Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Poster

Plot Keywords

nazi holy grail
castle diary
map italy
rat catacomb
escape canyon
fire adventurer
professor aged to death
younger version of character bullwhip
scottish accent falling down stairs
x marks the spot reference to ark of the covenant
riding into the sunset seeing father shot
shot in the stomach chalice
air pocket reference to jehovah
slapped with a glove autographed book
austrian woman telling someone to run
accidentally starting a fire cigarette lighter
blonde woman six word title
femme fatale bridge
riding into the sun insignia
cobweb decapitation
driving off a cliff periscope
strangled with a chain camel
flying into a flock of birds rolls royce phantom
running out of ammo aerial bombardment
strafing goat
motorcycle with a sidecar gestapo
bonfire tied together
tied to a chair mp40
luger nazi flag
fake artifact ming vase
zip line gondola
passionate kiss motor boat
fez manhole
swimming underwater underground fire
sarcophagus torch
human skeleton spiral staircase
stained glass window douglas dc 3
journal old book
missing person stone tablet
reference to joseph of arimethea tuxedo
champagne climbing out window
flash forward year 1938
circus train riding a horse
climbing a rope crucifix
natural bridge action hero
slow motion scene father and son compete for woman
man with glasses exploding boat
exploding airplane neglecting to cover sneeze
reference to mickey mouse moving wall
unsubtitled foreign language templar knight
hiding behind newspaper ophidiophobia
petra lifting someone into the air
ends with a ride into the sunset macguffin
reference to the marx brothers cult figure
cult film zeppelin
sunset shot in the head
aerial combat warning
american abroad decomposing body
journey shown on a map man in uniform
fictional country reaching
obsession reaching for a priceless artifact
leather glove slipping off one's hand austrian
nordenfelt gun severed head
decapitated body ransacked room
paranormal phenomena fight on a moving tank
fight on a train roof ancient civilization
motorcycle part of trilogy
leather jacket wilhelm scream
third part panzer
germany fedora
latin grammar train
poetic justice venice italy
crusader blockbuster
greed kidnapping
umbrella middle east
fugitive secret organization
earthquake 1930s
tunnel autograph
archeology car accident
tank secret passage
snake storm at sea
father son relationship ship sinking
beach betrayal
motorcycle chase berlin germany
knight steamship
christ allegory college
babe scientist origin of hero
face slap sultan
chosen one utah
traitor whip
explosion abyss
legend biplane
chase on train roof magic trick
illusion boat chase
sequel airplane accident
relic archeologist
library underwater
falling over a cliff moving fireplace
warrior 1910s
disguise dogfight
cavern book burning
bugle famous score
immortality boy scout
curse studio logo segues into film
booby trap rhinoceros
speedboat religion
lion character name in title

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