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hillarionsudbin29 August 2017
As a child, this film laid me a lot of inspiration, fun, and Love of good music. Even after 10 years, this film still pleases Me as a child. The plot is simple, simple guys, gouge with a dream. They have a chance to change their future (george Carlin - I adore him) And the whole film is accompanied by travel and fun, as well as good music.
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My inner teen and my son, ask me to see it again...
Thanks to modern streaming services, today I was able to fulfill a long desired wish... watch again my all time favorite movies.

I decided to start with "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" mainly because the first time I saw it, I was about the same age as my boy is now, so what better "Father - Son" activity than seen a movie I hope he will come to love as much as I did back in the day.

Something that I have always loved about this movie was its simplicity yet imaginative story, even if for most, the story might be dumb I can guarantee you that you will end up having a good time.

For those who are wondering, my 12 year old son end up kind of linking the movie, of course he made jokes about the especial effects and about the impossibility of the story itself... but ultimately he end up having a good time, which meant we spent some quality afar her-son time together.
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mattkratz18 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is what 80s films were all about! At least what a "brainless comedy" should be. The movie features two guys who will have an enormous impact on the future with their band-the problem is they're about to flunk history, and one will be sent off to military camp as a result, so George Carlin gets sent in a time machine from the future to help them. (The Terminator as a comedy in reverse!) The two guys in lead are practically brain dead and need the help. They are given the time machine to round up such historical figures as Napoleon, Billy the Kid, Socrates, and Joan of Arc and give a truly excellent report! My favorite scenes are at the Circle K and when they get Napoleon and Billy the Kid. If you need a movie with mindless will love this movie! *** out of ****
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Fresh and Funny
maheswarinabila30 March 2017
I just watched this movie and i like it. Because, the plot and story line is fresh, not cliché like other movie in the same year. Keanu reeves as the main actor and the director are brave enough to served this movie. And it's funny. I like Reeves's style to brought many comedy here. Even the plot just so simple, but once again, Stephen Herek (the director) can made this movie became a whole package movie. But, i can feel a little bit boring part in the middle of this movie. But overall, it's good.
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Silly good fun
Rameshwar IN6 January 2017
Reviewed August 2011

Whoa!! Dudes!! The current number system may not be sufficient if you count how many times Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) utter this through the movie. My rating has nothing to do with the film making prowess or narration or acting. Just the entertainment value.

Bill and Ted are teenagers on the verge of failing their history class if they don't come up with a presentation. They are also budding musicians yet to learn how to play an instrument. They come across a Time Machine to gather 'Historical Figures' of the past for their presentation.

This was my first introduction to the concept of time travel and the fun that can be had fantasizing it. One of those movies that is so silly with really bad dialog and ridiculous acting, you'll start enjoying it. The concept of time travel is utilized to the full extent without a bother about neither the logic nor consequences which is good. Both leads play ball as morons with goofy mannerisms. A movie such as this has a thin line between working alright and being a disaster. This one just crosses the line.

Silly good fun.
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George Carlin Smirks
gpknopp15 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this movie with my 7-year old daughter and she liked it. The only weird part was with the step-mom. But she didn't get it, so that was just me.

It's a good-hearted goofy comedy with some inventive bits, and has some memorable lines. And lots of people seem to like young Keanu.

So there you go. If you haven't seen it, watch it.

This is one of the most ridiculous movies out there of it's kind. The humor is pretty over-the-top campy, and recognizes California suburban life having been made fun of for quite a while already, so nothing really new there.

This movie makes the 80s look quaint, in spite of the garish fashions. But what's more, this movie is probably one of the more accurate science fiction movies out there, with some reliable insights into time travel. And, when they go get Joan d'Arc or Socrates, or Genghis Khan, these characters don't speak English. I mean why would they? I mean, how many high production value science fiction movies have screwed issue this up? If you don't see the humor in that, you are too stiff for this movie. And I was serious too, far higher production value science fiction movies have been less substantial when it comes to the ideas department. And I really enjoyed George Carlin's performance, who seems to be having fun in this ridiculous movie, as he smirks his lines, if that's possible.

It's got pretty good pacing so I didn't get too bored, and the Napoleon at the water park bit is kind of classic.

I guess the phone booth time machine is a nod to Doctor Who.

Last comment, the image of them all stuck in the phone booth sideways, with Socrates screaming in the background, has stuck with me now since 1989. Good fun.
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Fun concept. Fun watch
John Brooks9 September 2016
The two characters really are endearing and the concept is fun, more than this is a great comedy at all. On its own, the film is mediocre and very limited in content. But the concept and the two main idiot characters are carried out well enough that an hour and a half of this makes for a fun ride nonetheless. Some gags are fun, others actually funny, and others yet are more of the ordinary stuff we're all now used to witnessing in such commercial mainstream comedies.

Overall the concept and the Bill and Ted characters were good enough to make this a really good, maybe great comedy - but the filmmakers didn't bother and rather went with an effort-economic solution of developing very slightly, just enough to make it a sellable product.

Elements like "Hey Missy...I mean, mom !..." or the pretty hilarious vocabulary of our two protagonist idiots, their likable idiocy and stupid remarks, the time travel idea with the booth and the Rufus character, the "princesses"... all that was really good comedy material, but as a film, there just isn't enough.

A generous, partly nostalgic 6.5/10.
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fun fun fun
anxte29 August 2016
This movie is the epitome of "enjoy the ride". it's light, funny and it still manages to be quite interesting.

The way they handled time travel is very interesting and i actually quite like it. As much as you'd might think this sounds stupid but the acting is actually quite good, I can't even imagine myself being able to 1. do those voices and 2. say some of those line with a straight face.

ALSO, the concept for this movie I find to be amazingly interesting, I can not imagine something like this being green lit today. + George Carlin just makes anything better.
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A movie that sneaked into my "top 10"
alexdemichele12 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is a cult movie, receiving relatively low scores on this site, among others; however, its impact on film history is rather substantial, ushering in a new genre of "Dude Comedy" and inspiring films such as "Dude, Where's My Car?" and "Wayne's World."

The movie features amateur actors, Alex Winter (as Bill S. Preston, Esquire) and Keanu Reeves (as Ted "Theodore" Logan). The acting of our lead characters may not be phenomenal, but the focus is on their journey. Following through several points in history, Bill and Ted collect historical figures such as Socrates, Billy the Kid, and Abraham Lincoln, all in order to get an "A" on their history project and prevent Ted from being sent away to military school. This of course leads to a wonderful finale in which each of the carefully picked figures presents something about their time period in history, and saves the day for our heroes.

All the while, this film is of course riddled with late 1980's fashion, music, and surfer slang. The most prominent in this film, though, would have to be the slang. Bill and Ted go back and forth throughout the movie saying lovable and memorable phrases such as "most excellent!" "bodacious!" and "be excellent to each other, dudes."

This film is one of the greats not only because of its influence on other films and creating two new stars in Alex Winter (now a director) and Keanu Reeves, but Bill and Ted is a family-friendly comedy anyone of any age can enjoy. Simply amazing!
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A most triumphant sci-fi comedy
GusF24 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
While not the first work of fiction to feature a time travelling phone box, this is a most triumphant sci-fi comedy. The film has a very strong script by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon. Like the two central characters, the jokes may not be the cleverest but they're extremely funny. The cleverest moment in the film is the inspired use of time travel to rescue the personages of historical significance. Stephen Herek does a very good job at directing the film, bringing a huge amount of flair and energy to the proceedings. At only 86 minutes, excluding the credits, it rollicks along at a great pace and manages to fit quite a bit into its short running time.

The film stars Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves as the Two Great Ones Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan, a pair of well meaning, gormless high school age slackers living in San Dimas, California in 1988. Although they don't even know how to play their instruments yet, the music of their garage band Wyld Stallyns - which, as they say at every opportunity, rule - will eventually form the basis for all human society. Sure, why not? Humanity could do an awful lot worse than to live by Bill and Ted's maxim of "Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!" However, all is not well. In order to ensure that this utopia comes about, Rufus is sent from the year 2688 to help the boys pass their history class and prevent Ted from being sent to an Alaskan military school. Much of the credit for the film's success has to go to Winter and Reeves, who have a very likable screen presence, great comic timing and terrific chemistry. It is very easy to accept them as best friends from the moment that they are introduced. Although Reeves has had the more successful career, to put it mildly, I think that Winter is the more talented of the two. Actually, the only Keanu Reeves performances that I have ever actually liked are contained in this film and "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey". He does vacant very well, in fairness to him. George Carlin's appearances as the time travelling benefactor Rufus are little more than an extended cameo but he certainly makes a big impression. In a temporal paradox that was probably unintentional, Rufus never actually introduces himself to Bill and Ted. They learn his name from their future selves.

On their trip through time, Bill and Ted pick up a variety of famous historical figures. Terry Camilleri does not have as much screen time as most of the others but he is a laugh riot as the "short dead dude" Napoleon, who develops an affinity for San Dimas in the late 20th Century particularly the water park Waterloo. I hope that he remembers that name as it may come back to haunt him. Unlike most other time travel films, this one actually addresses the language issue as the only historical figure from a non-English speaking country who can speak English is the polyglot Sigmund Freud. I think that the only English word that Socrates speaks is "geek," which he learns at the mall in 1988. Nevertheless, Tony Steedman is likewise hilarious as the ancient philosopher, who takes everything in his stride. He and the underrated Dan Shor, who plays Billy the Kid, are a great double act. I have to admit that I first heard of Socrates from this film when I was a child and, as such, "So Crates!" pops into my head every time that I hear his name to this day. My knowledge of him and his many accomplishments has increased in the meantime, I hasten to add.

Rod Loomis is great as Freud and Robert V. Barron is perfectly cast as Abraham Lincoln. I loved the fact that all of the historical figures were ready, willing and able to go along with Bill and Ted's plan to show them off at their final history report, though it was hinted that Genghis Khan and Joan of Arc (who was not Noah's wife, by the way) only had the vaguest idea of what was going on. Oddly enough, this is one of three films or TV shows that I am aware of in which Lincoln and Genghis Khan have run into each other, the others being the "Star Trek" episode "The Savage Curtain" and "Clone High". They're not exactly the most obvious historical duo! I also loved the little moments such as Billy the Kid and Socrates playing with a ball, Billy the Kid clearly being smitten with Joan of Arc - played by Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's, which is suitably random - and Napoleon attempting to make his moves on Missy, Bill's very young stepmother to whom both he and Ted are attracted. Hal Landon, Jr. and Bernie Casey are great straight men as Ted's hardass father Captain John Logan and the firm but fair history teacher Mr. Ryan, who are probably the two most believable characters in the film.

Overall, this is a bodacious time travel film. When I wasn't laughing, I was grinning from ear to ear.
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Most Excellent!
SnoopyStyle1 April 2016
The future is perfect but it's in danger. Ted Logan (Keanu Reeves) and Bill S. Preston (Alex Winter) play in their garage band Wyld Stallyns in San Dimas, California. The two slackers are in danger of failing history unless they ace the final oral presentation. Ted is threatened with military school by his dad. Rufus (George Carlin) travels 700 years from the future in his phone booth to help them pass their history class and stay together to form their most excellent band. Napoleon stowaways with the phone booth and arrives in the present. The boys decide to bring historical figures back with them to do the report.

This is simply a fun time with two adorable slackers. It is silly. I hope nobody takes the history lessons too seriously. One can certainly dissect this until all the fun is drained out of the movie. However, the lovable duo of Winter and Reeves cannot be denied. Also the diminutive dictator Napoleon is loads of fun.
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An Excellent And Hilarious SCI-FI/Comedy Cult Classic.
jcbutthead862 March 2016
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is an excellent(no pun intended),hilarious SCI-FI/Comedy that combines wonderful direction,a terrific cast,great laughs,a fine script,a memorable score and soundtrack and amazing special effects. All of those elements make Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure one of the most entertaining Comedies of the 1980s and a Cult Classic.

Set in San Dimas,California,Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure tells the story of teenage best friends Bill S. Preston Esquire(Alex Winter)and Ted Theodore Logan(Keanu Reeves)who are failing history class and are in danger of being separated forever. But when a man named Rufus(George Carlin)shows up in a phone booth time machine that can help them with their history project that can save their grade and friendship.

Released in 1989,Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is a brilliant and hilarious movie that was a surprise hit at the Box Office grossing 40 million dollars above it's 10 million dollar budget and becoming a Cult Classic while introducing movie audiences to one of the coolest movie duos of all-time in Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan AKA Bill and Ted. From start to finish Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is a movie that is an absolute blast that gives viewers plenty of laughs,Adventure and fun that just never stops and keeps viewers glued to the screen and is a movie in my opinion that ranks alongside the Back To The Future trilogy as one of the most entertaining time travel films of all-time. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is one of those movies that(along with it's underrated sequel Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey)remains re-watchable to this very day and for 90 minutes is most triumphant and never takes itself too seriously because it's not going to be thought-provoking nor will it make you think but it's a film you will never forget. It's one of those films that takes you back to the 1980s and tells viewers to turn off your brain sit back and have fun with this movie. The Comedy and laughs in Excellent Adventure are fantastic with over the top moments that are smart and outlandish and will have you roaring with laughter. The Humor not only comes from the scenes with Bill and Ted but with the historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln,Napoleon,Billy The Kid,Beethoven and Joan Of Ark deal with modern day and how they deal with the modern world and society(circa 1989). While it's historically inaccurate and very silly it goes with the offbeat style of the movie. The time traveling scenes in Excellent Adventure are dazzling and imaginative using a Telephone instead of a car or watch The Screenplay by Chris Matheson and Ed Soloman is funny and at times smart with dialog and scenes that are clever and over the top with great comedic timing. Bill and Ted are one of the classic duos that are just iconic from the moment you see them on screen with memorable lines that are quoted to this very day such as excellent,dude and others. It's obvious that Bill and Ted aren't the smartest guys in the world and they don't always better themselves(they want to form a band but can't play their instruments)the two always remain lovable despite their flaws and we root for them to succeed in trying to pass History. Bill and Ted are among my favorite movie characters of all-time and are legends that will live on forever. The ending of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is amazing,fun and filled with surprises and laughs that will put smiles on viewers faces. A terrific ending.

The cast is great. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are excellent and hilarious as Bill and Ted,with Winter and Reeves bringing laughs and chemistry. George Carlin is delightful as Rufus,a man sent to help Bill and Ted. Terry Camilleri is hilarious and memorable as Napoleon,the French soldier. Dan Shor(Billy The Kid),Tony Steedman(Socrates),Rod Loomis(Freud),Al Leong(Ghangus Kahn),Jane Wiedlin(of 80s group The Go-Go's,Joan Of Ark),Robert Barron(Abraham Lincoln),Clifford David(Beethoven),Hal Landon Jr(Captain Logan),Bernie Casey(Mr. Ryan),Amy Stoch(Missy/Mom)and J. Patrick McNamara(Mr. Preston give good performances as well.

The direction by Stephen Herek is terrific,with Herek bringing an energy,pace and visual style to the film. Great direction,Herek.

The score by David Newman is outstanding and memorable,with Newman's score matching the light tone of the film. Fantastic score,Newman. There is also a terrific Heavy Metal/Hard Rock soundtrack that adds to the film.

In final word,if you love Comedies,SCI-FI films or both,I highly suggest you see Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure,an excellent and hilarious SCI-FI/Comedy that you will never forget. Highly Recommended/ 10/10.
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Going back in time
sol-1 January 2016
Provided with a time machine by future beings with a vested interest in seeing them pass History, two high school slackers travel back in time and capture assorted historical figures in this popular 80s comedy. Given how nonsensical the plot is (the film assumes that interactions with historical figures will not alter the past - plus the Beethoven of the film is not deaf), the movie relies heavily on the charm and likability of its young protagonists to carry things through and fortunately the chemistry between stars Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves is spot-on all the way. The pair mispronouncing names such as Freud and Socrates admittedly grows groan-inducing quite quickly, but there is something to be said for the way Winter and Reeves seem able to predict one another's moves, often saying and doing spontaneous things in synchrony. The film also gets some good laughs from having historical figures at a loss to twentieth century living (Freud's constant psychoanalysing of everything is great), however, contemporary interactions with Napoleon were done more cleverly in 'I Dream of Jeannie' and the film does not feature anywhere near enough scenes in which the historical figures bond with each other; one of the best scenes has Socrates and Billy the Kid trying to hit on girls together like high school pals. While bits and pieces of the film do not work though, everything spirals towards a memorable, if over-the-top, auditorium climax and the final line that George Carlin says to the camera ensures that the film at least concludes on a humorous note.
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Very good and enjoyable!
Irishmoviereviewer12 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have to tell ya, you would happen to unexpectedly like Bill & Ted regardless of their fake cool accents. They both actually reminded me of Shaggy in Scooby Doo. They just have the attitude, the behavior and the way they talk about absolute nonsense. The pair of them are funny. I'm also happy for them that they got their English chicks, it was rather unexpected but I'm delighted for them!

I think the phone box was definitely copied from Doctor Who or Back to the future,it has like the same detail and idea of an actual time machine. It's really cool though.

If you feel like you wanna be entertained, get down to watching this, it'll blow you away!
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Likable '80s comedy with a great storyline
Leofwine_draca9 November 2015
BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE is a film that works thanks to the excellent, one-of-a-kind storyline that's the very definition of high concept: a couple of high school slackers risk being kicked out of school if they fail their history project, so they utilise the services of a time machine to assemble various historical figures to help them out. I love that, I love the concept and the execution is above average here.

Bill and Ted are also a lovably goofy couple of creations. I remember when Mike Myers ripped them off for WAYNE'S WORLD a couple of years later but I hated his creations, whereas these guys are actually funny. Their quirky dialogue is quite delightful. It's the historical stuff that makes this film work, though, and while it's never really laugh out loud funny, there's plenty of absurd humour that arises naturally from the premise. Plus it's impossible to dislike a film where henchman extraordinaire Al Leong plays Genghis Khan...
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Take a trip in time and see the last great peace loving band that never existed
siderite30 August 2015
The movie was not particularly smart, but it did kind of represent an era that we will never really forget: the excellent 80's. Meet the two completely spaced out losers that don't want anything else than to start a heavy metal band and will let nothing stop them, not even their lack of knowledge of their instruments. Helped by a man sent from the future, they travel back in time to gather celebrities in order to get an A+ in their oral TV show like exam. Beat that, Sly and Arnold!

The film has gained a cult following immediately after, not because it was a good movie, but because it took no prisoners and it didn't take itself seriously for one second. That kind of courage from the entertainment studios was also a sign of a dying age, unfortunately.

Like with the classic celebrities adolescents are forced to learn about in order to understand history, it would be criminal not to see the movie, if you ever want to know film. And for old folks like us, it is a trip back in time to happier days, when movies were fun and the world was dreaming of end to poverty and war.
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Possibly the greatest film ever made... please read
Julian Evans15 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
For many years I have held that Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is possibly the greatest film ever made. A massive claim I'll grant you, but I have sound reasons for making it. Isn't it fair to say that a great work of art should teach us something about the human condition? Is it not also the case that great film should entertain and enlighten? In these times in which we live, when religion is used to vindicate horrific inhuman acts or finds itself being left by the wayside as logic and science march forward with greater and greater strides, it's a comfort to see that a simple tenet can revive one's faith in the human spirit.

With Bill and Ted there is no race issue, no religious overtone, no profit from moralisation. There is a love of life, wonder for the wondrous, simplicity in all things. Yes the story is ridiculously far-fetched (chewed gum would never hold the aerial of a time machine together like that) but it is engaging, lovable, silly and FUN.

The performances are superb throughout. The cast, from the amazing Deacon to the incredible Missy, are loving every minute of it. George Carlin is great as Rufus (he knows what he's talking about) and demonstrates acting akin to Olivier's Hamlet. It's stunning. It has everything... history, truth, corn dogs, gnarly old goat dudes and babes. Then there's Alex and Keanu... what more needs to be said? The two 'great ones' on which this film and the alignment of the planets rests. I have been calling everyone a dude since 1989!

The story, the idea, the joyous silliness, the observation... and the undeniable truth that there is no greater rule to follow than to "be excellent to each other... and party on dudes!" Seriously, there is nothing else. I mean that. I'd rather follow that credo than any other set of rules that might exist. I'm sure George Carlin would have agreed. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favour and check out the greatest film of all time, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

So crates... watch your robes dude.
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Not Bad, Dude.
RbDeraj10 April 2015
While I thought some parts of this movie were "excellent," other parts were complete "bogus." It was a creative storyline and the characters of Bill and Ted were original, entertaining, and comedic. Some of the dialogue, story, and situations were about as dumb as the duo's intellect. Historically inaccurate, of course but Napoleon and Genghis Khan were especially hilarious. Overall it was slightly entertaining, but it was no where near a masterpiece or even a good solid movie for that matter. Do I regret watching it? No, but I probably won't ever watch it again. It did have some good lines and morals to live by: "Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!"
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Fun comedy with decent acting, but certainly not a masterpiece.
I will try to give this movie a critical overview, but it is a movie that is better if viewed without a critical eye. The whole movie is fueled by fun humor that is pretty easy to enjoy. Although it has some light sci-fi elements, it is by no means an action comedy, nor does is have an interesting story. The plot basis is fine, but there are no end twists or earth- shattering revelations and there are no time traveling issues (e.g. Marty McFly almost preventing his own birth by interfering with his parents' past). For those who haven't seen the movie, the essential plot is that Bill and Ted are failing history and cannot graduate high school without acing their final report. To make matters worse, Ted's dad is threatening to send Ted to military school if he flunks out. With help from a man named Rufus (George Carlin) from 2689, they travel through time to find historical figures to help them make the perfect history report.

While these two excellent dudes are presented and even treated like a unit, they are given individualized home situations and slightly different personalities. Ted (Keanu Reeves) is a bit more cheerful and goofy than Bill (Alex Winter), who has a few moments of irritation. While academically incompetent, they actually have some pretty good ideas and moments of resourcefulness throughout, rather like Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. The whole time, they surf speak (e.g. "Excellent," "Triumphant," "Bodacious," etc.) and play air guitar solos as they collect their historical figures. These small quirks are what I feel makes this movie so enjoyable.

Of course, it isn't award winning in any regard. As mentioned before, the story is given very little thought. The scattered moments of sci-fi have pretty poor visual effects. Of course, it is a comedy so these technical aspects are not terribly important. Besides, the acting and scripting is satisfactory from the main characters, minor characters, and one- liner parts.

The comedy has a consistent personality and mood to it, but there is a pretty good balance of situational and verbal humor. The comedy is presented blatantly and doesn't have much Home Alone style slapstick or Monty Python style British humor. The back half of the movie has lots of gags involving eight historical figures being put in California in the 80's. Bill and Ted have some pretty funny lines, but it's also quite amusing to just watch their non-verbal reactions to various situations. The humor is family friendly, though not written like a kid's movie. If that is confusing, it's essentially Wayne's World style comedy on a PG level, but again it isn't a kid's movie.

You can watch this in almost any setting and not decrease the viewing experience. There's no problem if you watch it with a semi-boisterous crowd. If you don't find it funny or enjoyable after ten or so minutes, I would recommend turning it off. Your first impression of this film will probably be close to your opinion of it at the end. So in short, it's worth a try in search of a good comedy, but is by no means a masterpiece. Overall Rating: 8.7/10.
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Most righteous
Mr-Fusion1 January 2015
"Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" is about as goofy as it gets, but that's totally its charm. And I can't really think of anything that's not likable about this movie; the historical figures at the mall, Napoleon and the waterslides, Bill's stepmom... It's got a surprisingly catchy soundtrack, some great one-liners and a winning sense of humor. The two leads are perfect choices for the eponymous dimwits (can there be a role more suited to Reeves' "Whoa" persona?). It all just works here, even if the time travel logic is threadbare. This is just good cheesy '80s fun. But most of all, I just love that George Carlin's in this. On paper, he seems unlikely, but fits like a glove.

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One of the most fun films ever made
Paul Stompbox28 October 2014
This film has lots of content to offer to everyone. The entire time I was watching, I kept on feeling the excitement that's inside me while watching. A film about two boys who fail school that get a time machine sounds pretty unique, but when you watch it, you get to see how fun it is. The script is well done, the action scenes are put together well, and the music is well done! One of my favorite parts in the film were the different scenes that go on at once. After Bill and Ted left Austria, accidentally taking Napoleon Bonaparte with them, Ted asks his younger brother to watch him. So we see Bill & Ted going back into time capturing historical figures, while Napoleon is exploring the world of San Dimas in the 1980's. Not to mention, the CGI in this film is bombtastic for its time.

It's a most triumphant movie, Dude!
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss50786 October 2014
Since the very beginnings of film, "buddy" comedies have always been very popular. From Laurel & Hardy and Abbott & Costello to Cheech & Chong and Harold & Kumar, audiences love to see what kind of trouble these guys can get into. After 25 years and with talks of a second sequel on the way, I finally decided to see what Bill & Ted were all about. I was always scared off by the PG rating, I mean George Carlin in a PG rated film, come on! The first part of the film was pretty much what I expected it to be, as the two failing history dudes, fly around the world looking for historical figures. Things turn from ordinary to extraordinary when the group finally returns to 1989 and decide to go the mall of all places. This is where the film really finds itself and becomes more than just your typical buddy story. The interactions with people and the reactions on both sides are absolutely priceless and is what changed my opinion of this film. Keanu Reeves stars in one of his earliest roles, and manages to show that at some point in his life, he did have a personality and could tell a joke. His partner Alex Winter didn't really do much before or since, and while he wasn't great, he did have chemistry with Reeves, which always helps a movie progress. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure wasn't so excellent, but it was different and manages to hold your attention. I still think this film would have been much better if it were R rated and a lot more edgy, but for what it was, it wasn't bad at all.
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The comic tale of an amazing adventure directed by Stephen Herek.
FilmCriticLalitRao26 September 2014
Director Stephen Herek has made his film in such a manner that even a future star Keanu Reeves appears more of an actor sans all the fuss of an arrogant star. As great American philosopher John Dewey (1859- 1952) rightly remarked : "we only think when we are confronted with problems", an important lesson learned by two teenage boys who embark on a mission to meet some of history's greatest figures in order to complete their class' history project. This is the commencement of an amazing adventure of astronomical proportions wherein two dimwits get a chance to hobnob with some of mankind's greatest personalities namely Socrates, Lincoln, Napoleon and Freud. It would not be an understatement to express that all films try to entertain their viewers. However, there are certain films which succeed in killing two birds with a single stone. "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" is one such film which provides oodles of entertainment with adequate doses of pertinent messages about teaching especially techniques of imparting lessons in history to young people. The small town setting does enormous good to this film as it is depicted as an ideal place for young people with limited opportunities who yearn to showcase their creativity at any cost.
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A 1980s Cult Classic
gavin694216 September 2014
Two seemingly dumb teens struggle to prepare a historical presentation with the help of a time machine.

This is the film that launched Keanu Reeves' career and brought George Carlin to a new generation of audiences. Those who grew up in the 80s and 90s may know him better as Rufus than as a comedian.

The film has aged a bit in the last twenty-five years, but that is to be expected. Unfortunately, because it is a music-themed film ,this was inevitable. The film is and will always be a "cult classic", but the idea of the future as expressed here is a bit more bizarre than even originally conceived.

The film could also be seen as misogynist, or at least anti-feminist. With the possible exception of Joan of Arc, there are no strong female roles. Missy exists as a trophy wife, and the princesses serve no purpose other than to be brides or girlfriends. A feminist critique would be interesting.
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Fun adventure with a phone booth time machine
willcundallreview21 August 2014
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is an adventure comedy and also a Sci-Fi that is funny, fun and has two likable yet very stupid characters. The story is not drawn out or anything and is one of the best things about it, it doesn't try to be a fantastic movie and knows where it's limits are. It kind of thrills all the way through and at certain points you may really be rooting for Bill and Ted. I felt the film was just about good, and here below is why so.

The story as said is fun and also comedic and that really mixes well here to create a film that will make you laugh but also let you just enjoy yourself whilst watching it. With the element of the time machine it just gets more fun, yes the film is goofy and very silly and can even seem like a stoner comedy without the drugs, but it is just consistently an enjoyable ride and one you can't help but like.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have a great friendship chemistry that is perfect in this type of movie, they even seem like brothers at times. As a whole the entire cast is good and they have good fun all the way to the end, I liked Terry Camilleri as Napoleon who is just hilarious and I won't ruin it for you but what he does is one of the highlights of this movie and along with other historic figures they all get caught in stupid things.

Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon make a solid script which is really one of the highlights of this movie and the basis for much of the laughs. Stephen Herek directs it well too and he seems to do a good job when it comes to the travels Bill and Ted go on. For the 80's, it has some cool effects and although not awesome, they are still good to see, and the sets sometimes are well… just a little crazy.

The film isn't always funny, misses the odd joke and that is why it isn't THE most funny film although no comedy is perfect. I think what I said about the stoner comedy but it doesn't have stoners part is also a reason this isn't great, very teen orientated and I can see why some people disliked this movie quite a bit, although yet again this film never claims or I think wants to be perfect.

If you want a comedy that goes along the lines of many other 80's comedies then this is one to watch and it also has the added bonus of being slightly like a parody similar to Back to the Future. I think if you don't like the goofy films also made in the 80's then this isn't for you, very much a film that isn't afraid to target only teenagers as a market, but I think now the biggest fans from 1989 are way past there teens.

Overall I did feel this was a Just About Good film and one I thought at first could have been an even higher score. Give it a go and literally chill out whilst watching this and you will have a massively good time, if you watch as a brutal film critic then you will well dislike it. But always remember watching this that it's just a funny teen film and I hope you have a most excellent adventure.
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