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I'm the First to Comment On This? What a Surprise! :)

Author: MovieAddict2016 from UK
5 February 2003

"Babar: The Movie" is quite good children's entertainment. Adults can enjoy it as well. The animation is nice, and it sticks very close to the television show (yes, I've seen the show - kid shows are great! :).

So, I would recommend "Babar" if you've got kids, or if you want a nice night-in watching a funny little elephant on-screen. Boy, I'm weird.

4/5 stars -

John Ulmer

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Author: rosiehlewis from England
9 July 2004

I grew up with this film, along with children's classics like Mary Poppins and The Snowman, very surprised to learn as i grew up that no-one else had even heard of it! I think that this film is great for little kids - no violence or anything and lots of singalong songs (wasn't one of them number 1 in the Uk for a while??) anyway if you have small children definitely consider getting this. If they're like me it'll become one of those that they'll remember as a childhood favourite - in my case, it's one of those ones which you can watch on the sofa when you're off school ill - hmm a 'comfort movie' i'll call it. Watch it!

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The greatest kid movie ever

Author: ( from Fort Macleod, Canada
21 March 2004

I have watched this movie a lot i used to rent from the local library all the time. Its a great movie for any age. I have just recently bought it on DVD to keep the child memories alive in me a must see. When i watch this movie I think about the days that used to be.

The movie follows the same format as the TV show with Babar telling a bedtime story to his four children. Kids all over will love this movie even if they have never seen anything with Babar before.

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Not just for kids!

Author: Erifod from Boston, Mass.
21 November 2000

For those that aren't familiar, Babar occupies a curious little niche in children's books, and is sometimes the first exposure children have to cursive writing. Long story short, Babar is a prince in an elephant kingdom, having all sorts of curious adventures. In this movie, Babar has been left to run the kingdom while Dad is on vacation - however, the rhinoceroses declare war on the elephant kingdom, and Babar has to decide whether to resolve the problem through peaceful or violent means (pretty heavy for a 4 year old). The highlight of the film is Babar inquiring of his advisors as to recommendations - said advisors then launch into an amusing song-and-dance number about bureaucratic (in)efficiency being the best solution - "We'll send it to committee for review!" Increasingly funny the older you are . . .

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Great Children's Movie

Author: Ilikequiche101 from United States
1 July 2007

My parents bought this for me on video when I was a toddler and I just loved it. It's an exciting new story. It has some fun songs in it and an interesting story-line. Babar is telling his children the story of his childhood, so the movie takes place mostly in Babar's past. It's a cute depiction of his childhood relationship with Celeste and the rhinos. It also includes our favorite monkey and rhino villain. I remember really liking the music. It's a high-spirited adventure. I have happy memories of watching it as it was one of my favorite movies as a kid, which is why our VHS copy is in such terrible shape. If you have the opportunity to see this, I recommend it. It's designated for children, but I still enjoyed watching it with my little sister. I loved the "Babar" books, so I was more familiar with the character than perhaps the children of today are. Give it a chance. It's an enjoyable movie based off of a very lovable elephant.

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My favorite movie when i was younger

Author: green_pixie18 from California
11 April 2004

I'm 16 now, and was just thinking of things i liked when i was little.

Right away i remembered babar! he was my favorite cartoon next to my little I had to look up this movie because i was curious. then i saw the picture of the movie and remembered it! so weird. anyway, i liked this movie so much that after 12 years, i still remember scenes from it! isn't that crazy? it is a very good and cute movie. i highly recommend it for 4-8 year olds. it is hard to find though; i haven't seen it in any video stores since i was little. maybe you can only buy it now?? don't know.

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Unfaithful and Not Good for Kids or Adults

Author: Wulfstan10 from United States
17 May 2005

This film is far inferior to the apparently less-loved and less well-known "Babar:King of the Elephants" and one should not be confused between the two.

In terms of style, animation, etc., the two are very similar, and a lot of the same people worked on both. However, Babar the Movie inexplicably strays from the stories, totally messing with the events as portrayed in the books. One example is that in Babar the Movie, Babar is a very young, and apparently reluctant, king at first, seemingly thrust into the position, and without Celeste as queen. This is completely different from the books where Babar, although chosen king, is mature by then; is the one who makes the elephant society "complex" and urban, etc.; and marries Celeste as soon as he becomes king and before he builds the city. Moreover, the "war" with the rhinos in Babar the Movie is more violent, so it is not as good for really young children, and it is inexplicable and apparently senseless, unlike the fight in Babar: King of the Elephants or the first books.

The story and conflict in Babar the Movie may be based on some of the latest books in the series, but not any of the books I have read, and it differs in story and spirit from the Babar books with which I am familiar. If it is based on later books, then I would venture to say that such books, if actually like this cartoon, stray from the original ones and fail in the same regards and for the same reasons.

Also, adults seem to like this one more because it is less "cutesy" and more "dark," but I disagree with any such opinions. Both cartoons are still child-oriented, neither really is great, neither is very artistic, and neither really transcends the child/family genre to appeal truly to people of all ages. I don't especially enjoy or appreciate kid/family oriented stuff that much, but I don't find this any more appealing to me because it is supposedly more "mature." In fact, the more artistic sequences of Babar: King of the Elephants I find to be handled much better, with greater care, skill, and art, than anything in Babar the Movie. I also find the scene in the other film, where the hunter kills Babar's mom, to be more powerful and interesting, even emotionally unsettling, than the stupid war in Babar the Movie, yet, it has an important point, is highly relevant, and is more appropriate an issue for kids. The war in Babar the Movie is unsettling as it seems totally gratuitous and sensationalized, used simply to create a showy story. It gives the feel of throwing in elements from a low-grade action film with pointless violence used only to gratify base desires, which simply is not appropriate for a cartoon such as this or for Babar.

Babar: King of the Elephants may be a little more "cutesy" than the books, and suffers for this, but it does basically stay faithful to the original spirit.

In sum, if one really wants to watch Babar, then one should watch Babar: King of the Elephants, not this movie. If one instead wants something more artistic or fitting with "mature" tastes, interests, etc., then one should watch neither. Babr the Movie seems to try to straddle both worlds (children and adult), and in doing so fails to succeed in either. Babar: King of the Elephants pretty much knows where it is and it succeeds as a result.

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