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Martha Plimpton plays the older sister of Joaquin Phoenix. In real life, she dated his older brother River Phoenix for nearly five years.
This movie was made into two different television series: "Parenthood," which starred Ed Begley Jr., Jayne Atkinson, and a young Leonardo DiCaprio and was canceled after only 12 episodes in 1990; and "Parenthood," starring Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, and Dax Shepard, and which started in 2010 (and is still on the air as of November 2012).
The film grossed just under $100 million during the original run in theaters. Several years later, the project was rereleased into theaters so it could be logged officially as earning $100 million.
The redhead girl in the audience at the play is Ron Howard's daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard.
In the scene where Gil and Karen are going to Kevin's school to speak to the school principal, the school is 'Gerald Paris Elementary School', named as an homage to Jerry Paris, who directed 42 episodes of Happy Days (1974).
The movie was filmed in central and northern Florida. The shopping center where the photo booth is standing is in College Park, Florida. The photo booth was constructed for the movie. The Showbiz Pizza is located in Altamonte Springs, Florida and is still there, except it is now (like all Showbiz Pizzas) Chuck-E-Cheese. Kevin's birthday party was filmed at The Mystery Fun House in Orlando, Florida.
According to Ron Howard in an interview with "The Directors", the scene where Helen discovers the nude pictures, was actually an incident that happened to producer Brian Grazer.
This movie is based on Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Lowell Ganz, and Babaloo Mandel's experiences as parents.
When Grandma (Helen Shaw) inhales the helium balloon and says that when she was born, Grover Cleveland was President. Shaw was born on July 25, 1897, just four months and three weeks after the end of Cleveland's second term.
Helen Shaw's final role.
Martha Plimpton was bald at the beginning of filming because she had just finished Silence Like Glass (1989) in which she played a cancer patient. She wore a wig throughout filming and a hairpiece when Julie has a mohawk.
In the scene where Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen are fighting over the fact that she is pregnant, Steve says "...Let's just have a dozen and act like they are donuts." In the movie Cheaper by the Dozen (2003) he plays the father of a dozen children.
This movie boasts three Academy Award winners: Jason Robards for All the President's Men (1976) and Julia (1977), Mary Steenburgen for Melvin and Howard (1980), and Dianne Wiest for Hannah and Her Sisters (1986). Tom Hulce was nominated for Amadeus (1984), but lost to F. Murray Abraham.
This was the first movie filmed at Universal Studios Florida before it opened on June 7th, 1990.
In the opening scene at the ballpark, the base runner has a decided limp because he pulled his hamstring on one of the first dozen takes of the shot. The shot in the film is one they settled on after approximately 20 takes, due to the fact that the hitter was unable to hit the ball into center field. The hitter was a college player, not a professional as originally dictated to the casting department.
According to the interview in the DVD extras with composer Randy Newman, the soundtrack song "I Love to See You Smile", which is perhaps his most beloved, was written with Mary Steenburgen's smile in mind.
When Gil and Karen are riding in the van prior to the crash, they are driving on Kirkman Road in Orlando, Florida.
Dan Aykroyd, Michael Keaton, Robin Williams, and Tom Hanks were considered for the role of Gil Buckman.
Jeff Goldblum turned down both roles of Gil Buckman and Larry Buckman.

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