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Classic Suburban Black comedy!!!
Benedito Dias Rodrigues22 November 2017
Superior black comedy with a power trio,Hanks,Dern and the amusing Rick Ducommum,they are remarkable funny,the picture mix a several success formula to get to reach the high pattern,firstly the odd neighborhood,second a bit sex appeal on Rumsfield's couple and finally a smooth and weird newcomers all this are enough to start a paranoia...more when the audience realize all this were a huge misunderstanding enter an unexpected epic final....a real gem underrated from the eights!!


First watch: 1991 / How many: 2 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 8
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When you don't meet your new neighbors
SimonJack5 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"The 'Burbs" is a very funny movie. It's not loaded with witty dialog, but it has one funny situation after another. The men who live on their street wonder about the folks who have moved into the unkempt house in the neighborhood. It resembles a haunted house, and they have seen and heard strange things going on there at night.

Tom Hanks plays Ray Peterson who's starting a week's vacation. Wife Carol (Carrie Fisher) wants him to go to their rustic lake cabin to relax. But his interest in the unseen neighbors who moved in three months before has him all keyed up. Neighbors Art Weingartner (Rick Ducommun) and Mark Rumsfield (Bruce Dern) convince Ray that there's something strange going on.

These three go through a series of falls, slips and jolts as they try to uncover and maybe expose the unseen folks. The mayhem that results is hilarious. All of the cast are very good. It's a fun film and may have a subtle message – get to know your new neighbors early.
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Hilarious but flawed at the end
Mike LeMar17 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When the Klopeks first come home and see their basement lit up, why would sneak away only to come right back with cops if they're guilty? They apparently have at least one skull in the basement, where they see light on, and decide to get a cop to have their back as they go back home with even their trunk full of bones. Also, Ray wouldn't simply order Art to get out of the house after hitting the gas line without begging for help and Art wouldn't just flee.
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An enjoyable friendly neighborhood movie...
Paul Magne Haakonsen15 August 2017
"The 'Burbs" is a movie that I have watched a couple of times over the years since 1989, probably about 4 times or so since then. It is the type of movie that never really gets old, and it does have that classic value to it, so it doesn't lose its entertainment value.

The storyline is about a quiet and idyllic neighborhood that is turned upside down when the mysterious Klopek family moves into the neighborhood. Strange happenings and the curiosity of the neighbors soon have Ray Peterson (played by Tom Hanks), Mark Rumsfield (played by Bruce Dern) and Art Weingartner (played by Rick Ducommun) cross the line and start snooping into the Klopek's business and trespass unto their property.

Writer Dana Olsen put together a very entertaining story that contains elements of mystery and comedy, and mix them together quite well. And the character gallery in the movie was quite interesting, and the characters really added so much flavor to the movie. And director Joe Dante did a great job in bringing the movie to life on the screen.

Now, one of the more impressive things about "The 'Burbs" is the ensemble of talents that they rounded up for this movie. The lead roles are played by Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern and Rick Ducommun, whom all carried the movie quite nicely. But there is an equally impressive support cast which includes names such as Carrie Fisher, Corey Feldman and Henry Gibson.

There is a lot of funny situations throughout the movie, and I always find myself well amused and laughing throughout the course of "The 'Burbs".

If you haven't already seen "The 'Burbs" then I can warmly and strongly recommend that you take the time to do so, because this is a classic in its own.
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Pure Comedy
Minahzur Rahman21 July 2017
It was a great film. I just can't believe how on earth I missed out on such a film, and that too involving Tom Hanks. The film is like an underrated cult classic. It's not just the humour which makes this film great, but add in all the mystery elements to it, and you'll find yourself a great suspenseful movie. It keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout despite being light-hearted, and that's what makes this film unique. What I also loved about this film was the setting which I think is amazing, and probably why The Burbs was such a good film to watch.
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Satan is good. Satan is our pal.
Scott LeBrun27 March 2017
"The 'Burbs" is writer / co-producer / actor Dana Olsens' deliberately warped invention. The idea is to remove the picture perfect outer layer of average American suburban life and reveal what potential insanity could be bubbling underneath. In so doing, he also makes fun of suburbanites who seem to make it their business to know everybody elses' business.

Tom Hanks stars as Ray Peterson, your typical 'burb dweller, who ends up severely stressed out when his nutty neighbors - Bruce Dern as ex-military man Mark Rumsfield and the late comedian Rick Ducommun as nosey instigator Art Weingartner - spur him to action. They keep hearing weird noises, and seeing weird things, concerning the newcomers to the street, the Klopeks (Henry Gibson, Brother Theodore, Courtney Gains), and wonder just what the hell is going on inside the Klopek house. To make matters more interesting, their elderly neighbor Walter Seznick (Gale Gordon) goes missing. Could the Klopeks be responsible for his disappearance?

Ray tries his best to be rational and skeptical, but finds himself drawn in more and more by his kooky comrades and the things he witnesses. Acting as a genuine voice of reason is his understandably frustrated wife Carol (Carrie Fisher).

The whole thing becomes rather over the top, but then a sense of anarchy to his stories has always been filmmaker Joe Dantes' ("Piranha" '78, "The Howling", "Gremlins") strong suit. Olsen and Dante have fun with the dark comedy aspect to this yarn, and there are some quite funny bits along the way. Viewing the whole circus from the sidelines is neighborhood teen Ricky Butler (Corey Feldman), who tries to convince his peers that the goings on here are better than any movie they could watch. Among those who really get into the spirit of the material are production designer James Spencer and composer Jerry Goldsmith.

Hanks is terrific, and much like the legendary Gene Wilder, proves to be a master at freaking out in a comedic way. But the whole cast is great, with Ducommun often going to town on the scenery. The cast is filled with familiar faces: Wendy Schaal, Dick Miller (Dantes' good luck charm for many years), Robert Picardo, Franklyn Ajaye, Rance Howard, Nicky Katt, Kevin Gage, Patrika Darbo. Olsen himself appears as a cop.

While the story is ultimately rather predictable, it does keep you watching, and amused - and may make you wonder what goes on behind your own neighbors' doors.

Seven out of 10.
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Darkly funny Tom Hanks comedy doesn't quite hold up
Screen_Blitz11 January 2017
Comedies were definitely not the same in the 80s as they are today. The 80s was the decade of some of the most unconventional comedies that inspired many comedic tropes incorporated in countless entries in the genre since then. Evidence can shown by the evolutionary change in humor over the decades, from the quirky days of the National Lampoon franchise, to the age of over-the-top R-rated sex comedies have now dominated the comedy genre since the dawn of the 90s. This quirky dark comedy directed by Joe Dante who brought this part-comedy, part-horror piece 'Gremlins' in 1984 stars Tom Hanks less than half a decade from the more dramatic work he is often known for. The 'Burbs places its likable cast in a mix bag of quirky slapstick humor and darkly humorous gags while taking an unconventional approach on the Suburban culture during the Cold War-era. For a comedy, it should have been funner than it is. Unfortunately, it pervades with an outlandish style of humor that by today's standards, feels awfully dated and just plain silly. Set in an suburban neighborhood in Des Moines, Iowa, this film follows Ray Paterson (played by Tom Hanks), a lazy man in this thirties taking a week off from work to lay around the house and possibly spend time with his wife Carol (played by Carrie Fisher) and his son Dave (played by Corey Danziger). When a mysterious family of demon worshippers moves next door, Ray's paranoid neighbor Art (played by Rick Ducommun) and his army-retired neighbor across the street Mark Rumsfield (played by Bruce Dern) grow incredibly suspicious them, fearing they might be sadists.

Although Tom Hanks is more of a veteran in the non-comedic territory particularly when looking at his work in films like 'Philadelphia', 'Saving Private Ryan', and 'Forrest Gump', he has still demonstrated evidence that he is capable of showing his comedic side (even if his comedic works don't come as memorable). Hanks demonstrates a fair amount of comedic chemistry here, but is it enough to carry the film on his shoulders? Not quite, and either are his co-stars Bruce Dern and Rick Ducommun. This darkly funny comedic piece boasts a somewhat promising premise that some individuals growing up in a suburban community can relate to, and it clear early on that Joe Dante and writer Dana Olson hold intentions to tap into viewers' funny bones. But throughout the time Tom Hanks, Rick Ducommun, and Bruce Dern come on screen, there are only less than a handful of moments when they are successfully funny. This trio show a decent amount of chemistry between each other along with a few hilarious one-liners. But the film too often relies on silly slapstick gags and macabre humor that often evoke nothing more than a snicker than a fully fledged laugh. Most of the time movie works is when it dives into the darker territory when the characters are forced to encounter the neighborhood demonic deeds, plenty of thrills to be offered there. The only one who remains remotely consistent in terms of laughter is Corey Feldman as Bruce Dern's loud-mouth teenage neighbor who shows out with a few energetic one-liners each time he comes on screen. Everyone else appears to struggle on providing the proper laughter viewers deserve.

The 'Burbs is a semi-entertaining dark comedy that has its clever moments here and there but doesn't quite hold up to this day. In conclusion, it never rises up the more memorable works of Tom Hanks though that is not to say this is his worst. After all, he at least takes his time to shine here.
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An underrated film, but a great finish
jackallen-6705529 December 2016
The 'Burbs is a weird film, but you gotta give it to the director of Gremlins and Innerspace for the way he did the main conversations throughout it. There are a lot of funny bits in this thriller/comedy. For one it's Walter Seznick's Dog Queenie. I don't know about it, but the dog just makes me crack up when they show him on the screen. Another thing are the less focused parts, like when Rick Ducommon's character, Art Weingartner, grabs a handful of dog chow at the dinner table when Carrie Fisher's character, Carol Peterson, grabs an orange, then she feeds the chow to the dog. A few of the stuff is suspenseful and just...weird at the same time. With such a strong cast and veteran director (Joe Dante), "The 'Burbs" should have been a better movie. The weak link here is the writing. It's a great film, but it's very overlooked.
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R.I.P Carrie Fisher
adonis98-743-18650327 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
An overstressed suburbanite and two of his neighbors struggle to prove their paranoid theory that the new family on the block are part of a murderous cult. I watched The 'Burbs a long time ago but i really had a great time Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, Corey Feldman and the great and late Carrie Fisher did a great job. For a 1989 film this holds up really well and it was hilarious i mean everything seems ordinary the neighborhood the neighbors everything but some things are not as good as they seem and as the film continues you get into more of the horror element and it packs even more laughs. Overall this is a great film and a very underrated one upon Hanks amazing film career but i just wanna say that i'm gonna miss Princess Leia and May The Force Be With Her Always!!!
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The plot of "Rear Window" and the campiness of "Arsenic and Old Lace," makes for a hilarious romp
Peter Welch23 November 2016
This is a silly movie that fits the Halloween season perfectly. It's shocking to me that critics and filmgoers hold this movie in somewhat low esteem.

"The 'Burbs" tells the story of Mayfield Place, a (usually) quiet cul-de-sac in a suburban town. Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks) is on a week-long "staycation" in his house, and he wants to meet his new neighbors, the Klopeks. Through a spooky series of events, Ray begins to suspect the Klopeks of killing a man who lives across the street. Ray and an entourage of goofy neighbors begin to investigate the suspected murder, and hijinks ensue.

This movie is a cartoon. All of the characters are silly archetypes, and the setting is an overly colorful suburban cul-de-sac. The setting looks like a cheap Hollywood set, and that's by design. There is no realism in this movie. Like I said in the title, this film feels a lot like Capra's classic spooky comedy "Arsenic and Old Lace." This cartoonish, colorful feel is not a shortcoming at all- it's the perfect tone for the story Dante wants to tell. The laughs are consistent throughout.

The comedy takes center stage, but the mystery in this movie is actually pretty clever in its own right. As the neighbor team uncovers clues about the murder, the audience tries to piece everything together at the same time. This is not a complex mystery that will leave you thinking weeks later, but it fits in this movie, and it helps keep the audience engaged from start to finish.

This movie's central message is predictable: are the Klopeks the villains? Or are the true villains our nosy protagonists? The commentary is light, but it fits this movie, and it's something that everyone who has lived in suburbia can relate to.

At the end of the day, this movie isn't a great artistic achievement. But if you want a silly, fun movie for Halloween, this is the movie for you. I smiled from beginning to end and I would certainly watch it again.
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Hello neighbor
Realrockerhalloween12 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The burbs is a satire comedy about the suburbs and how even the well off in society can be weird. When new neighbor's move in across the street, Ray and his friends take an instant distrust to them.

The krychecks keep to themselves, take out the trash in the middle of the night in their car or bury it in the yard. Lightening even strikes the roof as if a weird experiment is taking place.

What I love about the film is it makes you question who is same. The neighbor's who now their lawn, attend picnics and keep their houses up to code or the ones who don't.

Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher have on screen chemistry that shines through every scene they appear in. They fell like a real married couple that love next door.

The shenanigans the boys get into to prove the krychecks aren't as they seen is a treat. The creative traps and look outs plans that go wrong is like a three stooges skit. What can go wrong, will go wrong. The burbs is a movie you don't want to miss.
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A favourite go-to movie
orbcardinal26 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a sucker for Tom Hanks movies (him being 1/2 of my favourite actors). My parents showed me this a few years back and it's definitely become my go-to movie when I'm doing anything or just bored. Sure, it has it's creepy moments and there are some visuals that can be disturbing to some like blood and skeletons. However, it has some very well-written humour and great overall acting. The movie is serious when it needs to be and genuinely funny when it can be. Also the overall plot (and rather weird one at that) in my opinion was pretty good. Weird neighbours move in, no one really questions it but the odd friend. Other neighbours are intrigued, do all these ridiculous but funny stunts to find out more, eventually uncover a doctor to be a murdered. Sure, may sound stupid to some, but I thought it was very, very well done with a great cast. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who wants a funny/slightly creepy movie to watch.
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It has it's moments but in the end it's just okay
The Couchpotatoes14 May 2016
For the eighties The Burbs was probably a good movie. It's still okay now but there are just much better movies then this one so that's why I only give it a six. I probably would have scored it higher when it came out. It has a couple of funny moments but overall it's not good enough to compete with the classic comedies. As for the mystery I have to agree that you will try to figure out what is going on in that house. So for that it got my attention. A thriller I would certainly not call it because it just isn't. If you like the early Tom Hanks then you will probably like The Burbs as well. To me it's just a good enough movie to watch on a Saturday afternoon but not that of a big deal.
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The perfect 5
Benjamin Taylor6 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly though this movie is pretty blessed. You got that kid from Stand By Me being a complete rascal and Tom Hanks at his absolute best in this moving performance. Also starring Hans Gruber and that guy from Django.

Personally I think Steven Spielgberg could have done much better but at least he recovered with E.T. the following year.

A perfectly average movie.

I need ten lines but the issue here is that there is nothing left to be said so instead I will write a poem. Jon Bingus walked along the Sea. Jon Bingus came and went with me. One Day Jon Bingus will tell me the truth. Jon Bingus killed lincoln then killed John Wilkes Booth.
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A Slightly Dark Romp Through Suburbia
Kevin Lea Davies15 April 2016
The 'Burbs were one of those semi-clean comedies that my mother and father approved of in our VHS library when I was a child. Directed by Joe Dante (of Gremlins fame), and featuring some of the biggest names from the 1980's, it's a movie that still is still hilarious from a somewhat gentler political time.

Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher play the central family unit during a weekend holiday, representing the ideal American family living somewhere in unknown suburbia. Every neighbour plays a wonderful caricature of the typical melting pot that makes the U.S such a weird and wonderful place to live. There is a retired war veteran (Bruce Dern), and his beautiful young wife (Wendy Schaal) ready to play taps and raise the American flag every morning. The young rock and roller (Corey Feldman), left home alone for the weekend with a few chores to do around the house, but will spend the majority of this weekend drinking beer and running amok. And the 'everyman' neighbour Art (Rick Ducommun) who plays the instigating and downright rude best friend to the main character. Each one brings a different persona to this crazy little neighbourhood, and they blend well together.

The plot revolves around a family of recluses, the Klopek family, who rumour has it are mentally disturbed, extremely secretive, maybe even homicidal. Every neighbour has a different story to tell about them, and following a night of a massive power outage, the rumours spread quickly. Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks) becomes quickly paranoid and the neighbours become more and more aggressive when it comes to finding out what's going on in the Klopek's house. It doesn't take long before a few of the more suspicious neighbours decide to sneak into their home and finally figure what's going on in their dilapidated home.

A comedy from a different generation, where breaking and entering was considered a petty crime. It's a fun romp through an a-typical U.S suburb, and even slightly dark at times. A definite classic in 80's comedy, before Tom Hanks entered the more dramatic era of his career.

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Everybody loves Ray....except the new neighbors.
mark.waltz16 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It is so ironic that Tom Hanks' first name here happens to be Ray, because from the moment I started watching this, it reminded me of the darkness behind the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond". The neighbors are as darkly freaky as the rest of the Barone family with Hanks a definite variation of Ray Romano and Carrie Fisher as uptight and irascible as Debra Barone. Add in such odd characters as Gale Gordan's grumpy old man, chronically high teen Corey Feldman and Bruce Dern's redneck. This is suburban hell, and there appears to be no escape.

When Hanks, Dern and another neighbor snoop on the newcomers, they spot someone who looks like Eddie Munster and Lurch's love child with what appears to be a body bag, they suspect foul play. Then, grumpy Gordan disappears, furthering the mystery. The three men begin to get spooked out, and from there, things just weirder and weirder, starting with a dream sequence that make Tevye's nightmare seem like having tea with Mr. Rogers. With neighbors like this (which includes "Laugh-In" actor Henry Gibson as a rather strange doctor), who needs cul de sacs?

I've had my share of strange or annoying neighbors over the years, but at least I could find things to laugh about. I found minimalistic things to laugh at here, and the whole black comedy theme is truly overdone. Perhaps on paper, the script seemed funnier, or overtime it has just been weighed down in bad taste. The late 1980's and early 90's had a slew of strange neighbor comedies with suburban themes, and a good majority of them are truly bad. But this one is even worse, because it seems to pride itself on thinking that it is much funnier than it is, and in retrospect that smugness is what kills it.
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Well worth a watch if you need a laugh
Byrdz22 February 2016
Needed to see a familiar and funny movie this week and so went for The 'Burbs. I had seen it before but had such a vague memory of it that I thought that Michael Keaton was one of the lead actors. However, Tom Hanks played the Michael Keaton role quite well.

The ensemble cast is fun in this very goofy off beat wacky silly(choose one or more) comedy of suburbia. Bruce Dern, Corey Feldman, Carrie Fisher (sans Leia Cruller hairdo), Gale Gordon, Henry Gibson AND Brother Theodore ! The beginning of the film and the end are better than the middle but it's worth the wait to see what is finally revealed.

Suspend your disbelief and critical prowess and give this one a watch if you just want a few guffaws and chuckles.
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Makes you miss funny Tom Hanks.
mockfilmsblog24 January 2016
Alright kids, time to jump into the Wayback Machine and watch a blast from the past. We are going back to a time before Tom Hanks was only seen as Oscar gold and wasn't afraid to go for the gut laugh. If you don't know of this time that I speak then ask your dad and watch this weeks slice of late eighties fun called The 'Burbs. This film is reminiscent of so many films of that time. Weird, off the wall flicks that seem like a stoner fantasy but for some reason, the kismet was there and they work. They shouldn't, but they do.

Driected by Joe Dante (Oh, you know we are going to visit the Gremlins, both 1 and 2, at a later date), The 'Burbs takes all of the old tropes of nosy neighbors and builds a slapstick horror around it. Ray Peterson (Hanks) is off from work and becomes obsessed with the strange new neighbors, the Klopecks, with a fair amount of goading from his friends (played hilariously by Rick Ducommun and Mock Films Blog alum Bruce Dern). With little or nothing to do with their free time, the three buddies spy on the eccentric activities of the new residents, like digging up their own yard in the dead of night or the odd noises emanating from their basement. As the strange behavior continues next door, one of the members of the block disappears mysteriously, adding to the speculation from Ray and his cohorts that the Klopecks may be a family of serial killers. What follows is a well crafted, keep you guessing mystery which brings genuine laughs to the audience.—
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Horrible horror comedy!
OllieSuave-00716 September 2015
I was pretty excited for this movie since the plot summary about a suburban family worried that their reclusive and mysterious neighbors might be a cannibalistic cult sounded intriguing. However, what really resulted was just a comedic mess of overzealous and overly excited characters, corny and annoying acting and a slow-moving story.

Because of the forced humor that succumbed most of the movie, any suspense and thrills of the mysterious-neighbor plot device was lost. Rick Ducommun was one of the nosy suburbanites and created much of the annoyance and damage to the course of events, as did the childish, clownish and ridiculous Bruce Dern. Corey Feldman tried to pull off a bad boyish teenager look, who really didn't do anything in the film, and Tom Hanks acted like he was overly frustrated much of the time during the movie. I actually thought the mysterious neighbor characters had the best acting and chemistry.

There may be a tidbit of thrilling moments in and there, for example, the part where Tom Hanks sneaks into the neighbors' house at night to try to find incriminating evidence. But, don't let the horror genre label fool you - this movie is just a poor attempt at black comedy that even kids won't find funny.

Grade D---
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Predictable, Frustrating, Annoying...
jruunderhill3 July 2015
I watched this movie solely because of the fact that it stared Tom Hanks, one of the greatest actors Hollywood has ever seen. Starting the movie, I knew nothing about the plot, what genre it fell into, or even a vague sense of what it was about. As the movie started, I was captivated by the interesting characters, the engaging dialogue, and the spot-on on satire of suburbia. After the first fifteen minutes, the movie took a sharp left turn. Every scene and every joke became painfully obvious. During the build up to every "humorous" moment, I found myself saying aloud what was going to happen. On top of the movie's predictability, I found it highly frustrating that the characters continually discovered seemingly incriminating evidence, but took it upon themselves to play police detective. There is a certain piece of evidence, in particular, that the family dog discovers, but the characters just chalk it up as a potential misunderstanding. In real life, if you find this type of evidence, you don't discuss it, you call the police. This ridiculous denial of hard evidence absolutely ruined the movie for me, not to mention the over-the-top, near senile, ending to a monstrosity of a movie. I didn't expect greatness from this movie when I began watching it, but I did expect to be entertained. Instead, I suffered through it because I felt vested and was constantly hoping that it would turn around and surprise me...but it never did. Sorry Tom, you are amongst the best ever, but this was certainly your worst.
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Strange, clean, dumb fun.
carbuff29 June 2015
Strange, but in a good way.

Neither me nor the other guy I watched this with had ever seen this movie before and neither of us had any idea of where it was going while we were watching it.

It is very successful at being a light, suspenseful, comedy. It's a fun, old, blast-from-the-past, movie with a weird script and solid, workmanlike, but unexceptional acting.

Strange new neighbors move into Tom Hank's 'hood, and he and his current (also) strange neighbors begin to suspect that they're not entirely benign, which sets up the comical investigations to follow.

I can't believe I never saw this before, and while it's not great film-making by any means, it's different enough and well-done enough to be easily justify the time spent on it, and, if it's a concern of yours, it's very clean to boot.
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Geeky Randy's summary
Geeky Randy26 June 2015
Hanks takes a stay-cation to relax and catch up on things around the house, but that idea is quickly put to bed when a couple goofy paranoid neighbor buddies (Dern and Ducommun) suspect that the disappearance of a fellow resident might be the doings of an eccentric family who moved into the creep old house next door. Nostalgic to say the least, be even for 1989, THE 'BURBS was certainly pushing the suspension-of-disbelief boundaries. Highly likely that Feldman was cast as Donatello in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES thanks to his role in this outing. The poodle also appears in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

**½ (out of four)
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Pure Dante
Fluke_Skywalker25 June 2015
Director Joe Dante is a bit like Steven Spielberg's odd cousin. He takes these very Spielbergian settings and concepts and holds them up to a funhouse mirror. They entertain, but you can't help but think Dante is making fun of you the entire time.

'The 'Burbs' is a quirky little oddity from a time when Tom Hanks used to make buddy cop movies with dogs--I miss that Tom Hanks sometimes. Though it goes on for about 10-15 minutes longer than it should and subverts its own message about suburbanites/suburbia with its ending, 'The 'Burbs' is an amusing piece from Dante's career menagerie that's infinitely re-watchable.
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Just found this on Netflix haven't seen it in a while
zzztigr14 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie holds up well even after the social media age. From the first shot showing a zoom in to a neighborhood that could be almost anywhere to the homages to old horror films, famous directors and comedians. The characters are great representatives of those neighbors that are just a bit quirky, but you become friendly with them because they live next to you. When the neighborhood gets a case of stranger danger after a new weird family moves in, a bunch of bored middle class suburbanites take action and hilarity ensues. Tom and the gang are great, and even Carrie Fisher looks good in a post Star Wars appearance.
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One of my favorite little movies!
dcorvino27 May 2015
I love The 'Burbs! I'll admit it! I have watched it well over 2 dozen times. The characters are hilarious, the story is good, the neighborhood is great, and the comedy is fun. Tom Hanks does a fantastic job, as does everyone else in the cast. Carrie Fisher doesn't have a great deal to do but she is very convincing as Hank's wife. The film's score is one of the best you'll ever experience in a comedy. It is just fantastic. It really adds to the film. There's just something about this movie that connects with the average Joe. You can see yourself in the situations and you know you would react the same way. Watch it for yourself. And then watch it again. It won't be long before this movie seems like an old friend you enjoy visiting!
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