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All aboard the Amok Train

Author: Justin Stokes from Cleburne, TX
26 July 2010

Third entry in the series of films that have nothing to do with each other. The original title for this one is Amok Train, though it's better known as Beyond the Door III. It involves a group of college students heading to Yugoslavia. Once there, it is revealed that the virgin of the group, Beverly, is intended to be the bride of the devil.

This is a really bad movie with some truly lousy gore scenes. The deaths themselves are creative enough, but the effects are terrible, several of them using blatantly obvious dummy heads. The characters are also an unlikable bunch who treat Beverly poorly for no good reason. They also never seem to much care when something otherworldly happens. One guy kisses his possessed girlfriend and gets a mouth full of maggots in the process. The girl then proceeds to rip her face off right in front of him, but the guy never mentions it and acts as if it didn't happen. We also get some hilarious scenes of the titular train going off the rails, all done with very bad miniature work.

This one's for those who like to laugh at bad movies. Anyone else should avoid. Funnily enough, it's still the most watchable film in this series of unrelated Euro flicks.

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Skip the first two......

Author: ( from Hollywood, California
9 April 2001

Everyone who gave this movie a bad review is fired from EVER reviewing a b-horror movie again. There are two kinds of horror movies...There are the ones such as THE EXORCIST and HALLOWEEN which, for whatever reason, have mass appeal. And then there're the ones like BEYOND THE DOOR 3, obscure low budget oddities which suddenly appear on video store new release walls with a no-name cast and crew and really nothing to recommend them other than a really neat cover box. They're usually made on a shoestring budget with plots recycled from other movies. But they have only one goal and that is to entertain. And BEYOND THE DOOR 3 certainly succeeds in that area. I've seen this little gem of a flick more than a dozen times and I'm thoroughly entertained each time. To hell with characterizations and plodding plot devices, this little flick wants to entertain and scare you, and it does! When you rent a movie like BEYOND THE DOOR 3 you should have some idea of what's in store for you. Especially since it's a part 3 so you're renting it having probably seen the first two installments. So you shouldn't be disappointed because it's too cheesy or flatly directed, etc. That's what fans of these types of movies want. So shame on everyone who watched this movie and was disappointed. Go watch MATLOCK with Grandma, you sissies.

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Tickets please. Or pay the ultimate price.

Author: lost-in-limbo from the Mad Hatter's tea party.
12 April 2008

Forget about the unrelated title "Beyond the Door III", as its better represented under "Death Train" or "Amok Train". What starts off as an optimistically ominous Italian supernatural occult feature eventually falls into cheesy and senseless absurdness, but even so it manages to stay reasonably diverting. The premise's opening build up is atmospheric, spooky and alienating, but when the staged action hit's the train it becomes ludicrously brainless. Forget about making any sense of it (yep it's strange and baffling), and just go along for the unpredictable, but farcical train ride of 'doom'. Director Jeff Kwitny uses the creepy, louring, out-cast East European environment to great effect, and ups the tatty, macabre gore effects when it counted. He plasters it with cheap shocks, but the outrageously graphic deaths are amusingly inventive and impulsive. There are some memorable ones too. An inane script and wishy-washy story is made up of frantic ideas, and novelties that never really seem to come together, but at least it stays in character by keeping the story moving like a speeding train. Some sequences involving the run-away train (that's ritually controlled by Satanists) are balefully destructive, but other times you get a good laugh when the miniature train model comes into play. Adolfo Bartou's sweepingly agile and large scale cinematography is very well-implemented, and at times looked to good for such a production. Telegraphing nearly everything is the pounding, dread-induced music score of generically leering and terrible cues. The performances are pretty wretched, but Bo Svenson's little screen time makes an impression.

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Amok Train-Beyond the Door III

Author: Scarecrow-88 from United States
24 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Los Angeles teens, on a retreat through Eastern Europe, fall prey to creepy Serbian Devil cult who wish to mate virgin Beverly(Mary Kohnert)with their Master Lucifer, making her Princess of Darkness with evil being unleashed on the world. Narrowly escaping(..well, all of them but one who seems to freeze in a cataleptic state)an attempt at burning them alive in nailed huts, the teens, with Beverly in tow, make it for a train. Two of the group, Melanie(Renee Rancourt)& Larry(Ron Williams)are left behind, attempting, on foot, to follow in the hopes of reaching them somehow..but, Larry breaks his ankle, slowing them both down as they travel through some ominous territory alien to them. Meanwhile, demonic forces murder the train conducting crew, commandeering it as the remaining teens on board die one by one..using Beverly as a tool of destruction, Satanic supernatural forces operate through her with the classmates paying the price. As the railroad company attempt to stop the train by any means necessary, the forces of evil thwart them at every turn. In an attempt to stop the train themselves, the teens will enlist the aide of a thief on board, Sava(Savina Gersak)who speaks in third person with a cigarillo in her mouth, who likes to remove items from tourists' belongings. Also on board is a mysterious flute-playing stowaway, cloaked with only the viewer seeing his lighted eyes every now and then..he could very well play a hand in whether Lucifer and his cult are successful in their diabolical plan.

Ridiculous, jaw-droppingly absurd premise throws a lot of different ideas at the viewer. The acting is anything but convincing and the words from their mouths is rather painful to listen to. We get some bizarre violence such as one female victim, Christie(Sarah Conway Ciminera)whose afflicted with maggots when Beverly slaps her across the face causing grisly results(..filling his mouth with maggots during a kiss, boyfriend watches as his girlfriend's forehead cracks open, as she peels her face off revealing creepy crawlies spilling from her revealed skull). One victim's body is separated with his stomach exploding. Another decides to hang off the window as he giggles like a loon with railway barrier(..guided by a supernatural force)stabbing through him. Oh, and deaths to the train crew include one's being pulled into the coal furnace, one squashed underneath the train with his head pulled loose, and another being splattered between two cars. There's a goofy revelation of who the cloaked flute-player is. The blasted train drives right off the rails purposely to kill two victims in a lake, leading to a memorable beheading. Lots of wacky gory hi-jinx on display for fans of bad cinema. Bo Svenson has a small, but crucial, role as a professor assigned to the kids, who works for Satan. The ending is a bizarre ritual with the cult dressed in their garb as Lucifer rises from wherever in a block of ice! The one certain aspect that is not inept in this film is the fantastic cinematography..the camera-work and lighting is superb, which actually gives this tripe an attractive, polished look despite the abundance of problems plaguing the film. The models used for the train, and later airplane, are unconvincing and laughable. Still, this was a ton of fun..I can not say I was ever bored. There's so much lunacy on screen, you'll spend your time bewildered at what is transpiring.

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An open minded view &opinion from a lover of this cheezy movie

Author: punkynet84 from United States
9 December 2006

The rating may be off a little bit..due to my love of this cheezy horror movie! I saw this movie when I was little,my mom didn't approve of an 8 year old watching R-rated movies, but my father didn't care ha-HA! (the mom was working midnights then). Realizing later (years later, more like 14 years later)that this movie has Absolutely NOTHING to do with the first Beyond the Door movie. The plot of the movie is based around a girl named Beverly, who has caught the eye of the Prince Darkness. She has the mark of the devil on her stomach, that the audience can clearly see the mark as the head of Satan, but Beverly just thinks it's a birth mark. She is apart of this European culture class at her school, and her professor is taking the class to some Slavic-type foreign country. The peasants of this county are ridiculously portrayed: poor,pale, invalids that just shuffle around, stare and clap bricks together (the clapping of bricks is towards the end of the movie as the train is finally derailed and they are coming to get Beverly to prepare her for "her wedding"). The rest of the movie consists of crazy train rides, multiple derailments - with "superior special effects" by that I mean all the derailing shots consist of a model train running on a country-side model surface; several decapitations - all of which are poorly made dummy heads. Eventually after all her classmates are dead, she is left in the train with the mysterious flute playing monk (which he cannot play - his finger and breathing rhythms don't match up with the flute music), whom "helps her lose her virginity" in order to escape the Prince of Darkness' want of her - the girl has to be a virgin in order for her to be 'his'. The country peasants come and get her and is placed on the alter for the "virgin test" from a blind, grossly looking old woman that puts her hand between Beverly's legs to check her purity. Finding out that she is impure, all the peasants and Satan (whom was rising from the earth at that time) are burned and explode. Beverly is the only left alive to return home. I have been looking for years for this movie, when I did find it, I almost peed my pants (I didn't though, just using as a reference for my extreme excitement). To me, this is one of the greatest cheezy horror movies of my childhood. You obviously don't have to take my word for, you may agree or totally disagree with me. All in all, I am SOOO GLAD that I found this movie, and I will always love it. Just give it a try and see what you think.

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Hellishly Bad Filmmaking

Author: jet66 from Brooklyn
22 October 2012

If you enjoy hilariously awful occult movies, then this might be entertainment for you. Magnificently incompetent on every level, this film features some truly absurd special effects, awkward and amateur acting, clumsy dialogue, and a very disjointed narrative. You know that common sense was left by the wayside in the first 5 minutes, when a loose construction beam on a forward-moving truck flies backward at a sudden stop. Given the theft from better movies (Terror Train, Horror Express, etc.), the mumbo jumbo here could have at least relied on a suspenseful story. But we know well in advance the final stop for this steaming cinematic movement, with the ending telegraphed at least an hour before.

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80s Cheesfest

Author: slayrrr666 ( from Los Angeles, Ca
12 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Beyond the Door III" is an incredibly fun and cheesy film with very little flaws.


Traveling to Yugoslavia, classmates Beverly Putnic, (Mary Kohnert) Angel Washington, (Alex Vitale) Christie Anderson, (Sarah Conway Ciminera) Richard Auritza, (Jeremy Sanchez) Melanie Fine, (Renee Rancourt) Laurence Blately, (Ron Williams) and Kevin Morse, (William Geiger) meet with local Professor Andromolek, (Bo Svenson) for their studies. Hearing about a pagan ritual, they are taken to a performance from locals about the play. When they discover foul play, they manage to escape and onto a local train. As they begin to think they're safe, the train comes to life with a mind of it's own and begins to take them out one-by-one. When they realize that the train is a messenger to deliver one of the students back to a congregation of devil worshipers that require one of them to be in the ceremony, they race to get off the train to safety.

The Good News: This is a wonderfully fun and entertaining film. That is mostly due to how cheesy the film is. Even though the film is about the preparations of a demonic cult to get at them, most of the film is set on a train. That makes for some really cheesy action to be had. That itself is the best feature of the film. This one has a huge slew of action scenes that really get the film going along. From the numerous scenes of the train jumping the tracks but still going, which are pretty frequent throughout the film, to the carnage inside the train and the incredible length of time in the location are all great. The continuous amount of time that it jumps the tracks are it's good moments, as there's a sense of joy to be had when watching a train jumping the tracks and going through a wooded area or a soggy marshland and keep on going. These are just good cheesy fun, and the film is packed with them. This even gets better with all the time spent there, as having all of the different attempts to stop it come up with different action moments in here. From the military blockade that fails spectacularly to the attempts at blowing it up and all the outside forces' attempts, this really racks up those moments and does it well. The high amount of kills around the train is also great, and there's some really bloody ones to be had. Aside from the expected being run over, one gets sliced in half at the waist from loose-swinging chains, crushed between conjoining couplings, impaled on a crossing guard bar, being decapitated and being dragged into a coal pit with nothing visible doing the pulling. This here really has a lot of great kills in it. The finale, where the cult gets a hold of the patient and it all goes up in smoke, does have some really good action moments as well. The film even has a surprising amount of atmosphere built up, especially at the ending. The start of the train sequences, where the three are offed in creepy fashions and where one's encounter on the tracks to signify the beginning, as well as the journey through the woods to get to the play and their ensuing struggle to get away, all have some chills behind them. These here really make up the film.

The Bad News: This one had very little wrong with it. The main flaw is that the cult has very little screen-time. After the opening, they aren't brought up again, and that is slightly strange. That is due to the film taking up so much time on the train, which takes away from the cult. They have the possibility to be creepy, but there's no time spent with them to get that way. The film's cheesiness is also something to deal with, especially when it's so obvious that models are used for the scenes where a stunt-train is needed. Those really keep the film down.

The Final Verdict: A thoroughly fun and entertaining cheese-filled film, with enough to really get interesting and only a few mild flaws. Really recommended to those who enjoy these cheesy action-packed films without fail, or are just in the mood for some fun, while not a whole lot will really find this one to be lacking.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Language and Brief Nudity

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SPOILERS (sort of) - Amok Train runs amok, but is pretty crazy and fun to me!

Author: xenatikkanen-1 from Greenville, NC, United States
5 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is actually for sale on DVD under the title AMOK TRAIN. Part one is also for sale on DVD. I think part 2 (under the title SHOCK) is a preorder...

SPOILERS SORT OF>>> I thought it was hilarious myself. The gore effects were laughable but hilarious, none the less. The acting was atrocious and I kept saying how did anyone get paid to do this bad work? LOL The sets were so bad too, like the mini train set and tracks. It looked just like the one my dad gave to my nephew when he was little...Nothing like a little blood spewing from the mouth and beheadings and exploding bodies that get sawed by the mini train set. LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS MOVIE! hehehehheh

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To the Devil a Wife.

Author: Francisco Rotondi from Argentina
17 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't say that I'm surprised by the unpopularity of this film, but I think "Amok Train" is lots of fun and though a lot of people may disagree, I actually think it has a few genuinely eerie moments and it is worth watching.

The story goes something like this: A group of American "teenagers" go on a school trip to a rural town in Serbia called Ufir, to witness an ancient ritual. One of the class mates is a mousy girl named Beverly Putnic, who is of Serbian ancestry, but she is not very excited about visiting her ancestors' native lands, because she doesn't get along with anyone. What Beverly doesn't know is that this trip is actually all about her, because many years ago, a cult of Serbian satanists chose her to become the Devil's wife and now that she is a woman, she is ready to meet her future husband.

When the class mates arrive to Ufir, they are welcomed by a local man, known as Professor Andromolek, who is also the cult leader (which is evident, since he uses a silver cane, a black cape, and he has a Satan-like goatee). On the first night, two of the cult members set one of the cabins on fire, where the class mates are sleeping and one of the boys is burned to death. The young students leave immediately and ask around for help, but the creepy locals don't seem to care one bit (after all, they are the ones who caused the fire in the first place). The desperate and confused teenagers decide to run away and jump into a moving train, which leads to a series of chaotic and gory murders that nobody can explain.

I may be a part of a really, really small crowd here, but I actually like this film and not in a patronizing way. Sure, there are a lot of ridiculous parts, but I actually think director Jeff Kwitny builds up a very eerie atmosphere. I find the Serbian landscapes to be very frightening and intimidating in a beautiful way. The elderly actors who play the cult members look very threatening with their zombie-like attitude, their black clothes, the sinister look in their eyes and the fact that they always appear out of nowhere from the trees, giving the impression that they're all together up to something horrible. The death scenes are very creative; some of them look outrageous due the lack of budget or maybe the lack of common sense, but overall, I found the deaths to be very original and enjoyable.

The characters are rather generic and one dimensional, which is basically mandatory in these types of films. We have the shy and innocent girl (the leading role), the handsome athlete, the nice guy, the dumb one, the beautiful, popular girl… and the list goes on. To my pleasant surprise, during the train ride, the class mates come across a local girl named Sava (Savina Gersak), who is not only a tough girl, she is also a thief… and she refers to herself in the third person too! ("Don't mess with Sava", "Sava is a thief, not a murderer!"). The acting is mostly plain, except for Bo Svenson and Victoria Zinny (who only appears for a few minutes), it is obvious that the rest of the actors don't have a lot of acting experience and that's forgivable.

The film reaches its peak during the well awaited ritual, in which Beverly is offered to the Devil to be his wife. By this point, it seems like poor Beverly is somehow willing to accept her destiny, and she even looks eager to finally meet her future hubby. I don't want to spoil the whole scene but I will say this: we actually get to see the Devil for a brief moment… and it's not bad at all! I have seen my decent share of b-horror movies from the 80s to say that the Devil's appearance actually looks surprisingly decent. I think it would have been better to keep the Devil off-screen to make him more mysterious and intimidating, but apparently, director Jeff Kwitny didn't feel the same way and he took the risk of showing him. The whole ritual scene is over the top and bizarre, which is mostly what one would expect from a b-horror flick like this, so there's no disappointment there.

"Amok Train" deals with the premise of being stranded in a foreign land, where nobody can understand or help the characters, which is something that I enjoy. There are several scenes where we only see the Serbian actors talking to each other and there are no subtitles, which alienates the audience too. I think the whole idea of being lost and helpless in a foreign country is terrifying, especially if the place is half as scary like the fictional town of Ufir that we see in this film.

"Amok Train" is definitely a fun ride and anyone who can appreciate b-horror movies from the 80s should be able to enjoy this film. I know I was pleasantly surprised myself.

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One nasty train, with a plot derailment

Author: videorama-759-859391 from adelaide, australia
21 July 2014

Alternatively known as Death Train, this horror flick really show amateur qualities, whether script ("write as you go" dialogue is unbelievably bad) directing, whatever. The film does retain a wide intrigued curiosity of story, and the graphic violence has a style, yet plot is muddled (really hard to follow), which is really the film's problem, if done at a rushed effort. Supposedly the story is of a group of lucky American students who go to Europe to witness a ritual, where the virgin girl of the group, unawares she's just lost her mother in a horrific and cruel car accident, is being set up in a sacrifice, where she must lose her virginity quick, as a slightly creepy Russian satanist (veteran Bo Svenson- the best performance I've seen out of the guy) attains her. When all escaping, they board the train, which turns out to be the one from hell, like that death ship, that brought evil and death. As only seeing the film a few times, the last time, only the other day, I didn't realize how gory this film was, most of it, thanks to that notorious killer train. You don't give two hoots about any of the characters except, our virgin a little, and her peers who seem to taunt her and cast her out, doesn't help their likability status. But amidst the sloppiness of the film, this forgettable flick still rises above this and it's other painfully palpable faults, which will warrant some more views in the future, but again Svenson, the show stealer, is fantastic.

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