My Left Foot (1989) Poster


Plot Keywords

foot christy brown
cerebral palsy irish
flashback author
poet working class
courage painter
critically acclaimed low budget film
body part in title wine
whiskey wheelbarrow
watercolor van
unrequited love unemployment
typewriter trowel
toe toast
therapy therapist
telephone call teenage girl
teenage boy tea
tablecloth suicide attempt
subjective camera studying
street life straight edge razor
stealing stairway
spin the bottle song
soccer singing
singer shovel
shared bed shakespearean quotation
sex scrapbook
restaurant reference to william shakespeare
reference to shakespeare's hamlet recording
record player reading
puppet show pulling a tablecloth and dishes off a table with one's teeth
pub priest
pregnancy poverty
porridge porn magazine
pick axe physical therapy
photograph painting
nurse neighborhood
mother daughter relationship money
mirror microphone
marriage marriage proposal
mansion love
looking through a window locket
listening to music large family
reference to jesus christ jealousy
isolation ironing
husband wife relationship hospital
hiding under the covers hiding money in a fireplace
happy birthday to you girl
frustration food
flowers flirting
flask flash forward
fire fireplace
fire in fireplace fight
feeding fear
father son relationship father daughter relationship
family relationships falling down stairs
face mask eating
drunkenness drink
drinking drinking straw
drawing doctor
digging depression
death death of husband
crawling crawling down stairs
costume coal
cigarette smoking chimney
children chariot
champagne chalk
cement catholic
catholic church carried over someone's shoulder
candle burnt hand
house addition brother sister relationship
brother brother relationship broken heart
bricklaying brain damage
boy book
bonfire blowing out a candle
blowing bubbles biting leg
birthday birthday party
birthday cake bed
bar fight baby
art gallery art exhibition
applause apology
anger ambulance
based on autobiography artist
wheelchair mother son relationship
cripple bar brawl
ireland dublin ireland
genius handicap
writing death of father
based on novel character name in title

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