Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives! (1989) Poster


Diane Armani: You really enjoyed this life, don't you? Always traveling.

Eddie Wilson: Still missed Jersey.

Diane Armani: [snorts] And what's so special about Jersey?

Eddie Wilson: Baby, there's nowhere else in the world like the Garden State! You got miles of swamps, and mountains of dumps... different colored rivers... automobiles graveyards... breweries, factories, ballparks, all mixed up together. It's the best place to live.

Diane Armani: Uh-huh? Then why does the Statue of Liberty face the other way?

[they both laugh]

Eddie Wilson: [jokingly] Oooh! That was cruel!

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Hilton Overstreet: [faces Eddie, sternly] First you destroy your guitar, now your songs. You're gonna be next?

Eddie Wilson: They're lousy songs. They don't even burn good.

Hilton Overstreet: Good thing you know them by heart. Be a shame to lose that many songs by Eddie Wilson.

[Eddie stops destroying his songs and realizes that Hilton knows his true identity]

Hilton Overstreet: I knew the minute I heard you play. The way a man plays - he's born with it; like fingerprints. He can hide under another name. But he can't disguise the way he plays.

Eddie Wilson: Then it's a good thing I'm quitting.

Hilton Overstreet: You're not quitting now, Eddie! You owe it to this band! You brought them this far! Then deserve another chance, just like you had a chance. But they ain't gonna get it without you. You owe it to them, Eddie... and you owe it to me.

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Sal Amato: [listening to a mystery tape with Dave that sounds like Eddie singing] It's a pretty good imitation of Eddie. Who is it?

Dave Pagent: When we reacquired the Season in Hell album, we found another totally unrelated tape in the box... a mystery tape. This tape.

Sal Amato: [scoffs] And you think this is Eddie?

Dave Pagent: Don't you?

Sal Amato: It can't be. Eddie always played with me. I knew every song he knew. I knew everything...

Dave Pagent: [interrupting] No, this IS Eddie.

Sal Amato: What are you trying to pull here?

Dave Pagent: There aren't any tricks, Sal. I had the tape analyzed, and the experts agree that this is Eddie Wilson.

Sal Amato: Screw the experts. I was his best friend, and I would know if he was doing something.

Dave Pagent: [interrupts] No, his music was his best friend, Sal! Don't you understand? Eddie did not think you belonged in this session! He began playing with other musicians because he was leaving you behind, pal!

Sal Amato: That's a lie! You're a goddamned liar! Eddie wouldn't...

[storms off without finishing his sentence]

Sal Amato: Eddie Wilson was my best friend! That meant something back then! Maybe you don't understand that!

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Sal Amato: [sees Eddie, now clean-shaven and with short hair, approach him on the beach for the first time since his death] Son of a...

[Eddie faces him, contrite]

Sal Amato: Jesus Christ! You son of a bitch! You son of a...

[takes a swing at him and misses, losing his balance, Eddie catches him, Sal is hysterical]

Sal Amato: Son of a bitch! Jesus Christ! You've been dead for 20 years, goddammit!

Eddie Wilson: [restraining him] I gotta talk to you, Sal!

Sal Amato: Shut up! No, you're dead, goddammit! Don't talk to me!

Eddie Wilson: I gotta talk to you, Sal!

Sal Amato: No! Don't talk to me! Shut up! Get away from me!

Eddie Wilson: [Sal breaks free and faces Eddie, who tears up] I'm... I'm sorry.

Sal Amato: [close to tears] Who the hell do you think you are, huh? Huh? What kind of person does that to a friend? Shit... I was your best friend, goddammit! Why did you do it?

Eddie Wilson: I couldn't handle it.

Sal Amato: You couldn't handle it? I hate you, man!

[storms off, Eddie follows him]

Eddie Wilson: I came back 'cause I need you, Sal! I really need you, man!

Sal Amato: Yeah? What about all the times I needed you?

Eddie Wilson: I'm scared, I don't know what I'm gonna do! Sal... I need you to forgive me. Please! I'm sorry, man! I'm really sorry!

[both men break down in tears]

Eddie Wilson: Come here, you.

[embraces Sal]

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