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Good compliment

Author: Tolbert from United States
2 March 1999

Initially I also was reminded of Joey From Nightmare on Elm street part three but having seen it it was pretty good. I guess the movie was moving to me because I myself was a rebel when I was a kid. With the obvious exception of picking up a high powered plasma gun and blowing away all the bad guys, I was quite a bit like the main character in the movie. A definite two thumbs up, a must rent at least once.

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To have such weapon is a big responsibility.

Author: Artiom Krainov from Russia
1 April 2014

This movie is the best in this thread. Story about teenager whom all hurt and considered worthless, he was made to kneel all people and made them tremble with fear, without deliberately killings. This movie is filled with feelings. The movie makes you think. Not just fun for once.

Teen found the secret thermal weapon, that could destroy the entire planet. The U.S. army wants to declare martial law. This is a very topical plot.

Michael Miner, gives meaning to every scene of the film. Teen imagines himself a stranger from another planet, and that's usually fantasize of children who no longer needed nobody, it helps them cope with depression. His mother left him. His stepfather is a washed-up crazy drunk. Sister, busy personal life.

Having caught a powerful weapon, boy is not a killing spree, he only scares their abusers. He only explodes cars and empty buildings. It correctly. The film is entertaining, good special effects.

The film, which is a must for everyone of us.

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Bad movie turns out to be interesting

Author: David Roggenkamp
27 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A young boy is the victim of a teacher that does not like his work, he is abused by a principal that thinks he has an attitude problem, he is held up for his lunch money by bullies, and his father decides that it would be best to kill his dog and then take a bat after him. It doesn't look like things are looking good for this boy, that is until he finds a box upstream with the text 'Office Supplies'. He digs further and finds it is a front for a special weapon; little known to him is that it is an anti-matter proton gun that was developed and subsequently lost by the military.

His father is the first one to taste the gun; the teenager gets a taste of power and soon takes it out on some bullies and uses it to scare the cops. Things only start to heat up as the Sheriff, mayor, and others get involved. Soon the military is dispatched and he is on the movie. He does manage to get a girlfriend in the works, but by the time some things start to look good for him, he starts to have weird hallucinations and can no longer tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

The movie is a spiritual successor to another movie "Laserblast", which is on the IMDb's "Bottom 100" worst movies of all time. I don't know about laserblast, but this movie (Deadly Weapon) remained in my head for nearly twenty years after first watching it. It does have its moments, despite the over the top plot, but it is unique compared to other movies. It also keeps things simple and I recommend it for those looking to watch something old school.

Originally posted to Orion Age ( p=10436)

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If your open minded you'll like this movie .

Author: Scico1984 from Califonia
19 April 2003

I thought this movie was pretty good . The movie had a weird plot but the overall message or theme was good . You would just have to be opened minded.If your the type that you have to follow the usual movie guidelines were every thing is perfect then this is not the movie for you . If your the type who likes watching movies with a fantasy and real life, type angle then this movie is for you . It gets you guessing and like reading a book you can only be intrigued and relate to the character .

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Revenge of the 80's: Bad sci-fi flicks!

Author: Miyagis_Sweaty_wifebeater ( from Sacramento, CA
26 September 2004

Deadly Weapon (1989) was another one of those badly made and low budgeted sci-fi films that came out during the mid to late 80's. This one actually had some promise but it was squandered after the first ten minutes. If you have a limited budget and a cast of small time actors at least direct the movie with some flair and have a decent script. Sadly this retread of Laserblast never gets off the ground. The film started out okay but it never went anywhere. The only thing cool about this movie was the video cover. If they spent as much time on the movie as they did on the cover, they could've had something instead of nothing.

Too bad...

Not recommended.


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"Erm" is the word

Author: Andras_J from South Shields
30 December 2001

Like many other people, I only bought this movie because Joey (Rodney Eastman) of A Nightmare On Elm Street Part's 3 and 4 was the lead in it. And, erm....It totally sucks!! Occasionally you can get some pretty good "b" movies, but its movies like this wich make all "b" movies look crap.

Lets start of with "the gun". What the hell was its cable lead made out of? Tin foil??! It was extreamly fake looking and looked like a rejected quazer lazer gun.

And the acting was terrible! I'm sorry Rodney fans, but this movie is deffanitly made for you. There is no other reason to watch it unless you like Rod. Its very badly written. I wish I didn't buy this junk! Whoa, really. If Rods reading this (hmmm, a bit unlikeley) but I'm sorry man, the movie bites. And youve been in way better.


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Wanna watch something funny?

Author: Adrian Thacker from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
29 October 1998

The only reason I rented this flick, was because it starred "Joey" from "A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors", as well as "Heather Chandler" from "Heathers". And that is the only reason to watch this crud. You want to see an actor do their worst job, then rent this one.

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