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Alternate Versions

There are at least two versions of this film in circulation. When the Premium Channel Showtime showed the film around 1990-1991 the following scenes were different: During the interview process, when Matthew Modine is being questioned by the admissions staff, a funny line existed in the film where one of them asks, "Why are you here?" Modine's character (Joe Slovack) responds, "I look good in white." This dialog was not present in Showtime's version of the film.
There is another scene where the characters are all in a bar, and they are talking about their residencies. One version that was shown has a close up of the main characters at a table and one says, "I want to get a job, working in a quality hospital with quality patients." On Showtime's version there are camera scans to several other people in the bar. You hear the quote in the background, but do not hear who said the phrase.
Another scene had Modine yelling as if there was some sort of campus protest occurring. Theater tags on TV showed this scene where he screams, "What the hell is wrong with you people?!" On Showtime's print of the film, that phrase is nowhere to be found.

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