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On this occasion, cutting class sounds good.
mylimbo12 November 2006
High school student Paula Carson is adored by her jerk of a boyfriend, Dwight Ingalls, but new eyes have caught her attention. Brian Woods, a quiet loner who has just been released from a mental hospital after being there for the mysterious death of his father. Not too long people are disappearing and bodies are piling up at Wurley High and Brian is first to be accused by Dwight because of his disturbing past. Although Dwight has been losing it lately and now Paula is put in the situation of finding out who is telling the truth.

Now the memories are flooding back. Think of homework, uptight teachers, a weird headmaster, obnoxious twits, a deranged loner and some… murdering? What in the name!? Yeah "Cutting Class" is a forgettable, been-there-done-that and lame high school slasher. Despite that suggestion at least it's never boring, and it's slightly entertains as it breezes by quite easily. The pain is virtually bearable, but a top cast with middling performances make little headway in this low-end 80s slasher effort. The main problem here is that it tries really hard for a funny bone and then it would turn all serious, but it just doesn't come off with the right results. It's just too stupid to be funny and ridiculous to be taken straight. It just can't win! What shaped it was the hopeless charm that scraped the surface with its campy frame and fine turns by the reliable Roddy McDowall and the extremely lovely Jill Schoelen ("Stepfather" and "Popcorn"). Martin Mull even appears in his own little (if meaningless)side-story as some sort of comic relief character. Donavan Leitch does fine in his spooky staring down poses.

Sure the main curiosity for this flick would be that of a young Brad Pitt. His performance is very lacking, but fans of his might still check it out as his a main lead. All he does is leech about and his cocky character is just too unlikeable to care for. The plot is weak; that's there's not much to hang a story off (and still there are holes!) and to throw you off track, as the red herrings are downright ineffective. Just who is committing these murders? Well, it doesn't take an Einstein to figure out, as it's basically telegraphed to you. It follows a derivative style of every other slasher flick. Clichés are not excused. The dialogues are lousy, despite it's tongue-in-cheek tone and hammy one-liners. Killing it is a funky 80s soundtrack that you don't want to purchase after hearing it.

The semi-professional production looked adequate and it sported a colourful and brightly lit decor. The direction by Rospo Pallenberg is stale and tensionless. Wait to your eyes see one idiotic climax involving power tools and an unbelievably rash decision by the killer. The cruel deaths are unimaginative and have little, if no blood and gore. Those looking for obligatory nude flashes have to cope with blink and you miss it moments.

A real lemon of a flick, but still I found this mindless slasher watchable… thank-you Schoelen.
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It's the PITTS! (Get it? Because Brad Pitt is in it, and it's... oh, never mind.)
zmaturin11 March 2001
From that golden age of cinema known as the eighties comes this fiercely average teen slasher flick that seems tailor made to be shown on "USA Up All Night". This movie looks pretty glossy and professional, and therefore bland. The killings take a back seat to comedy scenes starring Martin Mull and Roddy McDowell, the latter of whom is pretty funny (Although McDowell often took crappy parts just for a paycheck- It's hard to imagine him getting excited over the script for "Laserblast"- he was never dull).

To the film's credit, the identity of the killer is kept a pretty good secret till the film's amusing enough climax in the school's metal shop. One of the main suspects is played by a young Brad Pitt, but he doesn't embarrass himself like future star Matthew McConnehey did in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4". Brad is merely lifeless in his role as a hothead basketball star and reckless driver. Creepy Donovan Leitch is the other probable suspect, and cute Jill Shoelen is the confused gal in a bland love triangle with the two. (Whatever happened to Shoelen? She's got a nice, early-Winona-Ryder vibe going in this and in "Popcorn". I think she's an okay actress, trapped in mediocre movies, like the Robert Englund "Phantom of the Opera").

And that is all I have to say on the matter of "Cutting Class".
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A Passing Grade
BaronBl00d26 June 2001
A psychotic youth is released from his mental confinement and murders start happening all over a huge high school. Teachers, an assistant principal, and some coeds meet deadly ends in such various methods as impalement, burning in a kiln, axe to the head, slashing, and so forth. Is the crazed youth responsible, or is the murderer someone else? The ending is somewhat clever although in no way plausible. This is one of those eighties slasher flicks that does not know whether it is primarily a horror or a comedy. It DOES work better as the latter. The production is very nice and the film does boast some fine production values. The gore is limited despite the deaths, and the acting is adequate. The biggest flaw is the script which has more holes in it than a piece of cheesecloth. If you are able to put logic aside, the film can be a pleasant diversion. Certainly nothing more. Brad Pitt, Donavan Leitch, and Jill Schoelen star as the trio of youths the film centers around. Pitt is awful, though as one reviewer says he does not embarrass himself TOO much. Leith is suitably creepy, and Schoelen is beautiful if nothing else. The supporting cast is much better with the likes of Roddy McDowell, Martin Mull, Nancy Fish and other little known yet familiar faces. McDowell brings humour and class to his role as the principal, though he has very little to do. Mull is the funniest in his purely comedic role. In fact, Mull's performance has to make this a horror comedy rather than a horror film. Once you see the film you will understand why. Another bright spot is Brenda James, solely because she is one hot little number. So if you are looking for pointless, mindless fun...Cutting Class makes the grade.
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Slasher Movie With A Stay-In-School Message
Skeeter7008 December 1998
Warning: Spoilers
This movie, another mid-80s students-in-danger-from-psycho number, is not bad. I rented it just to cheer for Brad Pitt's death scene! Does he get his chance to top Debra Winger's 'Terms Of Endearment' deathbed moment? You'll have to rent it to find out. Somewhat funny, with a great stay-in-school message (delivered in the Science Lab for those of you serious about renting it). Skeeter gives it 7 1/2 for 10!
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predictable! but entertaining
Insomniac_moviefan11 June 2002
This teen slasher flick doesn't try to be different from others in the genre, but it has everything to succeed : it has a hot female lead character, sex related scenes, and gore.

And for the girls : it features a young Brad Pitt.

The 3 main characters of the movie are well developed, and the ending may be predictable but it works. I don't recommend "Cutting Class" but it's a slasher flick, and that makes it watchable.
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Underrated horror flick!
madman10007 August 2004
This movie is often ignored by horror fans, but pretty underrated. Yes its cheesy and yes the only reason most people will pick it up in a video store is because Brad Pitt is on the cover but it does have a huge overall entertainment factor. The story is typical of 80s teen slashers, and the movie does have a strong likeness to Prom Night, Slaughter High and Return to Horror High, which isn't a bad thing. The acting is OK but the story is very good, and the sense of 'whodunnit' is very gripping (almost as good as Scream). When the killer is revealed in the grand finale, the final battle of good and evil begins in one last fight!!! Its pretty darn good and if you have any hesitations in seeing it...just watch it and i'm sure you won't be disappointed!
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The death of the 80s slasher movie.
BA_Harrison19 September 2009
By the end of the 80s, the traditional slasher movie had pretty much run its course, the genre becoming too formulaic and over-familiar to its jaded audience. Rospo Pallenberg's Cutting Class is an attempt at sending up such conventions, but it's hard to poke fun at a genre that has already unintentionally turned to self parody, and the film winds up being virtually indistinguishable from the countless genuine films that it intends to mock.

Jill Schoelen stars as virginal and studious teen Paula Carson, object of affection for two ex-best-buds, overbearing basketball jock Dwight Ingalls (Brad Pitt) and creepy loner Brian Woods (Donovan Leitch). When Paula is left on her own for a week while her father, a district attorney, goes duck hunting, she promises to behave, but with rival friends fighting for her attention, the school principal (Roddy McDowall) perving over her ass, and a crazy murderer bumping off her schoolmates, staying out of trouble is going to be harder than she thinks.

Cutting Class certainly makes sure to pack in all the standard genre clichés, with red herrings and misleading clues a plenty (hands up who though that sodium chloride would actually save the day: I know I did), but veers awkwardly between silly humour (Paula's bumbling dad somehow surviving to the end of the film) and genuine attempts at horror (the killing of the school's vice principal), delivering crappy gore featuring patently rubber props and uninspired direction along the way.

The acting also does little to improve matters, with future A-lister Pitt being unmemorable, unlikeable and offering no hint of star quality, Leitch giving an equally unimpressive turn, and a performance from poor old Roddy McDowall that can only be described as extremely embarrassing. Thank heavens for the lovely Schoelen, who is as winsome as she was in Popcorn and The Stepfather, and makes the whole film just about worthwhile by simply showing off her magnificent butt.
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Hilarious Trash!
applehuntr4 March 2001
"Cutting Class" is god awful, but it is soooooo funny. You and your friends have a better chance at scoring a laugh with this slasher flick than 90 percent of the films in the comedy section at the video store. The plot(if you can call it that)is about some murderer going around killing students, obviously nothing new. The suspects: Theres only two really, Brian(the former mental patient/creepy kid), and Dwight(the jock/main characters boyfriend). Its quite obvious which one of the two it is, but you dont even care about that stuff, you're watchin' for the laughs. Jill Schoelen is the main girl, Paula, and her Dad is on a hunting trip, and she has the house to herself, its not very safe. The movie stars Brad Pitt!! The rental price alone is worth the laughter you'll get from hearing him say "I'm bigger where it really counts." Jennifer Aniston, his wife, luckily cant throw this movie in his face, shes got Leperchaun under her belt. This film contains no sex, but it does try to spice it up: A cheerleader decides not to wear panties at The Big Game, Paula washes her hair wearin nothing BUT panties, and the principal makes Paula bend over to pick up her new cheerleading uniform so he can check out her rump. The gore is cheap and fake(impalements, axes in the head, hammers in the head), the acting sucks (although this film has some semi-decent names attached:Brad Pitt, Donavon Leitch, Martin Mull), and its SO 1980's. Dont hop to the conclusion that I'm trash for seeing this flick, I saw it on TV. You're not trash for renting this for laughs, you're trash for renting it for scares.

Lower your expectations, rent, and laugh!
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The best movie ever made... If you like cheesy horror movies.
memyrlei16 April 2002
I love this movie, plain and simple. It's definitely not meant to be taken seriously, folks. The cheesy dialogue, the corny plot, and the horrible acting kept me in perpetual stitches throughout the whole movie. And who can forget the delivery of that title line? "Now, Paula, you're not CUTTING CLASS, are you?" (Ok, my quotation might not be verbatim). You have to see it to truly appreciate how hilariously awful it truly is. Everyone should see this film at least once, if not a million times.
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* * out of 4.
brandonsites19812 June 2002
Routine slasher flick with some style & humor and a better then usual cast is almost ruined by sloppy editing. A killer is on the loose at a local high school killing off all the popular jerks. Jill Schoelen is convinced that the killer is either a formerly crazy friend (Donovan Leitch) or her popular, good looking boyfriend (Brad Pitt, yes that's right BRAD PITT in an early role!!!)

Rated R; Nudity, Violence, Sexual Situations, and Profanity. Trivia: Brad Pitt and Jill Schoelen were an item during and after filming. Brad Pitt was paid $11 (or 12),000 for his role in the film.
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Great twist
The Yeti7 October 2001
I like this movie a lot. The Yeti gives it a thumbs-up! The plot is just like any other slasher film. Murderer stalking at a school. The problem for this murderer is you know he'll lose. The killings are creative but not very gory. The acting is good and the characters like Shultz the caretaker and the P.E teacher are funny. It kicks ass for guessing the killer and I bet you don't get it. Well, you might. 7 out of 10
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Decent entry, if not overtly spectacular
slayrrr66631 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Cutting Class" is a rather run-of-the-mill slasher.


Left alone for the week, Paula Carson, (Jill Schoelen) watches father William Carson III, (Martin Mull) go off on vacation in the woods. Going to school as normal, she meets up with boyfriend Dwight Ingalls, (Brad Pitt) after-school, while new student Brian Woods, (Donovan Leitch) looks on. As he was just released from a mental hospital, no one around school seems to trust that he's completely sane. As he manages to get closer to her through school and outside activities, she begins to feel closer to him rather than her boyfriend. As they continue to sort through their woes, a rash of murders across campus forces the students to demand action of the principal, Mr. Dante, (Roddy McDowall) due to all the disappearances and murders. Upon realizing the killer's identity, the survivors band together to stave off their intentions.

The Good News: This here doesn't have a whole lot of positives about it. The film's at its best with it's final confrontation showdown inside the auto-shop. Not only is this a pretty original place to hold a showdown, which is nicely appreciated, but it's also a nonstop series of blows resulting in a really nice action set-piece. There's some nice brawling scenes, a pretty nice duel with power tools and a couple of some really nice surprises that keep it going on. There's even some creative uses for different tools around, including bringing in a table vice and a long pair of tongs into the action that it ups the intensity of it significantly. This also manages to really rescue the film as it's one of the few times that there's something happening that really requires the attention of the viewer in any significant way, and helps to really up the enjoyment of it. There's also a really intriguing scene in here as well that's pulled off well. After a rather suspenseful trip through school where the killer would pipe a song into a specific classroom to note where they're hiding, several victims stumble into one which doesn't contain the song but contains a problem on the board that the teacher gave them earlier but never correctly answered, and the wrong one would lead to their deaths. This is one of the single most clever scenes in the genre, and the pay-off is extraordinary. That the kills, when they're actually coming on-screen, aren't that bad as there's a pole impaled through the stomach out the back, a hammer-claw to the forehead, an ax in the head, an arrow in the chest and a slit throat show up in here, nothing spectacular or gory but good enough. In the end though, all it's got is it's ending pieces.

The Bad News: This here has some rather pressing problems. One of the problems is that it's supposed to feel like a brutal, sleazy film when it's really rather tame. While it's deaths look nice, they're simply lowest-common-denominator ones that have been seen numerous times over and are so blood-less that they're nowhere near as shocking as they seem to suggest they are. These two really take a lot out of the film, when it's main attraction is a problem. Another one to overcome is that there's really no action at all until the end of the film. The few murders that are conducted beforehand are so spread apart and so dull that the film's beginning sections are so dull and languid that it barely registers. It's the same old stuff scene carted out time and time again without doing much to set-up the killer's identity. That in itself is another problem, as there's a really lousy attempt here to get us to believe that there's a mystery surrounding the killer's identity. There's a sense that it's supposed to a mystery with a series of red herrings that are built up but are so clichéd and unbelievable that there's no way they're possible suspects. No attempt is made at making them believable enough to be the killer, and it's hard to believe that any of them would become the real killer as the amount of clues are quite bad. The film's other really big flaw is that this just really feels flat. There's nothing really hugely impressive about it, there's really nothing that would signal that this was anything other than just going through the motions without anything else to get in the way. That hurts the film almost as much as it's lack of real slasher characteristics.

The Final Verdict: While not an overall decent slasher film, this one does have enough good points to at least become watchable. However, it's flaws will prevent this one from impacting anyone other than the most hardcore slasher fans, who will get the most out of this one, all others are encouraged to avoid as there's nothing here worthwhile to them.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence and Brief Nudity
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A enjoyable movie that should be noticed more
Brad Maslen20 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has only surfaced for being Brad Pitt's first major roles. However this is still quite a good movie. It's got some cool soundtrack during the beginning and keeps you staring at the screen.

I think that this film should be noticed, as it is quite rare and must have been released on video straight away. The parts with Dwight are quite enjoyable, particularly during the start where he is driving his car to School late, and near to the end where he saves Paula from Brian.

It's all good, and very enjoyable to watch. If you like retro, cool classic things. Or if you are Female and fancy Brad Pitt then this film is for you, I recommend it.

Thumbs up. 9/10
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Pretty people on slasher flicks does not mean quality!
insomniac_rod19 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
"Cutting Class" does not deserve the cult classic status because it isn't. It came out when the slasher era was about to end. The movie doesn't offers anything you haven't seen.

You got the typical plot where a killer on the loose terrorizes a college campus. You got the beautiful couple that survives the killer's attacks and manage to defeat him after following some hints. The sad thing is that the movie's killer is a geek. When this guy starts to act "psycho" the movie loses credibility.

The fact that Brad Pitt is in this movie shouldn't be a reason to watch it (I talking to you girls!). This is probably one of the worst slasher flicks that came out in the 80's and that's something to say.

Jill Schoelen is the best thing about the movie. She's super hot, sexy, tender, cute. Anytime she appears on screen makes me wonder about female physical perfectness. She's simply GORGEOUS. She's every guy's fantasy. And she delivers a decent performance.

There are some gory kills but nothing you haven't seen. The scene I remember the most from the movie is when a girl (using no panties), goes under the gym's step staircases and gets stabbed. She screams as hard as she can but a band is playing on so her screaming is not heard. Classy.

4/10. Don't waste your time or money on this. I was a victim of Jill Schoelen's screen charm. Oh, I would buy this movie a thousand times if she asked me to...
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To not be taken so seriously
Rodrigo Amaro1 September 2013
A killer on the loose is murdering students and teachers from a cool high school. Now it's up to the popular kids and the most ignored of them, recently released from a psychiatric hospital, to solve the mystery behind the murders. In this almost ludicrous and predictable whodunit, everything is what appears to be and our fun is to see how foolish director and writer can get while coming up with obvious devices that doesn't even try to fool and impress the viewers. Maybe some of the violence was unexpected but they sure were looking for the laughs. And this is a barrel of laughter.

C'mon, it's not that bad. It's embarrassingly fun to watch a bunch of actors fully knowing they're stinking on scene, trying hard to look authentic and reliable, in this sort of parody of teen slasher flicks. A pretty good trash, now with a heavy cult following from Brad Pitt fans who are curious in seeing one of his earliest roles. And truth be told, he's the only one who worked the hardest to look good enough, in opposition to the cheesy acting from almost everyone. But Donovan Leitch steals the show in a weird way. As the troubled and lonesome Brian Woods, he's the most memorable face from this thing with his terrifying yet good looking eyes and face, a Ricky Fits kind of character - definitely not obsessed, just curious. But why does he have to dress like Frankenstein?

Although heavily inspired but countless (and better) movies, this one had its original parts. High point is when the killer challenges the math teacher to solve a difficult equation and discover which door from the classroom is the safe passage. That scene had me giving some nervous laughs.

It's enjoyable but only when you're in the mood to have fun and not take anything you see here in a serious way. But in the end "Cutting Class" shows us that skipping class is far more worse than killing people. Ouch. 6/10
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Cutting Class
ricky roche18 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Distributor: Republic Pictures

Plot: High school can be murder. Just ask Paula. Her overprotective father disappears during a hunting trip. She is being pursued by a creepy classmate who recently graduated from a mental institution. Her jealous jock boyfriend who is looking for a reason to unleash his juvenile rage. The disturbed principal is after her tight student body. Any one of these people could be the killer, or is it someone totally different.

Audio/Video: No complaints with the Republic home video.

Extras: None.

Final Thoughts: This is a pretty average entry to the slasher genre. Don't spend too much money on it, but if you see it for a low price......then I would recommend it.
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Sir! Oh Sir! Brad Pitt didn't do his homework!
Coventry20 January 2008
Sometimes all that it requires to take your mind off of everything is a simple-minded, bone-headed 80's slasher, especially if it's one that stars a young, hunky and still unknown Brad Pitt as the high school jerk and Roddy McDowall as the dirty-minded principal. The plot is textbook 80's guff, meaning no purposeful twists or any attempts at building up tension whatsoever, but still it guarantees a good 90 minutes of dopey fun and chuckles. As Brian returns to the schoolyard after a period in a mental asylum to treat his Violent Schizophrenia Syndrome, bodies start piling up as well and naturally he becomes the prime suspect. Of course, in this type of film, it takes an awfully very long time before any of the dim-witted characters realizes something's wrong and "Cutting Class" is no exception. Someone actually has to stumble over a corpse accidentally before realizing several others persons are missing as well. The script really tries hard to uphold the mystery and to keep the real killer's identity secret, but it doesn't matter all that much since we're just watching the film for the murders anyway. They aren't special, unfortunately, just a neat throat-slitting, an icky flagpole-killing and someone's crushed head on the copying machine. There's also the fairly original running gag of the killer's first victim surviving the assault and fruitlessly struggling for help for the rest of the film. The main attraction here is obviously – and almost exclusively – Brad Pitt, and he certainly doesn't disappoint as the cocky school-rebel. At a certain point in the film, one of his teachers tells him he has little chance to a great future, ha ha ha!
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Not to be taken too seriously
acidburn-1027 August 2007
Well for one thing not every actor started on the a-list in fact quite a few big names started in horror's such as Tom Hanks (He Know's You're Alone), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween), Kevin Bacon (Friday The 13th), Jennifer Aniston (Leprecahn), Clint Eastwood (Tarantula). So Brad Pitt is just one of the many line of actors more or less starting out in the horror genre and he'll sure won't be the last.

Basically the story goes there's a killer on the loose in a local high school and it's up to our plucky young heroine Paula (Jill Schoelen) to figure out who it is, could it be her boyfriend Dwight (Brad Pitt) the high school jock or Brian (Donovan Leitch JR) who just got out of the mental hospital for killing his father and he's attracted to Paula and plus she's slightly interested in him as well.

Cutting Class is a campy fun horror movie that shouldn't be taken too seriously, the attempts of humour do fall flat in some places and plus there is zero tension and some of the performances fall flat in some places too. Roddy MacDowell's turn as Mr. Dante, the principal of the school. At one point he gives Paula a new Cheerleader outfit and invites her to his office to get it. "It's on the floor," he says, and has her bend over to get it so he can have a look at her undies, is a funny as well as creepy. Martin Mull even shows up as Paula's father who gets shot with an arrow at the beginning and spends the rest of the movie walking home which is totally unrealistic and plus Two kids and a teacher disappear… AND NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING! A janitor mops up blood in the school gym after a basketball game and he opts not to tell anyone about this. I guess the budget couldn't include a cop car or a fake badge for the sake of credibility.

When you first see this movie, yes it is surprising to see Brad Pitt but after a short big he blends in with the rest of the woodwork, Jill Schoelen does a fine job but she does fall flat in some places (The Stepfather) was her better horror movie in which she turns in a much better performance and Donovan Leitch JR is OK but you can't whether it's his intention to not take himself to seriously or is he just a bad actor but anyway I enjoyed his emotional performance, he's really funny.

Anyway Cutting Class isn't a total waste of time but there are better high school slashers out there and that does a better job of covering up who the killer is in the very end like in this movie it's totally obvious.
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Why Do I Try...
CMRKeyboadist16 June 2006
Cutting Class is a late eighties slasher flick that delivers on the most pathetic of levels. It actually has a good cast featuring Jill Schoelen, Brad Pitt, Roddy McDowell and Donovan Leitch. But even with these actors the movie is a complete failure, in my opinion.

Leitch plays the part of Brian who has been released from a psychiatric ward for murdering his Father fives years ago. Upon return to School, his old friend Dwight (Pitt) decides he would rather humiliate him than to be his friend again. Jill Schoelen plays Paula who is Dwights girlfriend and is the love interest of Brian, also. Suddenly, teachers and students are turning up missing or dead and it comes down to whether Brian is the killer or Dwight is the killer.

I saw this film many years ago and had trouble sitting through it then. I don't know why things would be different now. The script is laughable and the actors try to do their best but still turns out bad. What Roddy McDowell is doing in this movie playing a perverted principal is beyond me. Such a great actor and to end up in trash like this is just sad. The actor that does the best with his character is Brad Pitt. He does a surprisingly decent job. The murder scenes are extremely weak with a few off screen killings and one killing with a very fake ax to the head. Just disappointing... 3/10
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Pretty bad...(mild spoilers)
gridoon22 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This pretty bad slasher film would be completely forgotten today, if it did not feature an early appearance by future super-star Brad Pitt. Now it's merely ALMOST completely forgotten. It actually tries to set itself up as a murder mystery, of sorts, but the script and direction are both too often incompetent. Examples? A math problem that would be fairly easy for a 12-year-old kid is presented by the teacher in the senior class. Later on, that same teacher is trying to solve another math problem, posed to him by the killer, and is apparently too puzzled to notice that the problem has no givens! By the way, the killer must have had a really big death wish to do something so utterly stupid in his final scene. The film also has a slightly fuzzy look that makes it seem older than it is. Jill Schoelen is a likable and agreeable actress, but with films like this it's no wonder her career stalled. (*1/2)
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So bad it's good
Freak-6919 December 1999
Man this is the ultimate fun movie for a video party with some folks! The story is boring, the actors may look good but play quite bad (incredible Brad Pitt became so succesful after that trash film) and the jokes make you wanna cry. And every time I saw Paula's dad still alive after quite a few days without drink and food I got mad! What garbage! But like I said: When you wanna have fun and make a video party and don't wanna watch intelligent films like "Nightmare on Elm Street" (every movie's intelligent when you compare it to "Cutting Class"!) then go and see that one!
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I'm surprised Brat Pitt got work after this
Jasodomy18 September 1999
I cannot believe how bad this film was. It was the most ill-conceived piece of garbage ever put to celluloid. The acting was incredibly weak, Brat Pitt was the most convincing, but that's not saying much. There's one scene where a teacher gets shoved into a kiln and the dial is turned to 500 degrees, the highest reading on the dial. Five hundred degrees? Come on! anyone with 1/2 a brain knows that kilns have to be much hotter than that. But that's the kind of crap I'm talking about.
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An Honest Review
generationofswine4 August 2017
Before the shop teachers could get a hold of me, before I was in college and my parents finally had time to be at home, this was the film that taught me "righty tighty, lefty loosey." Unfortunately that was about all it was good for at the time. Still, at least it had an effect on someone who watched it. At least it taught an unsupervised little 9-year-old boy something that he's used the rest of his life.

Yeah, other than that it's a throw-away film. I mean, you have a famous actor making a movie that famous actors NEVER seem to be in and that on itself is interesting and cool...

...but otherwise it's a throw away film. You watch it late at night, you watch it on a rainy Sunday afternoon...and otherwise you forget all about it until you mention to your friends from the 80s that, Brad was in it and then suddenly they click on that light and are moderately shocked he'd be in a trash thriller.

I can't tell you to stay away from it, because it does entertain and I can't tell you to watch it because, well, it is kinda a junker.
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