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Season 3

28 Sep. 1991
A House Divided
Teaspoon draws the assignment of rebuilding a way station destroyed by renegades. He and the riders relocate to Rock Creek, a new territory for them to make their way in, getting to know the new neighbors.
5 Oct. 1991
Young Jesse vows revenge after the murder of his foster father Doc but the riders try to disuade him. Someone also wants Jesse dead so his new friends protect him. Noah deals with ugly racial comments from Jarvis.
12 Oct. 1991
The Blood of Others
Hickok, Lou and the Kid tangle with a vengeful ex-lawman while escorting a desperado to his execution.
26 Oct. 1991
Between Rock Creek and a Hard Place
The riders become involved in a murder investigation when a Union Army recruiter is found stabbed following an argument with Noah.
9 Nov. 1991
The Presence of Mine Enemies
Ike is romancing Emily Metcalfe whose father has been feuding with shady gambler Neville. Emily vows revenge when Neville shoots her father but it's Ike who pays when trying to protect his girlfriend.
16 Nov. 1991
Cody wants the reward the Army is offering regarding their weapons theft. He falls for a widow Julia, with her son Danny, who wants to break with her husband's gun running gang. Buck grieves the loss of his friend Ike.
25 Nov. 1991
The Initiation
Hickok brings in Frank James after a bank robbery and Frank sees it as an opportunity to get Jesse to join as part of his gang. Teaspoon appeals to Jesse to stay with friends instead of choosing family and their criminal ways.
30 Nov. 1991
Just Like Old Times
The Kid meets an old girlfriend and realizes that adult experiences change one's perceptions of youth.
7 Dec. 1991
With Teaspoon and others away, Noah heads a slim crew. Rachel falls for an injured Mike Stolder who they learn has a drinking problem. Murderous horse thieves trail him for revenge. Jesse wants to grow up too fast.
28 Dec. 1991
A Tiger's Tale
Noah and Cody have the unusual task of escorting a tiger, two nuns and Elizabeth, a novice. Cody falls for Elizabeth, tries to disuade her from taking vows while they fight off hunters wanting a tiger hide. Jesse gets a crush on Louise.
4 Jan. 1992
Good Night Sweet Charlotte
Lou's past haunts her when her friend Charlotte arrives, followed closely by Wicks a man who hurt them both. After Charlotte mysteriously dies, Lou tells Rachel everything. Hickok tries to help an injured Lakota, Red Sky.
18 Jan. 1992
Song of Isaiah
Isaiah Burke and wife Rosemary are abolitionists trying to lead a group to freedom but slave catchers are close behind. Hickok helps them out but also falls in love with Mrs. Burke. Isaiah is captured and must be rescued by the riders.
25 Jan. 1992
The Kid helps out Margaret but the act of kindness connects him to a plot to steal a gold shipment. Both sides on the slavery issue want the money to help their cause and are willing to use any means necessary to get it.
21 May 1992
Teaspoon falls for Miss Marie who claims to be destitute because of a robbery. But Jesse and Bill learns she has a connection to an outlaw gang. Hickok seeks vengeance outside the law after a child is murdered.
28 May 1992
Mask of Fear
Jesse has a new boss in Fury, a gruff man who is the father figure the lonely boy is looking for. But Jesse finds him murdered right after the return of Tarkoski from prison and the others have to stop an act of revenge.
4 Jun. 1992
Dark Brother
Buck encounters Camille, about to wed Bill Barlow, who he left behind when they ran across buffalo hunters. She was Little Feather then and when she seems possessed Buck takes her to find a Native American healer to heal her.
11 Jun. 1992
The Road Not Taken
Cody has written a story about the riders and the rest take exception about how they are portrayed when it's published. Jimmy and Jesse take after cold blooded killer Dobbins who's after a widow and her son Seth.
25 Jun. 1992
The Sacrifice
Teaspoon and Jimmy save African American Edward from a lynching. It brings their disagreement over the South and slavery to a head. The Kid's proposal to Lou is stopped by a gunfight and a prisoner named Dawkins who's help they need..
9 Jul. 1992
Lessons Learned
Killer Randle is seeking vengeance against Marty who testified against him and Teaspoon is unable to prevent it. His ex-love Polly and a lawman friend also arrive in town. Buck and Cody take off after Randle followed by Teaspoon to get justice.
16 Jul. 1992
The Debt
Jimmy trains a new rider Matt who on an ride meets a terrible end at the hands of the Garrett family. Jimmy finds a town in terror but with Lou's unexpected appearance faces the killers. Lou fears the changes marriage to Kid will bring.
23 Jul. 1992
'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 1
The Riders prepare for the upcoming nuptials of The Kid & Lou while those around them brace for the Civil War, some signing up to join the Army.
23 Jul. 1992
'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 2
War arrives on the plains forcing the riders to choose sides. Cody joins the Union army while Frank returns for his brother Jesse. But an encounter with renegade Rebels leaves Noah dead and the rest intent on giving him justice.

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