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San Francisco Chronicle
It's shockingly funny - you don't sit there deciding to laugh. Your own laughter catches you by surprise. [14 Apr 1989]
This is an amazing black satire filled with vicious biting words that snap like firecrackers.
Austin Chronicle
Director Michael Lehmann made a stunning debut with this sharp satire of teen cliques.
USA Today
It's a tough entry into the tough black-comic genre; don't be surprised if it becomes a classic. [31 March 1989]
Wall Street Journal
Heathers gave me the creeps but it also made me laugh. This bizarre variation on that Hollywood staple, the teen movie, is one weird original. [30 Mar 1989 p.A12(E)]
Michael Lehmann's feature debut introduced the world to Christian Slater at his Jack Nicholson, subversive best and gave Winona Ryder a career-high role.
Chicago Tribune
The sheer outrageousness of its attitude is enough to make Heathers a very welcome relief in a field dominated by sanctimonious and second-hand virtue. [31 March 1989]
Dark, cynical, but deliciously funny, Heathers is a fascinating look not just at high school but at the way we look at high school.
Chicago Sun-Times
What sets Heathers apart from less intelligent teenage movies is that it has a point of view toward this subject matter - a bleak, macabre and bitingly satirical one.
Christian Science Monitor
The flamboyantly filmed story makes some telling points about adolescent life. But despite its oh-so-cynical mannerisms, it falls all over itself to flatter an allegedly self-absorbed and self-pitying teen audience. [7 April 1989]

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