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The Jeff & Geena Trilogy
DarthBill28 April 2004
Former real life Hollywood couple Jeff Goldblum & Geena Davis made 3 films together, two of them comedies, one of them serious. The first film, also the film where they met, was the horror movie spoof "Transylvania 6-5000" (which I keep looking for but can't seem to find), in which Jeff played a reporter sent to Transylvania to follow a story with partner Ed Begley Jr. and Geena played a sex starved nymph who was convinced she was a vampire. The 2nd one they did and also the only serious one was the 1986 remake of "The Fly", in which Jeff played a good natured but lonely mad scientist who turned into a giant fly monster (that looked nothing like a fly and something more like a killer praying mantis) and Geena played his journalist lover. Then after boldly going where no Hollywood couple had ever gone before in said remake of "The Fly", they returned to light hearted comedy with our film here "Earth Girls Are Easy".

I've often theorized that the reason celebrity couples do films together is because it gives them a chance to spend time together and work together (seeing as how the hectic Hollywood schedule tends to keep people apart for long periods of time) and because studios can cash in on the respective fan bases of both stars. Well, for what it's worth this is a hell of a lot more fun to watch than most celebrity couple films.

Anyway, in this their third and final film together, Geena plays a beautiful but romantically unhappy manicurist Valley Girl who's doctor boyfriend Ted is cheating on her and Jeff plays the blue furred ringleader of three furry aliens, the other two being yellow furred Damon Wayans and pre-movie stardom red furred Jim Carrey (with his hair dyed blond!). Furry aliens Jeff, Jim and Damon crash land in Geena's pool the day after Geena discovers how unfaithful Ted's been and the sight of them understandably throws her for a loop. With their ship down for repairs the boys will have to stay with Geena and, doing her part for interplanetary relations, takes them to her ditzy manicurist cohort Candy (Julie Brown, who also helped write the film) to give the guys make overs so they can pass for Earthlings. Guess what? Geena eventually falls in love with Captain Jeff.

In an unrelated subplot that never quite went anywhere, Julie Brown's character fell for Jim Carrey's alien. Watching this back when it was made, who would have guessed that Jim Carrey would eventually go on to become one of Hollywood's biggest comedic stars and possess a career that would overshadow stars Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis?

May not be brilliant comedy but like so many other comedies of the 80s this is still a reasonably funny, good natured romp with the cast making the most of it. Geena's easy to like and Jeff's a good straight man to the wild antics of Jim and Damon, who both appear to be having a good time as the nuttier aliens. I don't know why people keep saying bad things about Jeff's performance here, as his quirky style makes him an ideal alien stranger in a strange land and manages some of the film's best bits, like when he uses his "love touch" to get two cops stuck on each other. There's also a funny scene where Jeff offers to make love to Geena to make her feel better about herself and get her mind off her cheating boyfriend and she tries to explain that them making love might not work on account of the fact that he's not of the Earth so not everything may work the same way and the whole time he's undressing off camera and then she gets a look at him and his "equipment" and just sort of trails off. Of course, she has to make sure he doesn't get the impression that "Earth Girls Are Easy".

Bit of a shame that Jeff & Geena's marriage didn't work out.

There are also some funny musical bits.

"Mac is Mr. Right?" - Jeff Goldblum as Mac
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Aliens Crash Land In Woman's Swimming Pool, Help Her With Failing Relationship. Story At 11.
Pepper Anne11 July 2004
'Earth Girls are Easy' is a B-52's kind of style musical. Well, it's sort of a musical. It's sporadic musical numbers and dance acts that have to keep this movie plugging along. If you know the Julie Brown song, Earth Girls are Easy, then you know the story.

Clueless Valerie (Geena Davis) of the Valley discovers that her idiot fiancee, Ted (Charles Rocket), is cheating on her about the same time that some aliens crash land in her swimming pool. With Ted gone, she doesn't mind entertaining a few aliens (Jim Carey, Damon Wayans, and Jeff Godlbum) for a while. Actually, the results are pretty funny, since basically she tries to get them to assimilate to 80 Californian culture as she knows it. She first does by shaving off their hairy exterior so that they look like humans (of course). It sure doesn't occur to their blonde, braindead Valley Girl friends, that there is something wrong Wiploc, Zeebo, and Mac (especially considering that they repeat everything people tell them and don't say much else) so long as theyre good dancers, party animals, and good in bed, of course. In the course of everything, including her creepy fiancee trying to weasel his way back, Valerie falls in love with Mac (played by her then-husband, Jeff Goldbum).

It is an amusing little romantic comedy that seems to have taken some cues from Susan Sneideman's 'Making Mr. Right' which you might also enjoy if you like this movie, although that is not quite as funky in the B-52s sense of the word. Not that the B-52s had anything to do with this movie, either, but I think they are most closely associated with the style of comedy and atmosphere I'm referring to.

This is not a movie for everyone, obviously. Earth Girls are Easy is a funky 80s b-comedy recommended for real 80s fans, though it'll probably appeal more to us female audiences. Just waste your brain, wax your board, and pray for waves!
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...and so was this movie....
LeathermanCraig1 September 2004
It's cute.... it's bouncy.... it's fluff.... but it's mindless entertainment for a few hours.... See it!

Plus side:

Geena Davis is perfect as the quirky female lead.... Just enough of a ditz to be believable.... and yet strong enough, too...

Jeff Goldblum - well, he's kind of typical in this role... Like W. Shatner, Jeff has a particular way of speaking.... and this film shows it... But his acting was good and he was semi believable as a lovable alien... And, he was kind of hunky in that scene....

Jim Carrey & Damon Wayons - these 2 guys are 90% funny 90% of the time... they were classic on 'IN LIVING COLOR' and both have gone on to have decent careers in the years since.... The woodie on the freeway is hilarious!

Julie Brown - no other big-boobed-blonde could have EVER pulled this off! And, her songs from the film - 'Cuz I'm a Blonde, I Like 'em Big and Stupid - are just the best ... I don't have to work I just have to jiggle.....

While the story line may be cheesey and seem like a leftover that sat a bit too long, it's cute fluff and worth a view...
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Jim Carrey was certainly showing his comic chops early on
Lee Eisenberg20 May 2005
Everyone loves a good (or bad) alien movie, and "Earth Girls Are Easy" doesn't disappoint. Valerie (Geena Davis) is an every-woman in southern California whose life is turned upside down when three aliens, Mac (Jeff Goldblum), Wiploc (Jim Carrey) and Zeebo (Damon Wayans), land in her swimming pool. She quickly gets them made up to look human, but they continue acting like non-humans. She has to explain sex to Mac, while Wiploc and Zeebo are still wacky.

In a way, the whole movie is an excuse to be silly. But believe you me, they come up with some really funny stuff (Jim Carrey does a great James Dean impression). You'll wish that some aliens could land in your swimming pool, or wherever near your house.
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It's party time!
Dana Wang12 June 2000
Before three aliens accidentally land into Valerie (Geena Davis)'s pool, she is a manicurist in The Valley, California, and is about to marry a doctor, Ted (Charles Rocket), who has always been unfaithful to her. Now the arrival of the three extra-terrestrials will change Valerie's life forever.

As a sci-fi comedy, some occasional singing scenes make this film also fit the category of musical. Although this is not exactly a profound story, it is light-hearted, colorful, energetic and successfully made for the purpose of entertainment.

The whole film is a hilarious party, if you're in the mood to relax, to lay back and to kick off your shoes without wanting to explore some serious issue, then you'll have a grand time watching this. The scene Valerie "destroys" about everything in her house after she sees her fiance with another woman was skillfully filmed and acted in a very funny and original way, while Valerie sings "I've lost my faith in you".

As Valerie, Geena Davis beautifully portrayed this cheerful, optimistic, lively and strong woman. Jeff Goldblum played Mac, a charming, maturer, steadier alien while his fellow travelers Wiploc and Zeebo (played by Jim Carrey and Damon Wayens respectively) are wackier and more fun-loving. All the characters in this movie are likeable and the film itself is just as interesting.
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A joyous romp - fluff, but Really Good Fluff!
Sadly a few jaded commentators (including the late redoubtable Halliwell) seen to have taken this movie far too no attention! This movie mas made as a zany fluffy comedy, and it succeeds admirably at it. With talents like Gina Davis, Geoff Goldblum, the young Jim Carrey and the multi-talented Julie Brown amongst others how could it fail? Memorable moments include the aliens' learning isolated English phrases from commercials and old movies - "limp and hard to manage" has become a family in-joke; the like,-totally-cool-to-whatever-outrageous-happens surfer Woody (Michael McKean); the makeover; and Julie Brown's song, now a classic on Dr Demento, "Because I'm Blonde".

For anyone who complains the special effects are cheesy - they're _meant_ to be! This is in part a spoof of the 1950's aliens-come-to-earth B movies, so watch closely when the space ship arrives, hovers over the trees, and does its forced landing in Davis' pool: it is a triumph of reproducing the authentic 1950's effect, not a poor attempt at 80's FX tech! All in all the production values, cinematography and direction are excellent throughout and support the fine cast and writers to produce one of the most delightful light comedies of the 80's.

Don't miss this charmer. See it when it comes around on TV. Rent it, or buy it and show all your friends. Just be sure you're in the mood for comic nonsense, not Dostoyevsky!
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Bad, yet good eighties film
Meredith-77 April 2003
There is something about the standard eighties film that is quite unique, they seem more light and fluffy than the films released these days. Even better, they seemed to attract fairly big name stars of that time...This is not a great film, but it is what it is. It's light hearted, funny, has some interesting musical interludes and outrageous costumes and is one of Jim carrey's earlier films. There is not much of a story but the slight premise it is based on is still entertaining. Would recommend to any child of the eighties!
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Silly, silly, silly.
Tony Walton19 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
A VERY silly movie, and none the worse for that. Don't expect (as other reviewers seem to) this to be a serious treatise on extraterrestrial biology - this is a brain switch off movie, meant to be enjoyed and giggled at. There are some lovely lines in it, and the ending, while not unexpected, is happy and feelgood. Great for watching on a plane, or for whiling away a couple of hours if you want a laugh with a few friends. It's worth it for the blue, furry Goldblum alone! 6 points.
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Veronica4 April 2004
This is one of the fluff movies which one doesn't need to be ashamed of admitting to enjoyment in. No, there's nothing plausible about 90% of the plot, but nor is there any pretense of such, so it's not something worth angsting over. Three fuzzy, colorful aliens crash their little yellow ship into the pool of a young, somewhat vapid Geena Davis, who has recently discovered that her MD. fiance is cheating on her. A quick shave and styling at her friend's beauty parlor transforms the three into less hirsute versions of Goldblum, Carrey and Wayans. Having assimilated at least the appearance of human beings, the aliens enter the world of 80s California, and wackiness, along with the necessary romance, ensues.

As 80s flicks go, this is better than, say, Weird Science or Back to School, though not up to par with things like Caddyshack or A Fish Called Wanda. Nothing essential to go out of your way to see, but certainly worth catching sometime
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Enormous fun!
Doug Phillips26 May 1999
One of the films that fits into the category of Just Fun.

While you could never call this a musical there are definitely lots of great musical numbers in it.

Geena Davis has a star turn as the vapid Valley Girl Valerie. I laughed at the fact she spent most of the movie wearing the tiniest bikini imaginable. But BOY can she pull it off.

Julie Brown as Candy the proprietor of the Curl Up and Dye beauty salon was a treasure. She always makes me laugh and I always want to see more of her.

Micheal McKean as Woody once again shows his amazing versatility. Just compare him in this movie to his role in "Airheads" and you will see just how wildly divergent he can be.

Frankly, I didn't recognize him.

This film is high camp and pulls it off well because it never takes itself seriously.

Not being a big Jim Carrey fan when Valerie tells Wiploc that she will miss him least of all I always want to cheer.

See this and have a good time.
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Zany pop musical
el_nickster11 November 2005
A musical romantic comedy about alien invaders? Need I say more? Three extraterrestrials visit Earth in their flying saucer to check out chicks. While ogling a sunbathing beautician, they get so excited they crash the spaceship in her backyard pool. Valerie the beautician understands the critical importance of humanity's first contact with an alien intelligence, so she fixes them up with haircuts and cool clothes, and takes them out for a night on the town. Their efforts to get laid are punctuated by the humorous pop songs of Julie Brown (of "I Like Them Big and Stupid" fame).

One look at the cast, and you know this is going to be good comedy. Jeff Goldblum was a big star when this film was made, but Jim Carey and Damon Wayans steal the show as hormone-stoked space guidos (they were both unknowns at the time). Julie Brown's songs are still cute. She plays a great ditsy Valley Girl to Gena Davis' "straight man" act.

An underrated film. Much funnier than average.
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E.T. The musical!
lordzedd-37 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
We all know musicals and comedies work, we also know that science fiction and comedies work. But who knew combining all three genres would work so well. EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY may be a strange title, but it is a great movie. I never thought I'd be saying that when I first saw the trailer when back when but I am hooked on this movie. The cast does a great job, the alien forms are cool. The music is great and the story works. The acting is wonderful and the humor is very funny. The WEST SIDE STORY of Sci-Fi. Now I think Ted was a jerk and a tad annoying, but other then that I think EARTH GIRLS make a fun movie worth watching over and over again. 9 STARS.
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A Trip
rossco-329 October 2005
What more can one say? The movie is a screamingly funny trip (and one of the most beautifully color-styled films of the increasingly drab, post-studio era).

I might add I recently saw Angelyne in the local 99-Cent Store (nothing over 99-cents EVER!) and had to tell her how much I love her in this film. She seemed pleased and actually very sweet. (I was also thrilled to observe she had a Tinkerbell back-pack in her signature pink Courvette!)

While most people probably associate Griffith Observatory with REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, I always think of EARTH GIRLS when I'm up there. (Griffith doubles as the Deco night club where Jeff Goldblum does his Jerry Lewis imitation).

I'm a fan of the equally stylish ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS as well.
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I loved this film since my first view of Geena Davis in it!
ticktocktaylor26 January 2002
I still remember the first time I saw this movie and it was the first time I ever saw Geena Davis. This is a fun and kooky movie with a glimpse into the early days of some big names such as Jim Carey and Jeff Goldblum and to lesser extent Damon Waynes. The effects are, well, perfectly suited for such a light movie. Geena is fresh and very likeable in the roll of Valerie, the earth girl that falls for the sometimes hairy alien Mac (Jeff) who has crash landed his ship into Valerie's swimming pool with his two alien crew (Carey and Waynes). Well worth the small rental fee. A good time had by all.
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Earth Films Are Teasy
robert-temple-119 February 2008
This is one of my favourite films, but then, considering where I come from, it would be, wouldn't it? I just saw it again, and it is getting better all the time. You really need to see it twenty or thirty times to catch all the brilliant jokes and one-liners, as they fly so thick and fast. Who was crazier, Julie Brown the writer or Julien Temple the director? Probably both. This is the most wacko comedy you can imagine, probably the most anarchic thing since 'A Night at the Opera'. The reason the film works so perfectly is because Geena Davis was the only actress who was absolutely made for the part. She slipped into it like 'something a little more comfortable'. When Geena Davis was born, they wrote in invisible ink on her forehead: 'This is the one for the aliens.' She didn't even have to be abducted, they came to her. There they are, sitting around her house and her pool in L.A., talking backwards and eating the fish out of her fish tank. Geena plays Valerie, who is really bright: 'I know Finland. It's the capital of Norway.' This film is so over the top, it's from outer space. Well, what did you expect? Julie Brown is staggering in this film. She is so funny, you need life insurance to watch her. Her songs are stellar, but then so are the aliens, not to mention their starship. 'Cause I'm a Blond' is a classic song. I'd really like to read the lyrics over carefully, as it's one of the funniest songs ever written, performed with enough gusto to bust the lens. The humour of this film is so broad, it slides off the sides of the screen. Hilarity Incorporated, that's what it is. They had to be crazy to make this, we know we're crazy to love it. Let's hope that when the aliens finally do come (I mean the other ones, who aren't here yet), they watch this movie to learn how to act towards us. They could do worse than go to Geena's house for some sushi. After all, her main concern is that the aliens won't 'think Earth girls are easy'. No problem. You should see the girls on Venus.
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tedg27 May 2008
I'm not sure, but I think this is a better candidate for a midnight dressup singalong than "Rocky Horror." But I suppose corsets are more fun for the wearer than very skimpy bikinis.

It hardly matters if the folks who made it intended us to take elements of it seriously. Its ours when we watch it and can take these things on any terms we desire. If you are like me, and take "Barbarella" not seriously, but as something important, you will do the same here.

Its not quite in the category I follow of filmmakers directing their lover, but its close, as we know these two are lovers in real life.

It asks a lot of the viewer, to believe the story, what with the props and costumes. But its precisely the same degree the characters on the screen are asked to believe about each other and the nature of love. Somehow it makes it easy to think about romance.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.
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Have a mental margarita
utgard1421 June 2014
Three furry multicolored aliens (Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans) land their spaceship in Geena Davis' pool. Wackiness follows. This is a fun little musical comedy with a great cast that's having a blast and it shows. Goldblum, Carrey, and Wayans are all good but it's the girls who really make this one work. Geena Davis is funny as well as being smoking hot in this. Julie Brown owns every scene she's in. She's a riot and her songs are great. Music video director Julien Temple maintains a brisk pace throughout. This is a colorful, bubbly comedy that I think will appeal to a variety of viewers. It's got '80s stamped all over it so if you enjoy movies from that decade (and you should), you'll enjoy this one.
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Up with the Eighties
wes-connors10 April 2013
In sunny Southern California, skinny "valley girl" Geena Davis (as Valerie Gail) frets over two weeks with no sex from handsome doctor boyfriend Charles Rocket (as Ted Gallagher). When she finds out he's dating blonde nurses, Ms. Davis has a tantrum. Later, working on her tan, Davis is oblivious when an alien spaceship splash-lands in her pool. Diving in to investigate, she encounters the ship's inhabitants: Blue-furred Jeff Goldblum (as Mac), Red-furred Jim Carrey (as Wiploc) and Yellow-furred Damon Wayans (as Zeebo). Davis invites the aliens to stay over while aging surfer dude Michael McKean (as Woody) drains the pool so the ship can be repaired. Posing as an MTV band from Finland, the house-guests soak up local color by watching television...

Because they are covered in fur, Davis takes the aliens to the "Curl Up & Dye" beauty shop where she works as a manicurist. There, sexy salon co-worker Julie Brown (as Candy Pink) gives the men a make-over. They look normal, but still act funny. Davis is attracted to Mr. Goldblum, but doesn't want aliens to think "Earth Girls Are Easy." Ms. Brown thinks Mr. Carrey's long tongue looks fun and Mr. Wayans' dancing stunt double gets a work-out. This hilarious film is one of the best-written comedies about American pop culture - with an emphasis on the 1980s. Brown with co-writers Charlie Coffey and Terrence E. McNally, director Julien Temple and star Davis are all award-worthy. The sound, cinematography (by Oliver Stapleton) and sets are totally awesome.

********* Earth Girls Are Easy (9/9/88) Julien Temple ~ Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Julie Brown, Jim Carrey
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Campy musical has great cult appeal
Dave from Ottawa30 April 2012
There is a lot here to like. The songs are well written and genuinely funny, the comic pacing is nicely zippy and the situation could hardly have more camp appeal, combining space aliens, makeovers and Valley culture into a goofy, fun mix.

The look of the picture is a major plus, with everything having a sparkly quality to it, and the slightly goofy 50s appearance of the spaceship is a definite plus. Geena and Jeff are an attractive, easy to like couple, and carry off the fairly absurd premise (a whirlwind interspecies romance) disarmingly. One major weakness with the picture is an inability to find screen business for Jim Carrey, who has a few fine moments, but his unique gifts for mimicry and physical comedy are largely wasted.
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Highly recommended ...
cafm22 November 2011
I didn't think much of this film when I first saw it but since then I have watched it a number of times and, in the words of Beetlejuice, "it keeps getting funnier every single time!" I work at a busy video store and I'll often put this film on when I'm working Saturday night. It's always popular with customers who enjoy watching it as they browse, comment on how young Jim Carrey looks, and ask "What on earth is this?" as they get to the checkout counter. That's because its such a great looking film. The vibrant color palette with its bright primaries and 80s rehash of 1950s aesthetics is inspired production design. The film really has aged incredibly well and looks better today than when it was first released. Were it released today it could easily take its place beside any of the recent musical comedies that have come out in the last ten years.
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Finland is the capital of Norway.
nickrogers19692 March 2010
I have always loved this movie. It's a harmless very superficial super silly science fiction comedy. It's set in "the Valley" with all the colorful 80's fashions and empty-headed easy- going people. This film is very light weight fun.

Maybe a little too wacky for audiences when it was released in 1989. It seemed to have gone nowhere when it could have been the great kitsch summer film that year. It had the stars: Jeff Goldblum, a young Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans and the super hot Geena Davis!!! Geena could have been a HUGE star but she seemed to have disappeared during the 90's. She was beautiful and cute at the same time and funny, with a tall hot body. Why did she just sort of vanish????

When I re-saw this film I could see why it wasn't a hit. It's a bit too loose and wacky. The direction by Julian Temple is too slack: many of the jokes just misfire and go past unnoticed because the staging is bad. He seemed to have taken just one take of each shot. The musical parts are badly put together and the music (which I still love) pretty weak. The best thing in this film is Julie Brown with her too few scenes and songs!
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The misadventures of 3 aliens that crash land in an "airhead's" pool.
ltlacey13 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
As was noted in another comment, this is one of those movies where you just sit back for a somewhat enjoyable ride. Davis, as usual, looks spectacular (still does) and plays the part perfectly: Kind of dumb but not as dumb as one would expect (by the way, what do all those dumb people do when they get older and cannot rely on their looks anymore?). This is your typical Valley Girl movie with all the usual characters and bells and whistles one would expect from nothing but fluff. But sometimes we need just plain fluff. Something that does not require too many brain cells to watch. And this movie fits the bill. Brown's musical numbers fit in well and flush out the movie, and as usual she's good at what she does. And though every character is over the top, it works.
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Great, mindless fun, perfect after a long day at work !
Nick Hatzichristos4 July 2007
There's already tons of comments here, so I 'll keep it short: If you 've had a long day at work, if you have many things on your mind, etc., this is the perfect movie to clear your head, while having some mindless, silly yet pure and great fun ! So what if it's like, the b-movie of 80's comedy ? That's actually the best thing about it ! If you 've managed to miss it all these years, do yourself a favor and catch it the next time it's on. Best viewed with your significant other, in your jumpsuit on your couch, over a huge bowl of home-made pop-corn and your favorite drink.

Good, good old fashioned fun !
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Great film for all who love 80's films
gypsiescry12 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I really love this film, it is absolutely one of my favs, I didn't purchase it till last year, believe it or not, but it really touches a deep core about women love and break ups. Really funny and a feel good movie especially when your feeling down about love. Gena Davis (Valerie) shines in this film, revealing I think her true bubbly,Innocent and fun personality, I found Jeff(Mac0 a little dry, and not much else, Jim Carrey and Damon Waynes, steal the show, Julie Brown, really shines, very hilarious and just plain fun! A Musy see if your into an "a" fun film disguised as a "B" film, I always find new stuff every time I watch it, during the make-over for instance, when Julie is reciting the top brand such as Loreal, Revlon, and she says Rubber Made and there is a lady in a red rubber suit, just those little touches keeps it entertaining and interesting a doable watch over and over again film!
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Aliens love to party too
vampi19602 September 2006
Julie Browns funny song from the early 80's was turned into a movie. a hilarious movie about three aliens(Jeff Goldblum,Damon Wayons,Jim Carrey)crash land their spaceship in the pool of sexy valley girl(Geena Davis)well valley woman would be more accurate.and get makeovers from geena's boss and friend(Julie Brown)however geena's fiancé(Charles Rocket)complicates matters.the three zany aliens are made up to look like humans.its pure 80's comedy high jinks.Jim carrey made this early in his career while he was on in living colour with Damon wayons.look for a cameo by Robby the robot during a dream sequence.also starring; Micheal mckean,and rick Hurst,Larry linville is in the end credits but i believe his scenes were cut out for some reason. Julie brown sings a few funny songs.i recommend earth girls are easy to anyone who likes zany 80's comedies.8 out of 10.
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