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You'd wish you were late for curfew. Real late!
mylimbo14 July 2007
The Perkins brothers, Ray and Bobby were sent to prison seven years ago for the brutal rape/murder of a sixteen year old girl. They manage to escape death row, and head back to the town to exact revenge on the psychiatrist, Judge and DA who sent 'em there. During the night, the DA's daughter Stephanie arrives home to meet her curfew, to only find that she and her parents have unwelcome guests wanting to make their night a living hell.

Nasty, quite often sleazy and sometimes effective little low-budget film, without showing a whole lot of explicit images to brew up its sadistic edge. You could say it's more tame then you would expect. Its formula is a typical psychotic madmen wanting revenge in the most deranged way. In saying that the concept has its moments, like the way the captors are slowly tortured and humiliated for basic kicks. The script takes itself rather seriously, although are moments of dark mocking humour or the occasional unintentional slip-up of just trying too hard. The story is made up of bits and pieces, with plenty of clichés tacked on. Director Gary Winick goes about things in a mechanical fashion and can't seem to sustain much suspense, however there's a steady pace throughout and the heartless attacks/killings (some off screen) have a random touch to them. The atmosphere might not be heavy, but there's always a stroke of ominous cruelty in the air and it does seem to get a little tighter when the action centres in the homestead. Wendell Wellman plays the dominating older brother Ray with plenty of grunt, while John Putch is the dim-witted younger brother Bobby. They weren't bad, but still there were scenes, which are quite laughable. Kyle Richards looks stunning, but also manages to provide a savvy and intelligent heroine out of Stephanie. Frank Millar and Jean Brooks were engaging in their strongly fine performances as Stephanie's parents. Peggy Poe and Robert Romanus also contributed to amusing minor support. Cengiz Yaltkaya's music score is very much a bloated clunker of generic cues with the odd quirky lashing. Since it bombards the film, it basically telegraphs most of the action and can annoy. Focused cinematography of Makoto Watanabe fits the grimy style. The editing can get sloppy. Nothing great eventuates, but this psychotic fodder is a decent time-waster.
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Home-invasion exploitation.
BA_Harrison25 September 2008
I bought this film as part of a '5 movies on 2 discs' pack, and was fully expecting it to be bottom-of-the-barrel stinker (my expectations were set way low having recently watched Bachelor Party Massacre and The Choke, two other awful efforts in the same set); I am happy to report, however, that although this late-80s home-invasion flick might not be the most offensive or sleazy movie in the genre (see 70s classic Fight For Your Life or Ruggero Deodato's House On The Edge of The Park for more extreme examples), it does provide enough dubious fun to warrant a watch.

Kyle Richards plays Stephanie Davenport, the big-haired, big breasted (but not really that attractive) teenage daughter of a district attorney. After a night out fending off the amorous advances of her high-school quarterback boyfriend, young Steph returns home to find that her parents have been taken hostage by two violent escaped convicts, Ray Perkins and his younger brother Bob (played by Wendell Wellman and John Putch), who are seeking revenge on those responsible for putting them behind bars. Having already murdered the judge and psychiatrist involved in their case, the vicious psychos now intend to dish out their own brand of justice to the Davenports.

After humiliating and torturing the family (including spraying the mother with paint and forcing the father to walk on broken glass), the two thugs decide to execute their prisoners; however, the appearance of Stephanie's drunk school pals, and the unexpected arrival of a policeman makes finishing the job harder than they expected.

A pretty tasteless film packed with assorted moments of gratuitous nastiness (and a little bit of nudity for good measure), Curfew might not be to everyone's taste, but if you like exploitation, then you could certainly do a lot worse. Admittedly, the story is occasionally too clichéd (Stephanie working her womanly charms on younger brother Bob was very predictable) and some moments are rather questionable (the victims are locked in a cellar full of tools, yet fail to arm themselves), but as low-budget trash goes, this one's really not that bad.
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Would you like a pair of pants?
John Seal5 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Admirers of the slasher genre, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, or Michael Haneke's Funny Games might get some pleasure from this very low budget thriller. Then again, they might find it severely wanting in technical proficiency, quality of screenplay, acting, and music. Kyle Richards stars as teen good girl Stephanie, whose short denim skirt scandalizes the locals as she's on her way to meet the big man on campus for a hot date. After returning home early (in order to make curfew, naturally), Stephanie finds her home has been invaded by two brothers (John Putch and Wendell Wellman, who, believe it or not, is not related to William Wellman) who have gone on a bloody rampage to avenge the time they spent in jail thanks to Judge Collins (Douglas Robinson) and D.A. Davenport (Frank Miller). Curfew may be many things, but it is definitely NOT boring, and if you can overlook all the aforementioned shortcomings (including a really awful synthesizer-based score), you'll probably enjoy it. However, it's reputation as a video nasty is NOT deserved, and the film is relatively sedate, at least in comparison with today's 'torture porn' epics.
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I wasn't expecting to but I actually quite liked it.
Paul Andrews19 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The Perkin brothers Ray Don (Wendell Wellman) and his younger sibling Bobby Joe (John Putch) have been in prison for seven years having been accused and convicted of murder. Somehow they escape, it's not actually shown on screen as they just appear walking around free. They come across two ranchers (Randy Patrick and Sam Braslau) who they kill and steal their clothes and leave their bodies lying by the side of the road. They head for a psychiatrist named Dr. Franklin (Guy Remsen) who testified against Ray and Bobby at their trial. Next it's Judge Collins (Douglas Robinson) who sent them down, and his wife Mrs. Collins (Marla Rix). Then it's off to see the D.A., Walter Davenport (Frank Miller) and his family, his wife Megan (Jean Brooks) and their teenage daughter Stephanie (Kyle Richards). Stephanie is out with her friend Monica (Nori Morgan) her boyfriend Pete (Niels Mueller) and a member of the school football team and a real jock named John (Peter Nelson) who wants to have sex with Stephanie. They are all having some fun in the 'Pink Cafe' which is located next to the 'Pink Motel' believe it or not. After a bit of dull exposition Stephanie suddenly realises she's late since her parents have set a curfew of 10 O'Clock. Once she arrives home she finds the housekeeper Mrs. Mary Cox (Peggy Rea) dead and her parents being held hostage by Ray and Bobby. And so starts a nightmare for Stephanie and her parents as the Perkins brothers most definitely hold a grudge!

Directed by Gary Winick I actually rather liked this nasty little exploitation film, the film feeds on our fear of being attacked and violated in our own homes which we all like to consider as a safe place. The script by Kevin Kennedy plays the entire film straight and there isn't any comic relief among all the nastiness, for which I applaud him. It moves along a really good pace and is never boring. I liked the shot at the end as Stephanie walked over to Ray's body which is lying face down on the floor and stands in front of him looking down as his face is a few inches away from her high heels, it seemed like a nice role reversal with him now being at her mercy at her feet. There aren't any long scenes of character exposition that we don't want or need, except maybe Stephanie and her friends at the start but this is only a couple of sequences. There are some nice and sleazy scenes in here too, people are made to walk over broken glass, sprayed with paint, threatened, humiliated, killed and generally abused. I liked Wendell Wellman's villainous character Ray more than Bobby. He isn't a particularly good actor but I started to really dislike Ray by the end so Wellman must have been doing something right. John Putch as Bobby is more goofy and silly as he watches Porky Pig cartoons on T.V. and falls in love with Stephanie and is convinced to let her go just because she ask's him to. There isn't much graphic gore but it's still quite a nasty film, for example a partially sighted man (Burt Remsen) is beaten with his own walking cane! There is a sex scene as well so we get some nudity too. The film generally has low production values, but it isn't too bad to look at and I've seen worse. I enjoyed watching this a lot more than I originally thought I would, it ain't no masterpiece but as pure sleazy exploitation entertainment you could do a lot worse than try to track a copy down which unfortunately probably isn't that easy. Recommended to those with the stomach and tolerance for this type of film.
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Don't go into the house... if you're home late!!
Glen McCulla5 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I hadn't heard of this low-budget home invasion horror before i bought it (cheaply, i may add, in a 5 films for 1 boxset), and i read that it had been banned in the UK since 1988 or so, and never released on video in the UK. This of course led me to set my expectations of hardcore sleaze quite high: was was this some lost gem that had passed me by? The late '80s answer to "Straw Dogs" or "Last House on the Left" perhaps. It certainly isn't anywhere near the same league as those movies, but then i've certainly spent an hour and a half sitting through a lot worse.

In short, two brothers convicted of rape and murder escape from prison to take revenge on the authority figures they blame for their imprisonment. they take out the judge and his wife, and set out to invade the home of the prosecuting District Attorney to torture and kill his family. The DA's teenage daughter arrives home later than the 10 o'clock curfew she's been given, to find her home and her parents in thrall to these escaped maniacs. Kyle Richards, as lead girl Stephanie, is cute enough in an 80s big hair kind of way and manages to hold the audience's sympathy throughout despite being surrounded early on by the most clichéd "teenage frat kids played by actors in their 20s or 30s" stereotypes going.

Some nicely nasty sequences (i believe tiresome bores these days refer to it as "torture porn") ensue as Steph's father is forced to walk on broken glass, and her mother is raped and spraypainted (strangely) by the interlopers. The most perplexing thing i found about the movie was the sequence early on chides Stephanie for her supposedly risqué outfit, asking her if she needs to borrow a pair of pants. The skirt she's wearing comes down to her knees, for Gawd's sakes!!! That judge guy sure must be one repressed reactionary old coot. I was quite happy when his head was stoved in with his own gavel.

Not exactly an award-winning piece of filmmaking, then; but "Curfew" transcends its obvious limitations of budget by offering up a few good scares and intense scenes. Anyone with a liking for seeing overly conservative authority figures or teeth-grindingly inept jocks get their comeuppance will have an amusingly diverting 90 minutes.
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use your fast forward button
trashgang20 March 2011
This is a perfect example of a really bad movie. It's boring, almost nothing happens, the acting is wooden, a woman is in bath with her bra on, the score is cheap, dead bodies you can easily see them breathing, being shot and falling down remembering to thrown the gun away, many reasons not to watch it but, if you are a fan of Kyle Richards, then you must see it, we know her from The Car, Eaten Alive and Halloween. This isn't a horror were it was classified, I would say, just a thriller. It's about two brothers coming out of jail going for revenge. Sadly, there's too much talking and the revenge scene's are so lame. Low budget trash. Hope for a curfew so you don't are able to find it in your local rental shop....Why this was banned by BBFC is for me an enigma.
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Inept on every single level...
The_Movie_Cat13 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
... it's difficult to conceive of a way in which this film doesn't fail, be it the writing, the acting, the direction, the lead girl's lisp and eyebrows or the music. My God, especially the music.

Strangely banned in the UK until 2002, I picked this up in a bargain bin for £1 after thinking it looked dreadful and fancied a night of junk viewing. I wasn't disappointed, the only remaining mystery being why it was banned in the first place. Far from being shocking or distressing, it's merely flaccid and irrelevant.

In many ways Curfew is like a "Funny Games" with all the wit, talent and inspiration taken out. However, the exploitative elements lack any real meaning and are showcased in a generic, derivative plot. This very 80s movie really is the bottom of the heap and completely devoid of any merit, other than the fact that it ends.
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It's now 10pm... Do you know where your teenager is?
Coventry4 March 2006
Pretty stupid and totally insignificant no-budget thriller that looks an awful lot like a typical late 80's slasher... but isn't one! Oh sure, high-school jocks and slutty girls are getting killed but that's just pointless padding to increase the body count and sleaze-level. The actual story handles about two criminal brothers that travel towards a little community with the intention to kill everybody that was jointly responsible for their prison sentence: the judge who spoke the verdict, the psychiatrist who declared them mentally sane and – of course – the prosecutor who said all those nasty things about them being evil and such. The prosecutor, along with his wife and yummy Demi Moore look-alike daughter are held hostage and their only chance to survive is for the young girl to set the murdering siblings against each other. The script contains one or two creative ideas, but "Curfew" is overall tedious and without suspense. Actors John Putch and especially Wendell Wellman try incredibly hard to look like genuine bad boys, but they really don't convince and they often evoke unintentional laughs. There's a lot of killing going on, but we're only served a glimpse of the action and all the rest happens off screen. Lame! In my humble opinion, there are much better horror gems from the 80's waiting to get discovered properly, so I have absolutely no idea why this turkey received a DVD-release before any of them. Feel free to skip this one
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Really bad but I have seen worse
atinder2 November 2014
I heard nothing but really bad stuff about this movie, the only reason I watch this was. cease I was curious , how bad it was ( the only reason I got this movie is because it had mirror mirror (1990) On the other side , which I think is a great movie ) It a shame I can't say the same thing about this movie, I thought had really strong plot For low budget .

I thought first 30 minutes if the movie was so -what entertaining and not boring for that part.

Even the movie flowed really well However there are times were the scripts is so bad in places , that makes the acting

Look even more worse then It already was. My god the acting in this movie was wooden

I have ever see. From some if cast.

I did not think it was all that bad (not saying it a good movie at all) but I have see. Much worse then this ( you may think that hard to believe but it's true )

I give 4 out 10
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Passable low budget shocker
MattyGibbs21 April 2013
This film was apparently banned until 2002 but watching it now it's pretty hard to see why. Although plenty of nasty and sadistic stuff happens it's nearly all off screen and implied.

There is a strange lack of tension which even the low budget shouldn't explain. Saying that although the acting is not of a high level the two brothers (Wendall Wellman and Jon Putch) do at least try hard to inject some horror to the situation even if they don't always succeed.

The one thing I did find amusing about the film was that Deputy Dewey from the Scream movies seems almost an exact copy of the young policeman in this film.

You shouldn't and probably won't watch this with anything but the lowest expectations and as long as you do that then this isn't the worst trashy movie to while away an hour and a half.
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A total waste of time.
metalrage6667 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Thank GOD, I was given a cheap copy of this movie and saved a precious few dollars.

This movie is complete garbage and at times I found myself fast forwarding several parts. I never thought that a movie where nearly everybody gets killed, can be so utterly boring. Why this was banned is anyone's guess.

The premise is a relatively simple one of misguided revenge. After being declared mentally competent to stand trial, 2 brothers were then put away for murdering a young girl, and that's pretty much it. We're not talking Shakespeare here, so you'd think that with such a straight forward plot, there'd be no chance of stuffing it up; yet somehow they managed to do just that, and with this abomination, stuff up royally!

Somehow these 2 idiots manage to escape from prison after 7 years and set off back to the town to exact their revenge. Inexplicably everybody who was ever involved in their incarceration still seemingly lives or works only a few doors from each other and given that this was in the days before the Internet, how they were able to locate everybody's exact home address and place of business after that length of time is anyone's guess. Without a working brain between the 2 of them, you can't work out why these morons aren't caught within the first 5 minutes, yet when you see the towns only police officer, it's just dog of a movie that ends up chasing it's own tail.

Aside from the fact that this is supposed to be a slasher movie, you don't really see anything. Almost all of the violence happens off camera and the editing is so poor, it feels as though entire scenes are simply missing.

A typically brainless scene has the brothers entering the office of their former psychiatrist, and after killing the receptionist, (which again you don't see), one brother says to a patient already there that her session is over. Cut away to look at something else and then when they cut back, the patient has a machete sticking out of her chest. Did I blink?

The movie meanders from one pointless random act of unseen violence to another, and mixed in with all that is incessant talking about how they were so hard done by and that they wanted to be found criminally insane and let off. The way this all plays out doesn't make a great deal of sense and despite the low budget & 80's formulaic approach, there are way too many plot holes and moments of mind-numbing stupidity to make this worth watching. To say that I hated this movie is an understatement. There are way better low budget slashers out there, see one of them.
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