Christmas Vacation (1989) Poster

Plot Keywords

christmas boss
christmas bonus christmas eve
vacation next door neighbor
neighbor surprise guest
winter mother son hug
pledge of allegiance obscene finger gesture
wal mart familial hug
incest joke star spangled banner
kiss on the cheek father son hug
reference to danny kaye saying grace
holiday in title december
sibling incest subtext sleeping in a chair
ladder sled
christmas tree dinner
singing in a car toupee
extension ladder chainsaw
talking in bed unwanted guest
giving the finger animated opening credits
fainting white cat
hanging from a roof gutter hug
sweatsuit reference to bing crosby
kidnapping stereo system
returning character with different actor sawing down a tree
woman punches man broken window
national lampoon series recreational vehicle
turkey as food grocery shopping
affectionate hug listening to music on headphones
door knocked down rottweiler
snoring swat team
water cooler santa claus hat
anti christmas mute child
squirrel grey squirrel
falling down stairs reference to santa claus
dysfunctional family christmas lights
spit take sequel
rooftop christmas dinner
family relationships torn shirt
broken glass cousin cousin relationship
lying on a couch merry christmas
hockey jersey man in pajamas
family vacation jumping through a window
car horn losing one's temper
jello animated credits
attic toilet
cigar smoking reciting the pledge of allegience
prayer whistling
people magazine white trash
wearing a dressing gown outdoors shushing
yuppie squad car
three generations clothes on fire
cleavage ripped pantyhose
family dinner redheaded woman
turkey the bird bedroom
dog child swearing
1980s pet dog
stapler santa claus suit
snow torn clothes
egg nog burping
advent calendar punched in the face
fainting woman the end
refusing to press charges cigar
third part carrot
climbing a ladder locked in an attic
christmas with family american national anthem
watching a home movie toboggan
evian bottled water electrocution
breaking down a door shopping
falling through the ceiling sharing a bed
irreverence telling someone to shut up
yelling family gathering
father daughter hug dead cat
slapstick comedy dog food

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