How to Get Ahead in Advertising (1989) Poster

Plot Keywords

pimple cream pimple
advertising executive advertising
justice foot deodorizer
video camera peace
warhead turnip
fat chicken
possession piles
hexachloride internal conversation
pork pie bird
girlfriend girlfriend relationship carpark
briefcase bonfire
jerusalem protein
injection oxygen
horse horse riding
music video bra less
anus peking china
throat slitting flashlight
dog dog testicles
doberman hydrogen bomb
cynicism russia
reference to givenchy nipples
television passing out
hamburger shanker
elevator peanut butter
sandwich board vegan
scaffold irrational behavior
natural selection secretary
bestiality aspirin
defecation queen elizabeth ii
cardboard box over head mother nature
communist french
fish finger fish
nurse bursting into flames
combustion mirror
housekeeper maid
doctor vacuum cleaner
eel apology
birth control pill orgy
train newspaper
telescope fainting
eiffel tower paris paris france
copying machine heroin
decapitation psychoanalysis
restaurant cafe
martini biochemist
office diet
surveillance camera radio
photograph fire extinguisher
fire dancing
dancer song
singing singer
party pajamas
marijuana stress
nightmare chase
hypodermic needle sedative
hypocrisy menstruation
sexism estrogen
false teeth valium
boil the sore anxiety
ulcer bathtub
bathroom nudity
slow motion scene watching tv
dream cathode ray
animated sequence vitamin
diaphragm nervous breakdown
schizophrenia chain smoking
slide show slide projector
erection masturbation
surrealism greed
cigarette smoking absurdism
drug use dandruff
acne blackhead
voice over narration advertising agency
husband wife relationship carbuncle
farce two headed person
diatribe satire
ranting videotape
psychiatrist hospital
consumerism dinner party
insanity independent film

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