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Sex & Nudity

  • 5/10
  • While a girl is showering, you see the silhouette of her nude body through the stained shower glass (however nothing is seen)
  • A girl and a boy kiss passionately and are later shown having sex on a barn floor (this scene is quite explicit; it includes heavy depiction of thrusting, breast groping, and kissing of bare thighs and breasts cleavage.) The boy is also shown holding a condom and it is implied that they use it. The girl's cleavage is very briefly visible after the boy is murdered and she is being thrown against a wall by a man. No nipples shown.(see Violence/Gore section)
  • A drunk boy hits on Tina, who turns him down and tells him "You just want to see me naked!"
  • Some mild sexual references

Violence & Gore

  • 8/10
  • Blue = Mild to moderate violence
  • Red = Intense/graphic violence
  • A girl remembers being possessed by a man's spirit and stabbing a woman repeatedly with a pair of scissors (blood is shown on most of the woman's body and on the scissors.)
  • A man grabs another man by the neck, lifting him into the air, and throws him to the ground, where he stabs him with a kitchen knife (we only see the knife coming down).
  • A man stabs a girl in the chest with a pair of scissors.
  • A man stabs a boy in the head with a garden claw (we see the garden claw in his head surrounded by blood, and we also see blood trickling from the boy's mouth.)
  • While a girl and a boy are having sex, a man stabs the boy in the back with a pitchfork, which impales him (we see a lot of blood on the pitchfork, on the boy's back, trickling from his mouth, and on the tops of the girl's breasts.) The girl stands up and backs against a wall as the man stands there, holding another pitchfork. The girl then pulls the pitchfork out of the boy's back and charges at the man, but he grabs it from her, knocking her back against the wall, and swings the other pitchfork at her (we see blood splatter onto his mask and on a haystack as she is killed off-screen.)
  • A man with a pitchfork appears in the window of a police car, where two men are, and it is implied that he kills them both.
  • A girl finds a boy and another girl's bloody corpses in a barn. The girl then runs out of the barn, screaming for help, finding two men's bloody corpses in a police car, when suddenly a man starts another car in front of her, attempting to run her over, and the girl jumps over a fence, running through a field. Another girl and a boy appear and the man changes routes, chasing them instead. The boy jumps out of the path of the car and hits the ground very hard, injuring himself. The man continues to chase the second girl through the forest until his car crashes into a tree, resulting in a huge fire. The man then suddenly walks out of the car and comes at the girl (who has blood on her face) with a kitchen knife, but another girl jumps in front of her and is stabbed in the chest. The girl that is left alive runs with the boy through the forest until a second man grabs them and they are escorted away by the police. We then see the other girl's bloody corpse being carried away on a stretcher.
  • A man breaks through the window of a police car, causing the glass to go into another man's face. He then beats the other man's face into the remains of the glass until he presumably dies off-screen (we see a lot of blood on his face.)
  • A man slashes another man across the chest, shoves his head through a glass window, and throws him off of a balcony to the floor below. The man then breaks through a door into a room, where a man and a girl are, and the other man shoots him several times as he falls to the floor, apparently dead. As the second man and the girl attempt to crawl out of a window, which he has broken with the butt of a shotgun, the man revives and punches the other man several times while the girl runs out of the room. The man then wraps a rope ladder around the other man's neck and throws him out the window, leaving him to hang there. The man then goes after the girl, who is hiding in a laundry chute, and stabs through the wall of the chute several times, barely missing the girl. The girl climbs out of the chute and runs to an attic, where she finds a dog's corpse and a boy's bloody corpse hanging from a ceiling, and another girl's bloody corpse in a chair. The man then enters the room and the girl climbs into a coffin as he is about to stab her, but she calls to him and he ceases. He is calm for a moment, but then resumes stabbing at her wildly. The girl runs downstairs, where the man who was thrown from a balcony is (we see blood on his face) and he traps the other man with a net and shoots him twice with a tranquilizer gun. He then begins beating him with a large block of wood until they both collapse.
  • Several men are shot by an unknown person (we only see the gun going off) and their corpses are then found by a girl.


  • 5/10
  • Very mild for an R rating
  • Words like "goddamn," "asshole," and "bitch" is frequently used as well as several instances of mild profanity and sexual references/innuendo.
  • No F or S words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 5/10
  • A boy smokes a cigarette.
  • Two boys steal several cases of alcoholic beverages for a party, where it is implied that the guests drink them.
  • A cigarette is thrown to the ground, implying that someone was smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 9/10
  • Several scenes are quite disturbing due to the large amounts of violence, gore, and suspense.
  • There is one notably suspensful scene where a Jamie is trapped in a laundry shoot and Michael tries to stab her.
  • The fact that Jamie can telepathically sence what Michael is doing can disturb some viewers.
  • This movie almost got an X rating for violence, but it would be an R today.
  • The scene where Jamie and her friend are trying to save Tina from Michael in a truck can be frightening to some viewers.
  • The scene where Jamie is trapped in the house and stalked by Michael and can't get out is scary and un-nerveing to most viewers.
  • The scene where Jamie sees Rachael's body, her boyfriend's body, and her dog's body in the attic with Michael coming up after her is unsettling.
  • The fact that Jamie's friend Tina is killed when she saves Jamie from getting stabbed by Michael and gets stabbed in the process is sad and yet frightening to most viewers because Tina was a likeable and funny character who we got to like.
  • The scene with the Man in Black has a creepy appearance.
  • not as bad as Halloween 4 but still bad 14+
  • Recommended Rating: R for horror violence and terror including some disturbing images - all involving children, and for a scene of sexuality

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