first, or is just humoring him, because she doesn't want to stay with him anyway. Eric tells her he plans on blowing up the entire mall and he tries to keep her back with him. He then goes to prepare his revenge.

Peter hears Eric run by, and goes looking for Melody in the vents. Peter finds her in Eric's special place, Eric tries to fight him, but Melody tells Eric to stop because she loves Peter. They end up getting away to tell the mayor Morgan Fairchild, who is attending the big mall event. She pulls out a gun and tells them to move it, because this is just too big for her. How dare they warn her about a bomb and make her lose money! She winds up impaled. Eric runs into main a**hole mall developer, and fires him with a blow torch that makes him fall back into propane cans right before the mall blows up. Afterwards Melody and Peter talk lovey-dovey to each other, and are surprisingly nonchalant about the situation.

So, if you read this far, you would notice that this movie was just one giant plot hole after another. A movie that is an update of sorts to the Phantom of the Opera that takes place in the mall could have only been made in the eighties or early 90s.

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A really bad contemporaneous version of Phantom of The Opera, but undeniably a hoot at times

Author: callanvass from victoria b.c canada
14 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Melody's (Kari Whitman) boyfriend Eric (Derek Rydall) has ostensibly passed away due to a tragic incident involving a crazed maniac who burns down Eric's house, since they want to build a mall over it. Melody doesn't realize that Eric is still very much alive, hiding underneath the mall, only badly burned, and killing anyone who gets in Melody's path.

I liked this movie for what it was. It's an extremely bad movie, don't get me wrong, but it's just fun cheese. Let me get some reasons out of the way, as to why I enjoyed this. Eric is as strong as an ox, and he has martial art skills to boot. It also has hilariously cheap effects, and a corny score, whenever we are shown romantic, flashback scenes of Eric & Melody. It does get a little too neat for its own good in the second half, where they try to tie up all the loose ends, and I had trouble buying it. But with a movie that has a solid pace, a lot of cheesy fun, I couldn't help but have some fun with it, even though it really shouldn't be classified as a slasher. There are elements of a slasher, but it's more of a revenge type picture. Kari Whitman is probably the best of the lot. She does show flashes of decent acting. Rob Esters (Peter Baldwin) plays a hunky love interest. Males will groan at his wooden performance, whilst chicks will most likely dig him. Derek Rydall is laughably hammy as Eric. He talks in this raspy voice, and feels all vindicated, even after trying to kill innocent people. Ken Foree is sadly wasted with complete buffoonery in his role as a security guard. I did like seeing him, though. Morgan Fairchild is sexy and enticing to watch when she was on screen, but I was disappointed where her character headed in the second half. All in all, it's a fun, cheesy flick. If you don't take it seriously, and ignore all the flaws, you might have an OK time.


Was the above review useful to you?

Trashy B-Movie Fun

Author: acidburn-10 from United Kingdom
30 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember buying this movie on video when I was kid after seeing the creepy melted man's face on the cover and the fact that the movie is call "Phantom Of The Mall" seemed like fun, as I was easy to please back when I was a kid, and now viewing this movie as an adult, well I can say that I still think this movie is still fun.

The plot revolves around a guy who is badly scarred after a fire that burned down his house, because these people wanted to build the mall on his property and killing him in the process, or so they thought, no instead he's not dead he's living underneath the mall plotting his revenge on the people who made him that way and in the meantime still pine for his ex-girlfriend, very Phantom of the Opera.

This movie is cheesy throughout with some interesting kills like a cobra in a bathroom stall, head pushed a fan, a security guard electrocuted until eyeballs pop out and a woman thrown through a window and landing on a spike and plus some familiar faces namely Pauly Shore and a very sexy Morgan Fairchild chewing the scenery and meeting a very sticky ending. But this movie is well paced and a decently made Slasher and plenty of action packed scenes, this movie never gets boring but does become silly at times.

All in all a fun way to waste time, but can be forgettable after you first watch it, not one of the best but not one of the worst either.

Was the above review useful to you?

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