Out of Sight, Out of Mind (1990) Poster


Kathy Jordan: So then the cop says, "Lady, do you know how fast you were going?", and I said, "No, the speedometer only goes to a hundred and twenty!". So what do you do in here at night? Are there any cute patients? Remember Brad? He started for SC. I'm seeing him again. He asked how you were doing. We're going to Palm Springs this weekend. Alice, do I have to have this conversation all by myself?

Alice Lundgren: I gotta get outta here, Kathy.

Kathy Jordan: What?

Alice Lundgren: They're driving me crazy.

Kathy Jordan: Alice, I'm sure they're gonna let you go home soon. I'm just so glad you finally realise...

Alice Lundgren: I want out, Kathy. I want out now!

Kathy Jordan: But Alice, it's not how it works.

Alice Lundgren: I'm a prisoner in here!

Kathy Jordan: You're not a prisoner, you're a patient. Alice, please tell me the truth: are you still seeing Tracy?

Alice Lundgren: I saw her again two nights ago.

Kathy Jordan: Alice, Tracy is dead. They're not gonna let you go home until you come to terms with reality. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is. You're not gonna be here forever. As soon as you get better, they'll let you go home. I promise.

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Kathy Jordan: Alice, these are beautiful! "Love, Victor" - how nice! So what's with the fitness craze?

Alice Lundgren: I want my body to be in as good shape as my mind when I get out of here.

Kathy Jordan: Oh, you'll look great, and you sound terrific. So what the hell happened?

Alice Lundgren: What do you mean, "What the hell happened"?

Kathy Jordan: It's just that the last time I was here, you were still kind of...

Alice Lundgren: Crazy? Is that what you want to say?

Kathy Jordan: No!

Alice Lundgren: Were you beginning to like the idea of having a crazy sister?

Kathy Jordan: No, of course not.

Alice Lundgren: Good, cos I'm not crazy. Not any more. If I ever was.

Kathy Jordan: Good. So, um... oh, a cop has come by my place several times asking questions.

Alice Lundgren: Really? What did he wanna know?

Kathy Jordan: Well, of course, anything about the...

Alice Lundgren: It's okay, Kathy. Murder is the word you're looking for.

Kathy Jordan: Well, he also wanted to know everything about you, especially you and Victor. I told him everything is a lot better now that the divorce is on hold.

Alice Lundgren: Why'd you tell him that?

Kathy Jordan: Well it is, isn't it? Well, just remember, if Kurt comes by to see you, technically speaking, you're still a married woman.

Alice Lundgren: Kurt?

Kathy Jordan: The cop, Kurt Williams.

Alice Lundgren: Cop Kurt, huh? Ha!

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Kathy Jordan: Alice? Hey, what are you doing in the dark? Farming mushrooms?

Alice Lundgren: Talking to your cop, didn't you see him?

Kathy Jordan: I guess I just missed him. My cop in the dark? Now that's a bit kinky! So what did he want from you?

Alice Lundgren: Oh, just all these dumb personal questions. I've been through all this before, I'd hoped it was over. Hmm, it's okay.

Kathy Jordan: Well, good! Now I want you to put on some makeup and get ready to go.

Alice Lundgren: Go? Where?

Kathy Jordan: Out to dinner, you nut! We are going to celebrate your new job. Well, actually your job interview, but with your resume you're bound to get it.

Alice Lundgren: What are you talking about? What job interview?

Kathy Jordan: At Wexler Burns, the PR firm? I set up an interview for you, tomorrow at eight.

Alice Lundgren: Wait a minute, tomorrow?

Kathy Jordan: Yeah! Can we have some wine now?

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Kathy Jordan: Knock knock, can I come in?

Alice Lundgren: Kathy?

Kathy Jordan: Alice, you told me you were over this and I believed you. I helped you get a job and you flip out. The review board will have no choice but to commit you again, and this time for keeps.

Alice Lundgren: Why is everybody so convinced I'm insane?

Kathy Jordan: Because sane people don't go around seeing ghosts, that's why.

Alice Lundgren: I didn't see a ghost! I saw Tracy - alive.

Kathy Jordan: Alice...

Alice Lundgren: I touched her. I held her in my arms, Kath. I felt her heart beating inside her.

Kathy Jordan: No you didn't! God dammit, she's dead!

Alice Lundgren: No, she isn't.

Kathy Jordan: Alice, they will put you away for a long time. Dr Meltzner won't be able to help you if you won't even help yourself. I don't wanna lose you again.

Alice Lundgren: And I don't wanna lose Tracy. I saw her.

Kathy Jordan: Then, I don't know what else to say.

Alice Lundgren: You don't have to say anything.

Kathy Jordan: Alice, I love you.

Alice Lundgren: I know you do. Take care of yourself.

Kathy Jordan: I will, and as long as you are here, I know Victor will take care of you.

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