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Wrong writer listed
slippaboy25 May 2005
Will Schmitz did not write Lady Avenger, the other writer should receive sole credit. I wrote a first draft, but it has nothing do do with the product as filmed. When I saw what had been done to my material, I decided not to write films I would have no say in the making of. Needlesss to say, I have not worked on many other films and, of the ones I have, I have at least had the opportunity to have my named removed. Thus it goes in such a business. Same old song, eh? There is not much money for the writer in the low-budget end of the film industry, so you have to have been as unwise and hungry for work as I was at the time to bother. I've stuck since to writing for hire or writing what I want, and it's saved me a lot of unnecessary grief.
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If you give it a chance it's actually pretty decent
hamburger14 September 2001
LADY AVENGER starts off with a young man and his girlfriend who have been kidnapped and tortured by a group of faceless individuals. The man has his throat slit and the woman (who we later find out) has her eyes cut out. Cue cheesy 80s rock music (I love this stuff). Maggie, who is the deceased's sister, is in prison for drugs. She is allowed to leave for her brother's funeral with one of the prison guards to ensure she doesn't escape. Well, she does of course (otherwise there wouldn't be a movie!) and goes after the thugs who murdered her brother. She visits her brother's girlfriend Maria in the hospital to find out some information. Maria's mother is there and doesn't help Maggie much other than give her a headache. She blames Maggie and her brother's life of drugs for her daughter's disfigurement. Slowly, along with the aide of her boyfriend, Maggie manages to find out who slaughtered her brother and gets revenge...boy does she ever. Grenades, blow torches, baseball bats, and guns are her favorite arsenal of destruction. LADY AVENGER screams the 80s (my kind of film), features lots of bloody violence, Michele Bauer showing us the goods, and action to keep you entertained for much of the short 80+ running time. A few scenes drag on...but if you hang in there it's a pretty decent effort. Recommendable though my personal favorite DeCoteau film would be SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA, which is a cheese classic in itself.
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One of the worst movies I saw in the 1980s.
Victor Field5 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see this as a supporting feature for "A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master" - there was no danger of the main feature being outclassed.

This revenge picture - one of many in that decade - was hopeless all the way to the climax, one of two things I've always remembered about it:


"There are two kinds of people in this world - f***ers and the f***ed," says our heroine to the villain in the climax, "and right now you're about to be f***ed!" (Cue slow-motion shot of her drawing a gun and plugging him)


The other was Michelle Bauer's striptease (billed as McClellan here) in a front room to an unseen man, who she then proceeds to give oral pleasure too (offscreen, of course). Bauer in the buff is the one good bit in the entire movie - which is still one more good bit than "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking" - but rather annoyingly, this scene was censored on a video copy I later saw (it cut to the next scene just as Annalee (Bauer's character) started to undress). Thanks a LOT, guys...
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Femme avenger.
HumanoidOfFlesh5 January 2015
Maggie's brother is violently killed by a gang of vicious drug dealers.The girl is allowed to leave prison to attend his funeral and escapes.It's time to find people who are responsible for the death of her brother and kill them all...David DeCoteau's "Lady Avenger" is an enjoyable action flick with some brutal violence and a bit of nudity provided by Michelle Bauer.There is even extremely cheesy 80's rock song called "Savage Streets".Maggie uses baseball bat,gun,grenade and flamethrower to kill various thugs.She is a total killing machine.If you like ultra-cheesy revenge thrillers "Lady Avenger" is a must-see.Some script lines are absolutely priceless for example:"He's got a severe case of assholeism".6 femme killers out of 10.
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Below average revenge flick...with Michelle Bauer sex scenes
ManBehindTheMask6314 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Lady Avenger" is another movie from the legendarily bad David Decoteau shot for the home video market. The films stars Peggie Sanders (who has a topless scene) as prison escapee Maggie, who hunts down her brother's murderers. She also stumble upon a drug conspiracy and nips through her wife-beater throughout the majority of the film.

The acting is what you'd expect from a Decoteau doesn't exist. However, the acting by Sanders is laughably bad and she never comes off as "tough" or "deadly". Her facial expressions (or lack there of) are quite amusing. The tag-line is classic; same with the film's poster. But "Lady Avenger" is a wannabe Rambo/Death Wish that never lives up to the great VHS cover (like most 80's tapes). Boring chase scenes and unexciting shootouts.

On a positive note, there are two Michelle Bauer sex scenes in the film and pretty cool flame thrower death scene. Overall, it's what you expect from an 80's straight to video flick.

"Lady Avenger" features gang rape, slit throats, car explosions, women in prison, Michelle Bauer stripping, a bad stepfather, and a cool flame thrower scene.
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Simple-minded revenge flick
gridoon201824 August 2008
Not as good as the cover promises. Kind of bland and forgettable really. Peggy Sanders looks good with a gun and Michelle Bauer looks great naked, but those are pretty much the only good points of this movie (OK, you can add the purely 80's song as well). The heroine uses a variety of weapons to carry out her vengeance - revolver, grenade, flame thrower, etc. - but there is not much thrill to it all, maybe because her targets seem fairly easy to take out, or maybe because the illogicality of certain scenes (such as her and her boyfriend walking out of a massive car crash almost completely unhurt, or the police leaving a hospitalized crime witness completely unprotected) prevents you from taking this very seriously. See if you can spot two famous lines stolen from "Blade Runner" and "Commando". (*1/2)
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