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Season 6

31 Oct. 1994
Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
Predatory, shameless, and obnoxious ambulance chasing lawyer Geraldine Ferrett gets busted in the remote small town of Stuecksville for a moving violation. Ferrett initially thinks that she can simply resolve the situation by paying a fine, but soon discovers that the folks in Stuecksville have a very odd and strict concept of justice.
31 Oct. 1994
Only Skin Deep
Carl, a brutish, violent, and hot-tempered man with a history of abusive relationships, crashes a Halloween party held by his ex-wife Linda. Carl meets a masked and mysterious, yet attractive and alluring young woman named Molly at said party. Carl returns to Molly's decrepit abode for a passionate one night stand. However, Carl discovers too late that Molly is harboring a very dark secret of her own.
31 Oct. 1994
Struggling comic book artist Rolanda gets fired from her job by her mean and demanding boss Vern. However, Rolanda finds herself experiencing the events of this one fateful day over and over again with some changes, but the same dismal results.
9 Nov. 1994
Operation Friendship
Put upon computer programmer Nelson DeMears doesn't have an easy time at work. He doesn't have the respect of his co-workers or his boss. He doesn't have any friends either. That is except for his imaginary friend Eddie. One day a beautiful young psychologist moves in to the apartment building where the meek Nelson lives. Threatened by the fact that she is a psychologist. Eddie is none too pleased by the growing attraction and fed up of taking a back seat to Neslon's wimpy personae. He sets about resolving the situation.
16 Nov. 1994
Revenge Is the Nuts
Residents at a shelter for the blind turn the tables on their cruel overseer.
23 Nov. 1994
The Bribe
Newly appointed fire marshal Inspector Martin Zeller aims to shut down the strip club that his daughter Hilery works as a dancer at. However, Zeller finds out Hilery isn't getting a scholarship for college, so he takes a bribe from sleazy club owner Puck to pay for her tuition. Nonetheless, Zeller still decides to go through with his plan to close down the club.
30 Nov. 1994
The Pit
Felix Johnson and Aaron Scott are two of the top martial arts fighters in their game. Their last fight was a draw, and for the most part, they can accept that. Its their wives who are a different story. Their hatred for one another has gotten the two fighters into a no holds barred death match. However, the wives are in for a shock on fight night.
7 Dec. 1994
The Assassin
A happy housewife is pitted against three CIA agents, who have come to kill her husband, a supposed rogue agent.
14 Dec. 1994
Staired in Horror
Fugitive Clyde is on the lam from an angry mob. He seeks refuge in a decrepit old mansion owned by an elderly woman. Unbeknownst to Clyde, said creepy abode has an unusual curse attached to it.
21 Dec. 1994
In the Groove
Abrasive shock jock Gary gets demoted to the graveyard shift by his bitchy radio station owner sister Rita because of poor ratings. Gary manages to regain his stride thanks to his eager new partner Valerie. Gary and Valerie plot together to murder Rita, but things don't go according to plan.
28 Dec. 1994
Surprise Party
No-count Ray Wells kills his dying father so he can inherit an old ruined farmhouse. Unbeknownst to Ray, said farmhouse has a nightmarish legacy attached to it.
4 Jan. 1995
Doctor of Horror
A Mad Doctor enlists the help of two security guards in a morgue in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the human soul.
11 Jan. 1995
Comes the Dawn
Colonel Parker and Sergeant Burrows are two ex-soldiers with a murky past. They head in to the Alaskan wilderness to do some illegal hunting. Bringing a local girl called Jeri Drumbeater to act as a scout. Unknown to the two army men they are going to be made to face the consequences of their evil past actions in the dark, cold region.
18 Jan. 1995
99 & 44/100 Pure Horror
Luden Sandelton is the meek president of a company that manufactures bars of soap. When the advertising campaign for the latest line of soap is deemed a failure, Luden has no choice but to fire his artist wife Willa who designed the artwork for said campaign. However, the greedy and unfaithful Willa has her own deadly ideas about rectifying the situation.
25 Jan. 1995
You, Murderer
Plastic surgery makes a criminal look like Humphrey Bogart.

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