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"No one thought there could be a nuclear holocaust, but there was." - no one thought an ending to a film could be so bad, but it was.

Author: donie1798 from United Kingdom
10 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ah, Deadly Reactor. I spotted this beauty whilst shopping in the well known supermarket of Morrisons, on offer at 99p. ( For those of you who live in the south of England, Morrisons is an affordable supermarket offering quality produce.) I was drawn to it in the bargain bucket, not only because of the 99p sale sticker, but for the name. the word "Reactor" conjures up so many fond memories for me, see my review of "Reactor" or "Guerra dei robot". And so, I decided to purchase it, and it proved a fruitful decision. It was terrible, in a good way. It starts off with the narrative intro.. "No-one thought there could be a nuclear holocaust, but there was." And no more is said about it. Take it as given, this film will be full of "but why?" questions, all of which can be answered with, "because of the nuclear holocaust". Typically, the "evil motorcycle / automobile" gang go round raping/murdering any locals they see fit to slaughter. Regrettably for them, they murder / rape & murder the only remaining family of "Cody" an ex police officer come Amish preacher, who for some reason had never fired a gun whilst he was a cop. not even in basic training ? Arf! The plot is ignorable, if one exists at all. Just admire the gaffs. Note the two hilarious bits of dialogue trying to drum up some bizarre reason why we should actually call Cody the "Reactor". Also, the final "showdown" is hilarious. In the pre-showdown pep talk, Cody, (played by actor, writer and director, David Heavener) the villagers are warned, "we haven't got many guns or ammunition so make every bullet count". Not only do they then proceed to waste every single bullet they have, missing by yards at a time, but the "badies" are just stood out in the open, standing still, laughing at the pathetic shooting of the villagers, even the two guys who we are told used to be in the army cant shoot for toffee. As for the ending, Cody seems to find two shotguns lying around in a field, when supposedly there had previously been a shortage of guns ?! As the film draws to a close, its hugs and handshakes all round, before one last moment of absurdity. A new gang drives in asking, "before we take this town apart, where can we get something to eat?" Cody, now on crutches and still bleeding, kindly gives them directions to the café. as they enter, he utters the hilariously pathetic line, "Bang Bang, You're Dead", before turning on his heels, and walking away, with the aid of both crutches and his new woman. ( with whom he previously shared the worst sex scene in cinema history.) no explosion, no sound of pistol fire, nothing. how does he contend that this new gang will die ? the villagers wasted all the ammo with their pathetic shooting, and he is in need of medical care. Maybe they'll die of radiation poisoning, but then, according to one character, that only affects the water, not the air, or land or food ?!

Definitely worth a watch.

For further expert analysis, see the review of Kaluninja, which raises many valid points, but perhaps the best of all, "where did all the doors go?" answer ? - the nuclear holocaust.

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Classic B-Movie!

Author: kaluninja from United Kingdom
10 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Outstanding movie! The plot is incredible - it is supposed to concern the events following a nuclear holocaust but apparently the buildings (except the doors which have been replaced by sheets!), the dog and the horses (who must have found an appropriate bomb shelter at the time) have all survived! We hear random references to the holocaust throughout the film but "the plot" really didn't need it and apparently only the water possesses a threat of radiation. The main character is for no logical reason whatsoever known as "The Reactor" even though he is the slowest character to react to every situation which arises. The falling in love of the main character and the girl occurs after just one (appalling) line and in the space of just a few hours. The main villain, Hogg, only seeks to kill people and rape women whereas the hero just wants to kill bad guys, preferably after they've just killed someone important, since he can only react (slowly) to events. There is absolutely no reason for this movie to exist, it's mostly a musical with action scenes pieced together with complete disregard to script continuity. If you love B-movies this is priceless. Definite top 10 B-Movie candidate!

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One of the great bad movies......

Author: Spudling2 from United Kingdom
5 September 2010

This was David Heaveners' laughable homage to/ copy of the westerns of Clint Eastwood, combining as it does elements of the Dollar films, Pale Rider and High Plains Drifter. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world purely as a cost-cutting measure. A Western would have required horses and costumes and you wouldn't be able to hire bikers to play the heavies for a couple of barrels of beer.

The other reviewers have amply covered the ludicrous aspects of this movie that make it so stupid, so funny and so entertaining. But the highspot to me came when the townsfolk were waiting for the biker gang to attack them. Our hero shows them how to use guns, but then, just before the gang are due to arrive, he leaves the town and the townsfolk to their own devices. WHY ? He liked the townsfolk. He loved one of the women. He wanted revenge on the bikers. Why ride away and leave the townsfolk to certain death etc ? And it suddenly struck me. That is what Eastwood did in High Plains Drifter......

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Well I did watch it right through but . .

Author: caterhamman from United Kingdom
14 September 2006

Where DID they get the screenplay and the actors for this laughable attempt at a movie? At times I wondered if perhaps there was a new school of acting where woodenness was considered a new art-form. The gaps in the dialogue let you can almost hear the prompter reminding them of their lines. Look out for the guy who jumps backwards a second after the shotgun blast hits him. Mind you, there is a cute girl who plays as major a role as any in the movie. She willingly shows off her body which goes a little way to reprieving this otherwise sad attempt at movie making. Mind you, I only paid 50 pence for the DVD so I really didn't expect much.

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Enjoyable trash

Author: sbunc92-3 from North Carolina
28 August 2001

The tv station I work for recently showed this movie. The shootout at the end has to be one of the most poorly put together scenes I have ever seen in a movie. While watching you may be laughing to much at it to care though. Great movie to watch late at night with friends.

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