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  • A child meets the monster that lives under his bed. He even becomes one of his best friends. Soon the child discovers a whole new world of fun and games under his bed where pulling pranks on kids and other monsters is the main attraction.

  • A boy discovers an incredible and gruesome world of monsters under his bed.


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  • After moving to the neighborhood, Brian Arthur Stevenson (FRED SAVAGE - TV's "The Wonder Years") and his family are looking forward to a new life in the suburbs. But it isn't long before Brian meets up with his first real best friend that of all people (or things) turns out to be a monster named Maurice (HOWIE MANDEL - TV's "Bobby's World"), a monster who lives to have fun playing jokes and all the things that a kid can't do under an adult's supervision. After his younger brother Eric Stevenson (BEN SAVAGE) claims he's been having monsters under his bed, Brian trades rooms with him to prove him wrong. But when he does, he's the one who's proven wrong when he finds Maurice snooping around. Together as Maurice shows Brian the time of his life in another world under his bed, they form a strong friendship in ways they never imagined. But they also learn that sooner or later, Brian will have to abandon this dream come true for any kid or risk the nightmare of a lifetime becoming a little monster himself! When two evil monsters who rule the monster world named Boy (FRANK WHALEY) and Snik (RICK DUCCOMUN) learn of this, they abduct Eric as insurance to get Brian to cooperate and stay to become one of them. With the help of a few friends: Todd [Eric's best friend] (WILLIAM MURRAY WEISS), Ronnie Coleman (DEVIN RATRAY), Kiersten Deveraux (AMBER BARRETTO) and Maurice, Brian must take matters into his own hands and rescue Eric before sunset 3-5 minutes after 6:19am. But will they make it out alive in time or will their fate leave them doomed to become little monsters forever?

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