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Edited into 

The Making of 'True Lies' (1994) (TV Movie)
Short videoclips


Roger Ramjet (1965) (TV Series)
Xenogenesis (1978) (Short)
The A-Team (1983) (TV Series)

Referenced in 

Doogie Howser, M.D.: Blood and Remembrance (1989) (TV Episode)
Doogie refers to the film.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Godzilla vs. Megalon (1991) (TV Episode)
Crow: "Fight! You never walked away from anything in your life, now live!"
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Gamera vs. Barugon (1991) (TV Episode)
Joel: "You've never given up on anything in your life, now fight!"
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Time of the Apes (1991) (TV Episode)
Crow: "You never gave up on anything in your life, now live!"
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Mighty Jack (1991) (TV Episode)
Joel: "Cash in on some of the excitement that's been generated from movies like 'The Deep' and 'The Abyss.'"
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Teenage Caveman (1991) (TV Episode)
Crow: "You've never given up on anything in your life before. Fight."
The Making of 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' (1991) (TV Short)
Film is talked about.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Master Ninja I (1992) (TV Episode)
Crow: "You've never given up on anything in your life!"
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Attack of the Giant Leeches (1992) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Tom
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Painted Hills (1993) (TV Episode)
Joel: "You've never given up on anything in your life! Crawl!"
Animaniacs: Video Review/When Mice Ruled the Earth (1993) (TV Episode)
Seen on video store shelf
The Making of 'Jurassic Park' (1995) (Video)
Mentioned by Steven Spielberg.
Twister (1996)
Event Horizon (1997)
Titanic (1997)
Parasite Eve (1997)
Sphere (1998)
Similar underwater setting; a fire aboard the station, and the inability to return to the surface due to a storm.
The 70th Annual Academy Awards (1998) (TV Special)
The Making of 'Tremors' (1998) (Video)
mentioned once
Saturday Night Live: David Duchovny/Puff Daddy/Jimmy Page (1998) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in 'Go-Lords'
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Gorgo (1998) (TV Episode)
during an underwater scene someone says 'The Abysmal'
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Devil Fish (1998) (TV Episode)
"The Abyss 2 isn't very good"
StarCraft: Brood War (1998) (Video Game)
Deep Blue Sea (1999)
The Longest Journey (1999) (Video Game)
Fantasia 2000 (1999)
Mission to Mars (2000)
It's also about a rescue mission. The "sand creature" resembles too much the "water creature" from James Cameron's film. And, more important, there is also an angel-like alien who takes humans inside it's "ship" and reveals them, with the aid of very advanced devices, some very important truths.
Perfect Dark (2000) (Video Game)
one level looks just like the rig from The Abyss, espically the moon pool room
Red Planet (2000)
Extreme wide-angle shot of a space-suited explorer stepping to the edge of a Martian abyss, just as in the wide-angle shot of the scuba-suited Bud Brigman as he's preparing for his plunge into the underwater chasm to deactivate the nuclear warhead.
Donnie Darko (2001)
Evolution (2001)
Imagining 'Total Recall' (2001) (Video)
Dawson's Creek: The Abby (2002) (TV Episode)
title reference
Taken (2002) (TV Mini-Series)
The 'Alien' Saga (2002) (TV Movie)
Superior Firepower: The Making of 'Aliens' (2003) (Video)
Mention once
The Force Is with Them: The Legacy of 'Star Wars' (2004) (Video)
Mentioned by James Cameron.
Team America: World Police (2004)
When Lisa's new fiance at the beginning of the film is killed, just before he dies he says "You knew this would be a one way trip," just as Bud says to Lindsey when he's waiting to die at the bottom of the trench at the end of The Abyss.
Do You Like Hitchcock? (2005) (TV Movie)
DVD in video store
Entourage: The Abyss (2005) (TV Episode)
Movie poster seen at Cameron's office
American Dad!: Rough Trade (2006) (TV Episode)
Roger slaps the TV and shouts "You've never given up on anything before" just as Ed Harris' character did when trying to revive his wife in the film
Red Dwarf: The Tank - Series VIII (2006) (Video)
Referenced by name
Savage Harvest 2: October Blood (2006) (Video)
VHS tape seen
Dennis Muren Interview (2006) (Video)
A photo from this film is featured.
Stargate: Atlantis: Submersion (2007) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Sheppard
South Park: Imaginationland: Episode II (2007) (TV Episode)
Cartman's dialogue when he's yelling at Kyle to wake up is taken from The Abyss.
Be Kind Rewind (2008)
DVD is shown.
Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)
B.O.B. forms a 'water' tentacle Abyss style in the mothership.
Whatever Works (2009)
When Boris wakes up from a nightmare, Melody turns on the TV, and Boris says he just saw "the abyss". Melody says then they won't watch that
Cleanflix (2009)
DVD cover
The Vampire Diaries: 162 Candles (2009) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
The Jay Leno Show: Episode #1.70 (2009) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Michelle Rodriguez as another James Cameron film
Avatar: Creating the World of Pandora (2010) (TV Movie)
Mention once
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010) (Video)
It is mentioned in a newspaper article.
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (2010) (Video Game)
A map is titled "Abyss" after James Cameron's epic sci fi film of the same name.
Community: The Psychology of Letting Go (2010) (TV Episode)
Abed asks Pierce if "people in your religion ever take liquid form, like the creatures in 'The Abyss.'"
Call of Duty: Black Ops I (2010) (Video Game)
In the mission "Redemption", Alex Mason and Jason Hudson dive to the Numbers Station underwater, is also a homage to Ed Harris' film "The Abyss".
Capturing Avatar (2010) (Video)
mentioned once
Sektor 236 (2010)
The alien's POV is very simular to the POV of the creture in The Abyss. Also, Sektor 236 has simular opening music.
Special Collector's Edition: Titanic - 1ª Edición (2011) (TV Episode)
James Cameron's movie mentioned
Destination Truth: Thai Tree People/Aiya Napa Monster (2011) (TV Episode)
Josh feels like he is in this movie when going under water.
The Simpsons: The Real Housewives of Fat Tony (2011) (TV Episode)
during the couch gag, this video is seen on the shelf
Pastor Mike Online: Episode #1.6 (2011) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Mike.
Forget About It: Titanic (2011) (TV Episode)
Panda says that Titanic the sequel to The Abyss
Reflections on Titanic (2012)
mentioned once
South Park: Raising the Bar (2012) (TV Episode)
James Cameron's submersible dive to find the bar and raise it parodies 'The Abyss.'
End of the World (2013) (TV Movie)
Mentioned in Dialogue
Face Off: It's Better in the Dark (2013) (TV Episode)
title mentioned
Archer: Sea Tunt: Part 2 (2013) (TV Episode)
When there are not enough scuba suits, Archer's cold water drowning and resuscitation mimics the same scene where Lindsey (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) drowns in The Abyss.
Top 40 Shitty Shark Movies (2013) (Video)
James - "If you want a shark movie that's part Abyss, part Jaws, then look no further".
The Simpsons: Days of Future Future (2014) (TV Episode)
The Sea Captain's dinner date is the underwater alien.
Leviathan: Monster Melting Pot (2014) (Short)
mentioned once
Interkozmosz (2014) (Short)
come into sight the hungarian version of the original VHS cassette in the table game scene
NCIS: New Orleans: The Abyss (2015) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
What on Earth?: Secrets of the Sahara (2015) (TV Episode)
Title referenced
The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? (2015)
mentioned by Steve Johnson
Limitless: Headquarters! (2015) (TV Episode)
The scene where Brian fantasizes trying to revive Naz (and failing) is lifted from "The Abyss", where Virgil Brigman was trying to revive Lindsey Brigman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio).
Sunspring (2016) (Short)
Screenplay fed into computer

Featured in 

The Making of 'The Abyss' (1989) (Video)
Clips, snippets of interviews and behind-the-scenes
Siskel & Ebert: The Future of the Movies (1990) (TV Movie)
Clips are shown.
The Making of 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' (1991) (TV Short)
Footage is shown.
Masters of Illusion: The Wizards of Special Effects (1994) (TV Special)
clips shown
The Making of 'Jurassic Park' (1995) (Video)
A clip is shown.
From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light & Magic (1999) (TV Movie)
ILM's effect work on this film is discussed, with clips
The Force Is with Them: The Legacy of 'Star Wars' (2004) (Video)
A special effects clip is shown.
Hollywood Science: Disasters at Sea (2006) (TV Episode)
Clips shown.
The Sci-Fi Boys (2006)
The water life form was discussed along with clips of the movie. Model shown.
Industrial Light & Magic: Creating the Impossible (2010) (TV Movie)
A clip is shown.
Side by Side (2012)
Bad Movie Beatdown: The Marine (2012) (TV Episode)
clip shown
Titanic Review (2012)
Plinkett mentions that James Cameron directed this film; footage is shown.

Spoofed in 

Tiny Toon Adventures: Cinemaniacs! (1990) (TV Episode)
Spoofed on the multiplex marquee as "Abysmal"
South Park: Imaginationland: Episode II (2007) (TV Episode)
The scene where Cartman attempts to revive Kyle is a spoof of The Abyss where Bud attempts to revive Lindsey.
South Park: Pee (2009) (TV Episode)
the scene when Kyle is forced to drink three cups of urine in order to prevent his body to not endure the effects of fluid pressure before swimming down to drain it all out, is a parody of a scene in the Abyss, where the protagonist consumes a liquid breathing apparatus before venturing into the ocean depths
Achmed Saves America (2014) (Video)
Achmed pondering which wire to cut to disarm the bomb.

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